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  1. I never have used an external rez on mine, just a 30 gallon garbage can and a pump with a hose to the rez's
  2. She will not have any issues taking care of them in the Octopots . Your about to change your growing style for life, 1 run will be all it takes to convert you. Good luck.
  3. I want to know too! Cannot follow Sans instructions, do not understand them. San, screen shots to help us please.
  4. I want to know also, cannot find it either!
  5. Could not have said it any better. Sneak in, stir the crap for no reason, then blame everyone else. My last word on this crap.
  6. Damn Skippy I will!!! WTF you think you are. Post up there under an assumed name........................then post this: "sheeple", "idiots", "bored/dumb asshats", "sneaky childish assholes", " num nutz", " immature folks" that are trying to "manipulate" and "intimidate" you Come over there starting shit, then come run back here when you lost your battle??? Weak ass bullshit to me!!! Attack a friend I have over there, YEAH, Im gonna jump in! I hope folks here do go look at the thread, see what you started. You need to take a chill pill mister. Calling me out and calling me everything in the book is bullshit brother. You now know what I think............................i think your nuts, and hope you just stay here, your not welcome over there after your bullshit you stirred up. Im ashamed i even know you, and just tells me wtf you actually are. Call me out cause you stir up shit............................. One of the member spelled it out better than I could: Clearly based on that response to @Northern_Loki (another valued member) your goal is to disrupt this thread with absolute garbage. You are here because jaws is butt hurt that Motz thinks his clone is junk (very obvious). I’m guessing you are one of the people in jaws back pocket that Olereynard spoke so highly of. Respect is given to people who deserve it. You jumping on a thread to beat your chest gets you absolutely put to the bottom of the list. Why would anyone respect you? You don’t deserve any. EXACTLY how I feel...................see you MUCH MUCH later..................StoneColdBulldog.......................or Sacred Plant Warrior...................or wtf your handle is today...... Oh, and BTW..............i shall not respond to you ever again. Why would I...........use a different name, stir shit up, act like a 9 year old................do not need it in my life brother. Man up, shut up, or just go away already....................damn fake ass !!!!!
  7. You cannot, and they WILL NOT............why I no longer post anything anymore. If I cannot control it, i will no longer post it here.
  8. My last run of it is SO GOOD it makes you wanna smack yo Momma!!!! LMAO!!!
  9. Harvest is done. Full veg @ 1 teaspoon per gallon TVF till 2.5 weeks into flower. Ratio of 1/2/2 given weeks 2.5 - 5, week 6 went to 1/3/3 ratio, week 7/8 blasted them at 1/6/6 ratio all low PPM (about 500) 1 tea/gallon too. Weeks 9/10 back down to 1/2/2 for the finish. Got nice fade, smells out of this world, and stick factor of 10!! Silver Fields went HUGE, but not much smell yet, and not sticky even tough she is covered n combs??? Think she is done in my runs. All plants were beasts, except the Amnesia Haze, she went big for her, but not in SF/OG/RPP league o weight. The 4 plants came down to 938 grams, or 33.5 Z's!!! 1.2 grams/watt (figured at 800 watts) ZERO LARF, ZERO POPCORN, all nice bud. This is Orange Goji, she went 9 Z's of stunning bud!!!! Even with no cure she is excellent excellent smoke. Gonna have a spot in my garden for a bit.
  10. @islayhearts YES, thank you!!! She is EXACTLY how I remember her, tasty n stout, thanks again mang!!!!!!
  11. Believe it is yours? RPP X Chemdog day 70: Went LARGE, dense as a block of heavy cheese! NICE WORK MAN!!!!
  12. JetDro


  13. JetDro

    getting there

  14. Hey folks, I am DONE HERE, till Wibur goes away anyways. Anyone gives a shit, let me know when he stops posting here, place is not cool with him lurking anymore. "Cozz, fish,GA, and the others I enjoy talking with can hit me at other sites. BYE WILBUR, find someone else to piss off now.................
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