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  1. @Sacred Plant Warrior Sorry brother. Smoked a zip of the garlic kinda tasty potency of GMO Cookies half a year back. Never grew her out. (shame on me) Wouldn't pay so much for clones personally. Gotta be better options for you mang.
  2. The Russian Blue (my wife's cat) passed on last year at 16. The tabby female is the newest kitten. 3 female cats 1 male chihuahua
  3. Gonna miss your posts. But anyway, best wishes for you.
  4. agreenpassion

    Fem. Run

    Katsu Seeds: "Sour Bubba" fem. Katsu Seeds: "Dracarys" fem. Purple Punch: (clone) Perfect Tree: Peach Sherbet OG fem. Tony Green's...: GG4 ril fem.
  5. Your grows look awesome, wish you would come back and visit with us :) Hope you're doing well.

  6. The plants look gorgeous. Looks like you have fun projects.
  7. You have a proper green thumb sunnyvale. Great genetics grown well. Good job and thanks for sharing!
  8. Deep Chunk x SFV OG bx1 is a nice cross. Who made that? Looks badass.
  9. Welcome back. Good luck with Jalisco.
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