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  1. Looks great my friend nice and healthy
  2. Skunk 1 Mel franks collection
  3. Papalag

    Doctor doctor?

    This just happened to me I checked the ph in the res it’s like 5.3 too low caused Lock out I raised the ph to 6.2 And added microblast / calmag / Epson salts in small amounts to help funny out of 5 plants only 2 had the issue seem to be the ticket
  4. Hi all a young JOTI black delato It’s got a ghostly gray look all frost
  5. Papalag

    Doctor doctor?

    Hi toker I use a product by earth juice called microblast it’s all trace minerals and elements could be lock up ? Check PH ?
  6. I’ve left a white widow in the dark for 5 days no problems
  7. Hi MrD just got caught up on this thread great job leds do change the environment like always I enjoy you work paps
  8. Papalag


    My brother you have out done yourself AMAZING
  9. Amnesia and blackened oranges
  10. All good here I do miss our chats Got a few things going min the small tent some Mel Franks skunk 1 in the big tent back row left ,Joti Black delato, back right , sinister’s mazer x herijuana, front row left mamosa evo dinafem , front row right blackened oranges useful genetics ps those Octopots rule last run skunk and oranges the buds were the size of base balls and hard as rocks all bud no popcorn peace to all GA talk soon paps
  11. Hi @gardenartus amazing work hope your well peace paps
  12. Great to hear your ok I stop by from time to time only to check on you and have not seen you around was hoping your ok peace my friend
  13. Papalag


    Hi San long time broski hopefully all is well with you and yours I have a question I just cracked your NYC sour what can I expect from this one ? as always thank you for your fine work peace paps
  14. Panama haze x Lebanese Lefthanded seeds lobe the purple also usefulseeds blackened oranges
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