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  1. Medical marijuana does reduce the deaths of opiate users... If I hadn't been super stoned on medical marijuana, I would have beat my heroin addicted brother to death after he stole my only keepsakes!
  2. I must admit, that I too, can go both ways after a good cookie... With the "whiskey dick" that is!... Up or down... You know what I'm saying.
  3. Awesome backstory man! We have a local Double IPA by Odell, called Myrcenary. Ha! Gotta love a medical strain that also appeals to the connoisseur side as well...thanks! P.S. What IPA was the Mrs. Drinking? Maybe I've smelled it before too..lol
  4. Looking great Beach! Thanks for the coastal scenery...So what's the story on the IPA strain? Named for flavor of buds, or is that just wishful thinking from a hop head? Cheers, TPS
  5. Thanks San, it's nice having something fun to look at... Veg plants are kind of boring! Does anyone have any tips for cloning plants with super-tight internodal spacing? Or is it pretty similar to regular cuttings (just clean/cut up the lower nodes real well)? Cheers, TPS
  6. Thanks DG, as a newer member, the negative vibes certainly made me a bit nervous. I appreciate the intervention and look forward to more positive, or at the very least, adult conversations. Debate is always a welcomed thing, assholes are not! Cheers, TPS
  7. Thanks Rhino, I appreciate you stopping by. I checked out your grow recently and damn...the buds were huge! I hope to grow colas as fat as yours one day!
  8. Welcome to Open Grow MadMac, Enjoy!
  9. So things are still going slow and steady around these parts. CCK1 sadly ended up showing balls and was chopped down immediately. I’ve got Chemo1 and CCK2 in the flower tent (along with Jack, Ms. U, and SSSDH). Chemo2 is going strong in the veg tent and Chemo3 and G-Bolt are starting to catch up… …The Ladies… Here is Chemo1… She has suffered a bit of heat stress/light burn (I assume) as the top half of the plant has yellowed edges and from what I hear, she is pretty heat sensitive. Despite her cosmetic issues, she has stacked up pretty nicely and hopefully she will start to swell up here soon. CCK2… So she is at about 2 weeks in the flower tent and she’s looking pretty bubba dominate (when compared to the Ms.U in the tent), with multiple bud sites that don’t seem likely to form long colas, and pretty wide, dark leaves. Here’s Chemo2… She is going pretty strong and has the tightest intermodal spacing I have ever seen… She is stacked up like this from top to bottom… I wonder if this will present any challenges with cloning? So on the left we have Chemo3 and on the right G-Bolt… They’re getting happier every day! And for fun… The other Ladies… Ms.U… This is going to be my last run of this cut. While she tastes like a Blue Tootsie Pop after a good cure, she just doesn’t have the type of High that I’m after. As a Med user I am primarily concerned with the quality/type of high in my keepers and taste is a welcome bonus, but not a real factor for my personal consideration in a keeper. Here we have SSSDH… She is an absolute Sativa treat that packs a real stoney edge when over-toked. She tastes funky and slightly sour (kind of like a sour OG kush type flavor). She Yields extremely well considering her potency… Oh Yeah, the potency… She will freak you out! Her buzz has a delightfully paranoid edge to it and when consumed as an edible she will wreck your entire day/night! This is my #1 Keeper… Sannie’s Jack! She is a super easy cloner, smells like a mix of Pinesol and Lemonheads candy once she is cured (though she tastes like bland haze), and most importantly has an amazing buzz! Jack is super creative weed that insists I create something after every toke. Amazingly this is my third Sannies Jack keeper (lost the others to mites over the years) and the high has always been consistently awesome for me despite the three plants all having different growth structures, flavors, and aromas (though always lemon or haze). Seriously motivating… She has inspired countless research papers, jam sessions, and pieces of art! Thanks Sannie! So that’s what I got going on right now. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the girls! Cheers, TPS
  10. I agree with all above. None of the inconclusive, superficial sigs are showing yet (such as pistil die-back or fall-colors/fade). If you have a camera with a Macro function, you could always take a pic for trich inspection. If you don't have a camera... I'd go with the loupe as those hand-held scopes are touchy as hell, making them damn difficult to focus (impossible with my shaky hands).
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