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  1. Thx bro! doin my best, lol.. Thanks Polder! Yes the Blue Rocket is almost 12/12 rom seed .she was some days old but was like just sprouted. She had a hard start. But like eskos description said...fast growing sativa, early harvest. She fucking grown faster then everything here. But i didnt keep it. Its smokes fabulous! they love the CO of GK.. thanks bros!
  2. CHOC rAIN Nice Sunday to all! And a happy 17, very too late... boOm
  3. And here the small place..found some new things to play in the future.. This Choc Rain is a 7.5 weeker Strawberry Blues also 7.5-8 weeker (from seed) Last time UPP In the backround Boudice x Silverfields by Islay..thx man Blue Rocket by Esko in front...i didnt manage to keep her...damn So harvest is not far. And ill deliver the picas! I hope the new year brings a lot of good things to all of u! boOm 100
  4. Heyo my fellas, loong long its been, but ur used to my habbits ,lol. Here some view over the last round here. Funny, how i learn more everytime, eventough i always think i already learned some... E.g. i learned this time my SP3 orange Lady throws a single nanna sometimes after day fifty. I checked my notes and i already wrote it down when i was doin my first SP pheno selection. These days i tossed pheno 4, which was almost the same like the NO3 and i thought she was the nanna pheno. So.....i always forget the stoner parameter,lol. Well, talk talk...but here is what was goin on.. Here my Mad Kush keeper safe safe and the new Chucky Mom Atze Skunk SP 1 SP3 orange SDG (really underrated, producer!) Chuckys Bride (i looked, shes in 13th cutting generation,so youngsta) left SP green, right Amnes the Amnes really is a resin machine everytime groupshot with DrzxMSU in front Mad Kush she goes down today ..
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  7. Thumbs up for all the nice buds here!!!
  8. Nice Weekend@all! Took cuttings of SB, BSF and Choc Rain today. I had to cut this leaf of the strawberry blues. A nice one and it looks damn pure indica! And the next HuSQ seed went into dirt today. I hope its gonna be a female.. I have too clone all my fav genetics..because this will be my last round for some time. Damn. But i have to focus new. boOm 100
  9. Hey Ogers, here a quick update of the seedplants. They suffer a bit from the cold but so far so good. 3 males were aleady removed, damn both HuSQ were male. So picas.... had a small cut of the UPP left and space.. Strawberry Blues Boudica x Silverfields...thanks to Islay..im so curious about that She has a good vigour!! Durganchitral Yeah Blue Rocket Choc Rain boOm
  10. also out of likes friends! great work over there! I wish i had such a full time job as you.. Looking forward for the new strains. smoking on some KQxBH and looking at my new Strwberry Blues plants makes me really happy.. and also high as foook.. Im really curious about the strawberry blues yeah. Ive been on vacation to a magic place the last weeks. Smoked good outdoor weed and hash all day and just enjoying life with my girl. It was so beautiful. . I got to know a grower there and he told me that he is able there to pop seeds every month and bring out new plants! The climate is so perfect there. I decided to send him some NAW gear now...I hope i can smoke some Hammerhead outdoors next year,lol. And i wanna see a 1k Blue Hammer plant.. thanks for your hard work guys. i enjoy the fruits of it!! boom 100
  11. thanks at all for the kind words! they are all nice and now im back from holiday so i can enjoy my own weed again. my plants grown good in 2 weeks and i managed to set the parameters right, so the nurse had almost nothing to do and my plants look like i wanted to.. damn...4 seedlings died..the most wanted LC and Durgancheestral...heck... update follows asap. i'm still stuck between reality and vacation,lol.. boom 100
  12. I would say it isnt an investment. Its a present! Winner! Nice to see the green one saxo! how does it smell man? And....did you keep her? Didn't you know sanman?, lol? Saxo created this very funny name.. it fits so damn good.. @blaze What a nice lady!!!!!! berries and red wine thats it!!! cheers bros 100
  13. Mine doesnt smell like fuel for me. Pure fruity and light sour notes with a creamy taste! I really enjoy this weed. The high is so warm and anti depressive! The buds from my pheno are dense and have weight. luv it! thx hatter1
  14. Hello Friends.. here the last pics of the last round. At the end nice but i found proto seeds in most of the phenos. I dunno where it exactly comes from, but my own selected never made it. I thinks its x18 or sdg. But no complete seeds so far- so ok. Can anyone tell me if the pollen goes thru a carbon filter? Because i pump one chamber into the other.. Here the girls.. KF green KF loves to be broken and bended..thats what she does .. Sweet Deep Grapefruit, shes a real good producer of fruity buds.. Starbud- resinous beauty big purple KF Platinum Delight And the next round is also comming.. Here some new little plants.. Boudica x Silverfields HuSQ this Holy P and Choclate Rain just standing still since a few days..what the heck? Strawberry Blues Choc Rain the other BSF and the other HuSQ and finally a Blue Rocket popped- i hope it will grow! Im goin on vacation so my girls have to be nursed for 2 weeks. I wonder how they will look after 14 days absence.. See ya friends! boOm 100
  15. yes saxo, right! when i smoke it right now i also know it man! thanks bro! this plant is fucking resinous i learned. it sticks together like it is magnetic! it smells a bit like strawberry in the backround for me, else as the amnesia cut which is also here around..The Amnes smell is really annoying for some friends..Thanks for that one.. cheers!
  16. Thanks smile! happy with it,lol.. Hey man thank u, if it were up to me Aztec should be all over! Really nice smoke.. i just gotta wait till its dry. The good thing is SPNo1 is topshelf weed when it is dry. No cure needed.. Well of course the cure makes it better... So i did some things today. Here we go with the girls.. Day 61 it was today..Some are made ready yesterday... The Skunk seed keeper pushes out great buds everytime. Rockhard yielder.. Drz x MsU keeper.....im impressed everytime about the amount of resin,lol.. Amnesia, a small one.. KF green pheno- it suffered, i think it was all the heat stress. Its to warm up there. She is about 1.6 meters high...She lacks in resin and terpene production..Seen her the second time like this.. same plant but lower bud. looks almost like it should. ... 2nd skunkplant So have a nice weekend all! boom 100
  17. I would be very interested in No 1! Sound nice guys! Thanks for sharin' boom 100
  18. Aztec Rain from Esko thx man!
  19. Hey guys, thanks for all your comments first!! here is what i have done these days. Lucky my SP Orange is back. And also Aztec Rain aka Atze, like saxo calls his.. Also some seeds showed up the surface. If think there are 13 of 20. I have to reset Selene, Lady Cane, Durganchitral..those just didnt pop Here we go with the girls.. SPO She got big this run..yummie . i watch her dry. And here..Aztec. Magic winegum weed!!Thx Esko.. The Aztec has multiple tops, so those are not huge but rock hard! she had an extra led over her head. I think it smells even sweeter than the first time.. tbc bOom 100
  20. quote: @ Saxo our 100% buddy must be totally lost in time... he told me will come over to us in September hahah (in my calendar now mid oct:) Yeah bros youre right! Im outta time this year, fuck! Hidrobro..i gotta tell you i will come in winter. much things happend over here and i had to replan my vacation for jobs. Im so sorry but i will come over again!! For now i have to reset. Im goin to the canaries for a few weeks soon and i defo need a vacation!! Saxo i send that mail next week...sorry. @100% in the middle is ur selection:) BIG THaNKS for them... (of course to Sanny too) they were mums before putting them in test room... so they have maybe more tops as ideal... anyway they had power to push all branches.. grow out the room hahah KF green, KF purple, SP, SP orange is in the middle of the room. the others are some DJ short bluberry crosses and some unique bubba and kuss crosses with my cc s and 1 mr nice eraly haze... as us see guys... I dont have the green fingers for bubbas.. but really shocked me some of them rock hard less then 4 weeks..( amnesia is nice and sannies gear is nice and green all others are over or under feed with my Amnesia schedule) ok here is the jungle boogy. Damn hidro! Nice Jungle like always bro! Im sure the kf and sp phenos will do their best in your room. Looking awesome so far, the purple kf is clearly to point out, but wait the real purple color comes soon! Than for the show bro! Keep it green and be safe! 100
  21. Thanks Papalag! Im doin what i can.. Hey Hidro, im proud u test my selections! Sure u will be pleased... i hope. Just spam this thread with your way of growin,lol! You are welcome! And i keep fighting.. bOom 100
  22. Hey OG,, yes this thread is still alive, well honestly only sometimes..... here is what im currently doing and the plan for my last round here.. My actual round 8 weeks ago.I started to harvest today.. Today MKU and SP came to my scissors on day 54.. the SP got supplemental LED light and its even more gluieeeee;) And my SP No1 Sugar pheno.. The next day i show u the rest af the ladies. And one good thing is i set in 2 beans of each of these.. 10 already popped.. Nice weekend OG! boOm 100
  23. Nice weekend to you all! Here.. DRZ x MSU outdoors in da cold.. boOm 100
  24. I just take a seat her too.! Looks good in here, so ill watch. Good Luck S&J!
  25. I cannot agree in any way with ome.. over 30 orders..paid..shipped...got it! I cannot say anything about the US shipments.. I had a few emails to sannie and each and every one was replied and help was given! About genetics.. Every grower has preferences, but when it comes to sannies and the breeders selling on the site i didnt have any disappointment. Some strains are just not my type but i never had mediocre plants.. I heard one say here that eg KillingFields was soso stuff and this and that. But i think then he or she just didnt grow it under optimum conditions. Hey Ome what did u grow from here? Tell us....Gimme a seed from that and i make you weed man, sorry maybe u are still exercising? (No beef man!) When i light my stuff and most of my stash i grow is from him- all those peeps are raving about it! Try to find a keeper in a 10 pack from any comercial breeder in NL and i say FUCK it.... I find 4 in 10 seeds of Sannie! Sorry for any mailtroubles...but for me its still the best place to get real genetics! boom 100
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