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  1. The webs are the last phase of a big infestation. If you don't see any damage, you probably have another kind of spider in the tent. That's the advantage of growing different pheno's instead of a mono culture of clones. Good luck with the fight.
  2. If you top the plant, and also remove the second remaining top shoot, the highest shoot will become dominant, and the plant keeps it's natural shape, instead of branching out. I would try that. Good luck!
  3. Yeah, but it could be low on calcium. In vielen Regionen Deutschlands liegt der pH-Wert des Leitungswassers deutlich höher. Wie hart das Wasser ist, das aus der Leitung kommt, und welchen pH-Wert es hat, unterscheidet sich von Wohnort zu Wohnort. Sogar innerhalb einer Stadt kann es deutliche Unterschiede geben. Auf der Internetseite eures Wasserversorgers erfahrt ihr meist mehr über den Härtegrad und pH-Wert eures Leitungswassers. Zu den typischen Mangelerscheinungen gehört die Blattchlorose, die sich durch eine charakteristische gelbe Färbung der Blätter bemerkbar macht. Wird nichts unternommen, geht die Pflanze schließlich ein.
  4. I also feed mine with cal/mag, but it depends on your the quality of your water. Just a little drop each time watering keeps them green. About the light green: some people claim they are more potent... How tall is the plant and how big is the pot? I wonder, because they can can grow very tall in a small pot.
  5. You could be right. But for the outcome it does not seem to matter. It seems your plant is a little "hungry", or is that the camera? Don't be afraid to feed it. Good luck, again.
  6. Great to see the Malzilla (Malawi Gold X Shackzilla). Can you smell her already? Good luck!
  7. The Datura Metel was out in the rain, and I forgot to check for a few days. The flower bud was wilted and fell of as soon as I touched it. But I put it indoors now, and hope still to be able to make some seeds. I moved my pepper plants indoors a few weeks ago, when the temperature dropped. The plants are in the kitchen now to let the last fruits get ripe. And I hope to keep some alive during the winter, to get a head start next spring. Like this grafted composite plant: It's the Jalapeno scion on the Bell plant. The Jalapeno grows very well on the Bell roots. The Peruvian scion does not seem to thrive on the Annuum. So I might dump this one after the last pepper is ripe. So I can still harvest some ripe peppers every now and then. The Jalapeno's are heavy, compared to the other hot peppers, that are thin skinned. And the Jalapeno's get more sweetness after being cooked in the oven. But their heat is unpredictable.
  8. That reads like a line out of the "New Age Bullshit Generator".
  9. I'm still waiting for the Metel to open it's flower. The fruits on composite Capsicum #1 (Bell pepper scion on Peruvian rootstock) are getting ripe. The Bell is only half the size of a normal Bell. The Bell on composite plant #2 is still green, but the fruits on the Peruvian scion change color now. The sunny weather is over, the challenge starts now.
  10. If you don't see those, it's not mites. Look at Barney's topic...
  11. Soon the Datura Metel will open it's flower. The grafted Datura and the capsicum on the Datura refused to grow. Plenty Jalapenos coming, they are productive, ripe soon. But the Peruvian Purple steals the show.
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