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  1. @santero thank you my friend beautiful pictures as usual peace
  2. I seem to remember indy running lui always heard good things but never grew it
  3. Hi bro good to see you around I just posted this in a thread on overgrow also he a good dude hopefully he gets the help he needs I bought almost he whole line up I’d by more if I had it peace open grow help a brother out
  4. Bluefields loos awesome bro good to see you around it’s been a bit the madberry is a tasty smoke at that and a great buzz paps
  5. ‘‘This why I when I cut them down I remove one from the tent close the tent play loud music so they don’t hear the screaming as I bring out the clippers
  6. Madberry Sannies seeds 68 days
  7. Damn right the name sold me lol
  8. Right on @Toker this is why I left this place we need a maturity test no 12 year olds please I always loved this sight but this shit is stupid we tend to take the sides of our friends and I feel this was a sneaky move by a troll does this shit really matter it’s a pot sight( damn skippy ) to quote a friend just smoke a joint and don’t bring the whole community it to your crap I would have had more respect if someone didn’t use a different name to hide there identity and sneaked in for an argument This is just trash so out it goes into the garbage as it belongs peace paps
  9. Hi bro first off hope you had a safe and happy thanksgiving the taste is a bit ruff now not cured and a quick dry in the microwave don’t help either lol yes it has potential Strong ! when I first hit the pipe you feel it in that spot in the front of your forehead almost immediately Now I’ve had stronger but this is a good one with a few weeks in the jars it should be tasty and a bit stronger as time goes on
  10. Bro this one is strong can’t wait to see what it’s like cured yes this is from Motas new line greenrebel farms
  11. Happy thanksgiving to all who celebrate to everyone else enjoy the day anyway
  12. Finishing up this thread lemmon gas picked at 70 days from flip 58 days from bud development this is only 2 of the 4 plants madberry and shiva dawg needs another week
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