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  1. (SSSDH [ODH] X NL) X LUI #3 short leafy heavy very funky smell @ 81 days
  2. (SSSDH [ODH] X NL) X LUI # 7 Short and leafy minx 80 days -seed by Santero
  3. Thanks joebob. (SSSDH [ODH] X NL) X LUI #8 80 days -seed by Santero Smells of citrus like Grapefruit on chop and trim. Trichs everywhere and so Heavy.
  4. MysteRiri @ 78 days Buttery floral smell nice clean smell
  5. (SSSDH [ODH] X NL X LUI #4 tall and a Big yield smell a definite peppery haze funk on this one. 78 days
  6. @joebob I've been a thankful customer of SH for a while. I think meridian Haze might be too hazey and speedy for my taste tbh. But I was sad to miss the "Buddha's Sister X Cocoa Kush F2" and "Reclining Lady". I went outside the box and got some "Snow Throwers" through Great lakes genetics .com lol TBH I have currently run more San gear than e$co for sure. I can't overlook Santero. Guy is masterful at making desirable crosses. Typically seeds with awesome and some even elite parentage; which he thoughtfully works.
  7. One question that comes to mind... Where online to buy e$co seed. Sanniesshop.com maybe, anywhere else I wonder? Was excited a few months back to see sanseeds "Snow Thrower" available through greatlakesgenetics.com
  8. joebob, I see no spam. Seems fine to me. Maybe livens up this place a little. I like Esko beans also. Full of flavor and Stoney. Somehow I still have 10 X Shiva99 and 20 X Cheeseberry Haze by him. (How they remained untouched I dunno. Seeing some e$co crosses come back makes me smile. But also interested in his new things, I am.
  9. I have some "Vale Tudo rd 1" beans to pop. And I love you're smell description. The plants look great. What a cool variety of plant materials! Thanks for sharing.
  10. It's looking like 75-85 days to finish for the last of the ladies. Not unexpected.
  11. (SSSDH [OJD]X NL) X LUI #4 by Santero Very heavy, short, leafy, frosty, rubber stemmed + a wonderful LUI smell. Like weed mixed with citrus funk. She is an ugly goose but looks aren't everything.
  12. Ceiling Licker #4 seed by Katsu/ Romulan at 69 days.
  13. That would be the Cookies X FPOG F2 F1. A Jaws tester.
  14. Thanks for popping in dieseldog381. Cherry flavor sounds nice.
  15. From last run the frosty GG4 RIL fem. by Tony Green. Now a decent cure but nearly gone.
  16. Holy Princess F2 #2 at 66 days. (seeds made by Santero)
  17. Millions of Sativa style trichomes on this Holy Princess F2 bud.
  18. Thanks for creating the F2 San. And for stopping in. I look forward to the smoke for sure.
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