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  1. What no coffee shop...has it been that long... good morning to the world
  2. morning everyone,,,have a great day if you can
  3. they look wonderful,,,great job
  4. morning all,,,off to the zoo for a day trip
  5. good morning everyone,,,just passing threw on my way to the fle market
  6. morning all,,,enjoy the day,,off to do some crappie fishing
  7. morning all,,,howdy fellow texans
  8. Mrs G1


    I would bet Honey would as it is natural
  9. Good evening everyone,,,enjoy the evening,,stay high
  10. The guido and killa Queen was made by Motarebel,,,
  11. Mrs G1


    I have never had a issue with 175 fahrenheit,,and have made lots of candy,,, And if you don't like to use corn syrup you can make the same thing with 1.5 cups of sugar and 1 cup of hot water
  12. butter be it although i would add my trim with it
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