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  1. So, most Americans are not truly honest? Good to know.
  2. What the fuck are you talking about? Are you going insane?
  3. My Belgian friend started a new group of Automalzillas: He selected two females out of the first group. They will be pollinated with pollen from males #2, 3 and 4. To be continued...
  4. Nowadays? Yiddish is the historical language of the Ashkenazi Jews. It originated during the 9th century[4] in Central Europe, providing the nascent Ashkenazi community with a High German-based vernacular fused with elements taken from Hebrew and Aramaic as well as from Slavic languages and traces of Romance languages.[5][6][7] Yiddish is written with a fully vocalized version of the Hebrew alphabet.
  5. If they are a boy and a girl, they are clearly NOT identical. You will see that when you change their diapers. In 99.9% of cases boy/girl twins are non-identical. However, in some extremely rare cases resulting from a genetic mutation, identical twins from an egg and sperm which began as male (XY) can develop into a male / female pair. This happens when the fertilised egg 'loses' one of the copies of the Y chromosome when it is dividing into two embryos in very early development. The resulting babies are then male (XY) and female (XO). The normal genetic make-up of a girl is XX. An XO baby is outwardly a girl, but her cells only have one copy of the X chromosome. This condition is called Turner Syndrome
  6. That's impossible, Saxo. Identical (monozygotic) twins are always of the same sex because they form from a single zygote (fertilized egg) that contains either male (XY) or female (XX) sex chromosomes.
  7. Thanks, Papalag! The picture was shot using the macro setting, then I cropped it. It's my Malzilla, I was checking if the seeds were getting ripe, then I saw them. These two seeds look ripe enough, I think I'll harvest them and see if they are identical twins.
  8. Could they be identical twins?
  9. Two seeds growing in one calyx:
  10. Traits can be passed on independant from each other. Mendel's second law.
  11. In an indoor situation, I could have made about 50 generations since 2008. Selecting the best plants, fifty times over, must lead to at least some improvements.
  12. AutoMalzilla f3: I'm very happy with the way it developes. Malawi Gold is clearly present in this phenotype. I will pollinate the bottom half of it next week. Here's a close look: The side-project, Madblue X automalzilla, four plants will be used to make f2 seeds. Three females and a male. All have that purple-ish shine. The male is isolated (lives in the kitchen now) and I will collect and freeze the "premature ejaculation", as it looks like pollen can drop soon. I like the "Candy Striped" stem of this male. A Malzilla from clone, my daily smoke, is nearly ripe. You can see it below. And a close-up: One of the automalzilla f2 seedlings, one that did not show the auto-trait, is also getting there: It's in a very small pot. And a closer look: These Malawi-dominant plants endure dry periods, heat, and small pots very well. And in a big pot with plenty food and water, they grow sky high. To be continued...
  13. My friend in Belgium put three automalzilla f3 plants outdoor, a while ago. Perfect timing, as the weather was nice and sunny last week, it looks like the summer started early. He has put them inside during cold nights, but that will not be necessary anymore. He has already started the next batch of seeds. I'm going to send him some pollen of the f2-auto-males, so he can make auto-seeds with them. To be continued...
  14. Male Automalzilla f3: I don't need it, so it's eliminated. Male MadBlue X AutoMalzilla F1: That's what I need. And it has the desired looks, the right shape of leaves and a purle-ish colour. I took these pictures two days ago. Meanwhile, the male flowers developed much more. I wil isolate it soon to catch it's pollen. To be continued...
  15. Automalzilla F3: I will be able to see their gender in about a week. To be continued...
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