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  1. Shame it ends this way
  2. Hey ifish come find me at beam basement please same user nameĀ 

  3. I work 12 hour days, only way my dog's are cool and good is because of their "pack" They play and can amuse themselves. They stay FIT cause they beat the crap out of each other 8 hours a day every day, lol. They love having a pack and take care of each other, very cool to watch. Heirarchy for sure, but they work as a family unit. The A.H you gifted me was a royal pain in the ass. I did get her set , and made good runs with her. She is picky, but in return, she has an amazing smell, taste, and high that is really hard to match. About the time I got her going , I got this "Orange Goji" and fell for her! LOL! Made by a friend on another site, you should have heard of him, 50State. The Goji is fantastic, many great pheno's to try, my keeper "Razor" was bad ass. Grew like a monster, not sensative to much, yielded big time. Great smoke, equal in my mind to your A.H . Different to be sure, very "dark and muddy" compared to A.H, not a "clean" beautiful high like the Haze, but a really really nice velvet hammer! So, found a really nice male out of 20 or so, dusted your A.H and a GG4 Josey Wales cut with him. Got lot's of OGHA seeds (O.G X A.H. ) from your lady, ZERO from the GG4 lady????? Grown out 12 or so of the A.H Orange Goji cross. 50 % were HARD to tell from your A.H. Mom, 50% were hammers exactly like the Goji . Very stable, showed hybred vigor and grew well. Both were on par with my best O.G, and your A.H. Mom!!!! Only time i ever made something really good...................lol!!!! Havent been growing since making good $$$$ at work, too easy to just buy an OZ every 2 weeks or so, and I really enjoy the variety. Getting California weed here, back door of the growers, fresh, well done, and cheaper than the electricity I'd need to grow my own. My light bill here just doubled!! From 7.5 cents a kilowatt hour to 15.5 cents!!!!! Thinking about setting up 6-8 Octopots outside and just let them run. If I do Ill run the cross, and some Space MonkeyX Orange Goji I made. Seems the site here is DEAD..................banned, lol, at the other site, so hadnt been posting anywhere. Miss people like you and Ifish!!!
  4. Should have plenty of these seeds
  5. i love THE gOJI X a.h. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS .
  6. These are my pack. 4 GSD's, the Husky, Stormy, is my friends in the pic holding her.
  7. Just visiting. I stop in to see what everyone is up to.
  8. Im like Sgt Schultz.......................I see nothing ! Too bad, wanted to see it!!! Try again
  9. It is very very potent, has it's own smell/taste, but plant did not yield well, and the high is nothing special, just really strong. Im just now smoking some, will know in a few days time, certainly has it's own style. OHGA came out stellar, I like it much much better, plus it yielded 3 times as much as the JW cut did. I just harvested using that schedule. Plants faded beautifully, buds were roch hard heavy dense nuggs covered in goo. The schedule works well, will run it again. Glad to see it working well for you too. The difference in the finished Buds is going to astonish you!
  10. Hey Papa, some GG4 JW cut, then OHGA, giving you a review of what to expect, lol. OHGA came out stellar and stinky
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