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  1. Awesome line up my friend chair pulled up joint rolled and popcorn ready let the show begin
  2. Beach my friend I feel you pain get better soon now the ladies look amazing I need to add some dynasty in my selection peace
  3. Yo cuzz that a cheap fix but keep an eye on it what made the cord get so hot ?
  4. Out of likes Collie great show peace
  5. Papalag


    Rain water is great but here I need to check what ph and mineral content and adjust accordingly peace
  6. Papalag


    Haze listen to our friend bigun he knows what he’s doing peace
  7. Bro I can’t imagine growing any other way btw great picks on fb bro awesome velvet orca drool bro need me some peace
  8. The plants look amazing what was was the light that almost burned up damn lucky Cuzz
  9. They look amazing bro enjoy
  10. Here they are the largest is a male showing sex the other large one are suspected to be males so that leaves the 2 in front should be females we shell see very strong looking plant and also a group shot as well notice the clown is watching lol
  11. Papalag


    If you can find sea bird guano it’s hi in phosphorus and Jamaican bat guano mix is good dry make a tea with unsulfured molasses and some compost set in a bucket with a air stone and pump and let bubble for 2 days they’ll love it also any 3 part fertilizer will work peace
  12. The Maui sunshine and the blissfulsunset and grand dad purple animal cookies ( bag seed ) has a ph issue(and I thought it was over feeding) the atf / nl5 had no issues at all strong indica plant they all look healthy the clones and the MB seedling are going to stay in the solo cups till next week then into the Octopots The seedling is just to see how one will do should be fun ! I’ll post pics later the old mothers are being replaced with new clones and then culled ( keep them small as long as I can ) peace
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