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  1. I almost got a pack of these. Curious, what does she smell like? Looks fire!
  2. 6" carbon filter is overwhelmed. Weed smell, something rotting and some syrupy Sweet smells. Early early SD style fade on some. No biggie. Thank for stopping in!
  3. Thanks Misterdirt. Getting sticky in there.
  4. Happy New Years! This is "Apricot Octane" by Compound Genetics which is: High Octane OG x Legend Orange Apricot F2; Grown by: Oregon Greens. Looks just okay but smokes nice. Energetic to Heavy eyed in the same session. Big white clouds = Happy me
  5. 14 days of flower. Smells very loud and skunky in the room.
  6. Many topped lollypopped and/or trained several days ago. Bounced back nicely. 5 days into flowering now under LED. No males were saved this time. Just didn't find one or two that checked boxes. Females: 6 X (SSSDH Mushy cut X NL) X LUIs 1 X mysteRIRI 1 X Cookies X FPOG F2 F1s 2 X Ceiling Lickers 3 X Holy Princess F2s
  7. Thanks man... I went to 68 days. All a matter of preference. 65 days were clear/cloudy Mix of trichs.
  8. That looks delicious . Great work esko!
  9. All transplant to 3 gal. cloth yesterday. Leaf pics are examples of fan leaves each of the 3 female Holy Princess F2s. Lovely.
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