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  1. The autoflower trait is one simple,recessive allele. In a cross with a photo, it will only show up in the f2 offspring, in 25% of the plants. It will not appear in the f1 generation, so you can still use auto's in your breeding project. As long as you are aware of Mendel's rules and it's consequences. According to the botanists at Phylos Biocience, there are five main groups of cannabis: Landrace, Skunk#1, Blueberrie, CBD and OG Kush. No genetic proof so far of the existence of ruderalis. And no proof that it's linked to the auto-trait. Cannabis is not native to the America's, and it is already established at some places there. What are you afraid of?
  2. This picture is also used to sell you a IceMoon Filtration Shower Head Negative Ion Mineral Ball for Purifies Shower Water to Rejuvenate Skin and Hair.For Negative Ionic Ion Flow Filter Handheld Shower head (3 Packs Mineral Balls) Reionize your electrons!
  3. The seed banks just don't want to clone their plants indefinitely. They like you to believe that "negative" things can happen.
  4. No problem. Most of your selection can be done at an early age. Cul a few each week and only keep the best.
  5. You can even chop the whole plant, as long as you keep a clone.
  6. If both P-plants are homozygous, the F1's will be very uniform. And F1's exhibit the most vigor. They benefit from the "hybrid vigor effect". That's what makes F1's so popular in agriculture. You will see the greatest diversity in the f2's.
  7. Your observations are anecdotal. You jump to conclusions, but you can't verify this or back it up by scientific findings.
  8. @Maria sanchez : My friend grew them in Belgium, and fears the law. He did not take pictures of the ripe plants, but was happy with the result. The whole cycle takes about 100 days. I use MalawiGold that comes from Afropips. That's slighty different, I read. Good luck with them.
  9. I breed with auto's, there's not much to it. The auto-trait is a recessive one-allele trait that behaves strictly Mendellian. Just cross your favorite Autoflowering female to the Foto-male of your choise, and then make two more generations. Then select the Auto's from that, and Bob's your uncle. Good luck.
  10. The above picture belongs to lamaisonnomade. Do you have permission to use it?
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