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  1. We love you too gardenartus i believe you need to empty your mail box when I don’t see my friends around I get worried peace
  2. Papalag


    @Sunnyvale bro sorry to hear of your troubles if you need some things I have. Please pm me best wishes paps free the weed
  3. @Cristalin amazing my friend
  4. Hay bro this is your atf x nl5 in the Octopot going to flip her in 2 weeks beautiful plant bro
  5. @Hill-Billy bro the one I have is very indica dominant and stout and hardy I only had room for 1 female cracked 5 got 4 female killed the last one gave 3 away everyone was happy getting samples soon I’ll give mine 3 more weeks of veg trying to fill the screen hope Christmas was good and all is doing well paps
  6. Papalag


    I would just like to add a few things recently I was having trouble cloning the lemon gas mom many failed attempts then 20 days to finally get roots did some research and upped my game if you don’t mind I’ll dare a few points that helped • start clean • take cutting from Younger ,green branches easier to root ( older more woody you need to scrape a layer or two off the stem ) • let Cutting stem soak in water ( about 10 mins or so ) •cut rooter open length wise ( I fine pushing the stem through the little hole only removes the rooting hormone ) • soak rooter in water with humic- acid ( about 10 minutes) • let clone sit in rooting hormone ( clonex gel ) about 10 min • when you place stem in rooter tie it tight ( I fine it really helps • place under dome keep moist not soaked LITFA 8 to 12 days roots the pics I’ll post shows what I do it works for me and since I changed up my method it100 % works I done use a dome I use solo cups with 2 inches of dirt in the bottom and a plastic baggy for my dome
  7. Papalag


    @Darth Budder nicely said bro
  8. Merry Christmas to all of open grow and a happy Hanukkah as well peace to all my friends @gardenartus the pipe is bangin enjoy
  9. Bro what’s up man long time good to see you around
  10. Today lemon gas but yesterday was madberry day before was shiva dawg just depends on what jar I grab lol
  11. @santero thank you my friend beautiful pictures as usual peace
  12. I seem to remember indy running lui always heard good things but never grew it
  13. Hi bro good to see you around I just posted this in a thread on overgrow also he a good dude hopefully he gets the help he needs I bought almost he whole line up I’d by more if I had it peace open grow help a brother out
  14. Bluefields loos awesome bro good to see you around it’s been a bit the madberry is a tasty smoke at that and a great buzz paps
  15. ‘‘This why I when I cut them down I remove one from the tent close the tent play loud music so they don’t hear the screaming as I bring out the clippers
  16. Madberry Sannies seeds 68 days
  17. Damn right the name sold me lol
  18. Right on @Toker this is why I left this place we need a maturity test no 12 year olds please I always loved this sight but this shit is stupid we tend to take the sides of our friends and I feel this was a sneaky move by a troll does this shit really matter it’s a pot sight( damn skippy ) to quote a friend just smoke a joint and don’t bring the whole community it to your crap I would have had more respect if someone didn’t use a different name to hide there identity and sneaked in for an argument This is just trash so out it goes into the garbage as it belongs peace paps
  19. Hi bro first off hope you had a safe and happy thanksgiving the taste is a bit ruff now not cured and a quick dry in the microwave don’t help either lol yes it has potential Strong ! when I first hit the pipe you feel it in that spot in the front of your forehead almost immediately Now I’ve had stronger but this is a good one with a few weeks in the jars it should be tasty and a bit stronger as time goes on
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