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  1. Here are some pictures of the progress. Three different plants. I still have a total of six females to choose from. Backed up by clones. To be continued...
  2. Here is my male SP X MG: I used it to pollinate my Shackzilla X MalawiGold. To be continued...
  3. Sugarpunch X MalawiGold #7. I can smell it. Something sweet, Peach or Strawberries... I like it. To be continued...
  4. Meanwhile, at the other location: To be continued...
  5. Meanwhile, I have five female seedlings in the flower room, a male in the kitchen. I backed up the females by clones. The male SP x Mal will be used to pollinate my Malzilla. To be continued...
  6. Try to upload a picture, and find out!
  7. I just received fresh pictures from the south. But the forum albums do not accept new pictures, at the moment. To be continued...
  8. Last autumn, I grew a few Malawi Gold (afropips) plants, and collected a bit of pollen from a male plant. A friend from the South was growing Sannie's sugarpunch, and had selected a nice plant, strawberrie taste, as a motherplant. I sent him the pollen, and now we have about 100 seeds each. My friend has a bit more room, so grows taller plants, at the second location, as I call it in the pictures above. Yesterday, I took clones from them, and the seedlings are moved into the flower room. In order to find the females. Using Malawi in a cross with Shackzilla gave nice results. Since Sugarpunch and Shackzilla are half-sisters, I expect similar results from this cross. So far, the plants look vigorous, and uniform. To be continued...
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