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  1. The Germans are cheating. They have actual scientists in the government.
  2. There is already a project like that: Click here... Is it your goal to make money with your app, or will it be available free of charge, for the benefit of mankind?
  3. Do you think it will make people smarter? Do you need an app like that yourself?
  4. Many topics are filled with pictures of plants with or without problems. Can't you just copy these?
  5. Cannabis survived for 10.000's of genetations without paper towels. Just put them in moist soil, they'll be fine.
  6. Innocent photos of children originally posted on social media and family blogs account for up to half the material found on some paedophile image-sharing sites, according to Australia's new Children's eSafety Commissioner. More...
  7. @SPW: Why do you post pictures of an innocent child on the internet? Doesn't the child have a right to privacy?
  8. If you really have some live saving tips, why not open a separate topic about, with a clear title? You will get more views and the tips will be easier to find then in this topic about nothing. Good luck! And wash your hands!
  9. Antibiotics are useless against a virus. colloidal silver is no cure either. High doses of vitamin C can make you ill. Take whatever you want, but leave the medical advice up to the doctors, please!
  10. In case you ever want to replace it, it's called an E40 socket. If you use it without a reflector, you can cut back the green wire. You don't need it. Good luck.
  11. How do you know? Did anybody get tested in your county?
  12. A moderator changing the subject of this topic, priceless!
  13. I did not write that, Toker. It was the latest twitter message from your leader, in all caps.
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