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  1. Hi G major learning curve soil doesn’t dry out as quickly , heat or lack there of in winter , total change in the environment !!!!! But damn bro they look awesome you got this all dialed in peace paps
  2. I totally agree with @Tread790 I just ran madberry from seed she lived in a solo cup from seed for 3 weeks before I transplanted her in to the Octopot very slow far behind the clones moms is where it’s peace
  3. Hi bro is that from nirvana seeds ? they look great.
  4. Awesome cross my friend and they look very healthy
  5. Hi bro the specs look good but they are only 30watts for the same $$ mars has a similar bar style one more powerful and full spectrum i love my leds I need to run cooler due to where I am and less energy costs as well good luck paps
  6. Hi all recently had to take a pre employment drug test i did a flush from the local head shop and a home pee test didn’t work so I took a bottle of quick fix synthetic pee to the test ( note I studied for it lol ) and followed the instructions and it worked woo hoo
  7. Hay dude long time welcome back
  8. Hi guys look at what my kid got me really cheered me up
  9. Agree with all @Scone_Of_Ark said best
  10. I agree with @gardenartus too much too quickly flushing will help clean ph’ed water only let dry out feed less is best always they look sad Deficiencies look more like nitrogen to me peace
  11. Hi bro I hit the sugar punch with some gogi OG pollen so glad everyone likes this one I’ve never grown her out I guess I should crack this one lol
  12. Beautiful bud and nice new seeds bro happy birthday my friend paps
  13. Surely you can fix it yourself that’s the fun of old gear as long as the fretboard is good and don’t buzz should be good to go I want to refinish and 1970 Gibson 335 needs to be totally stripped and sanded a bit much for me but I am willing to try
  14. Bro try to look up the manufacture and call see if you can order direct or go to a local repair shop show them maybe they can order it peace
  15. Bro I am not sure WHAT you are smoking but damn I want some I guess I need to start growing some autos lol peace bro And may the force be with you
  16. Bro lately I need to crack like 6 to get 3 live ones don’t know what it is but damn we know we can do better then this but I do feel the more you crack you can select , the strongest, the best looking , with the most desirable treats even if you need to cull the rest , in the wild only the strongest survive plus we deserve the best we can grow when I was on a quest for 9 female plants For a grow I’d start off with 30 seeds some would die some wouldn’t even sprout peace
  17. JC sorry to hear about the mrs hope the recovery goes quickly and painlessly sending good vibes and prayers peace paps
  18. Hi all Have anyone here every use the detox cleanse to pass a piss test if is do they work and which one do you recommend
  19. Papalag


    That looks sweet who’s the breeder was it from seed ?
  20. @bigun that huck and heri bx of yours has a great smell going to save some of the pollen for something special
  21. I have plans Blissful sunset and the huck@ heri males i figure atf x nl5 x each of these should be fun but that’s a long way off
  22. Sorry about the bud rot Glad you’re safe bro congratulations on the babies that should be killer paps
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