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  1. Casey Jones X Green Manalishi (2014) !! Sannies freebies from 2014, I originally grew out some in 2014 and found a great CJGM mother and crossed Dynasty’s Hucklebery Kush(2012). Still growing those seeds today and they are amazing! @sannie @polletjeStarting a new CJGM run in 2020! @Silvester Growdrobe Thank you!!! Here in 2020 SG shared another 5 from “back in the day”!! all 5 sprouted but only 3 came up: 3 Casey Jones x Green Manalishi 5 weeks from seed #3 #1 #2 2 Female CJGM 2 weeks 12/12(7weeks from seed) #2 #1 and 1 male CJGM —smallest and slowest of 3(will use for F2’s) These are going to be great!! Planned CJGM crosses: Huckleberry Kush (2017) ECSD S1 Jb91x88g13hp CJGMxHK(14)xCookies&CreamF3 some other mother’s; PHK x CVC cookies and Cream F3
  2. 4 #5 crosses Pulled a few early to replenish—50-55 days or so. Prefer 65-75 on most or longer. All are really good and some lean towards the #5 mom in Huck smells and some picked up orange from a CaliO. The C&C crosses are like #5 with more density and kick. Repotted seedlings in 1 and 2 gal fabric pots GGS1 #5 x C&C room full cream & Tina enjoy today
  3. Thanks @saxo! Seed sprouting update: 4 out of 6 Kailash (chem d x Snow lotus) 4 out of 6 Hashplant D (Chem d x 88g13hp) 6 of 6 (chem 91jb x 88g13hp) 4 of 4 Cookies & Cream 3 of 3 MB15 2 HK PHK x SOAR Cream & Tina Outside:
  4. Weekly update: Space monkey clones of LC, GG, SC s next seed round: chem club from Bodhi Chem D, Kailash, Chem 91jb Huckleberry kush V3 cookies & cream f3 MB 15 freebies PHK x SOAR (Columbia red x OMG) Chopped #5 x C&C day 50 1st Room 7 weeks 2nd room 6 weeks Snow Cone Short- lemon Chiesel in background GGS1 2 weeks flower hiding in the garden outside! Cream & Tina Enjoy Today!
  5. Thanks @MiNdLesS Pic 1: this grow was started from 12/12 at 3 weeks from seed all CJGMx HK crosses Pic 2-3: 2-3 weeks 12/12 4 weeks Clones: Lemon Chiesel GG s1 Snow Cone (Tahoe x banana OG) and new seeds: space monkey (3 sprouted) cherry vanilla cookies x platinum huckleberry kush (4 sprouted)
  6. Hello OG!! The world is lightening up a little and not so paranoid... Starting a new journal for 2020. I started with Sannie and Dynasty in 2013 and joined OG in 2014. I got some Casey Jones X Green Manalishi freebies in 2014. I crossed the CJGM with Huckleberry Kush from professor P. still growing out the seeds today and all are amazing. Strong berry, pepper, skunk, fruits and gas. haven’t posted or commented a lot—but I’ve really appreciated everyone’s grows and journals. organic no-till —same soil for 5+ years top dressing and adding as needed. Lots of worm compost and crab shells. Water and sometimes malted barley powder, kelp meal, alafafa, or coconut Pics are 6 weeks CJGM x HK crosses: CJGM x HK = DayDream = DD#5 Pic 1: DD#5 x Cookies&Cream (Exotix) Pic 2: Tahoe kush x banana OG Pic 3-4: DD#5 x CaliO Skunk
  7. Guess it never hurts to update a thread, even several years later! Still growing out the (Casey Jones x Green Manalishi) x Huckleberry Kush crosses. And making new ones! Link to city grow from 19: https://forum.grasscity.com/index.php?threads/Light-one-2019-20 journal.1543682/ (CJGMxHK) x Cookies and Cream (exotix) More to come!
  8. Weed whisperer....nice stables. And thanks for the rosin info!
  9. I've been watching your grows too...never assume you have a dead audience! There's always one out there with their eyes open! Keep up the good work!~
  10. Hello OG! I am always so inspired after spending time reading through all of you OGr's posts! The symbiotic relationship for these plants must be the reward of love poured into them. Seedling update/notes to future me: Polar Bear 2 out of 4 germinated. JKBXSS=8 germ out of 10 OGSKXSS=2 out of 10... P.afghani=6 germ out of 9 Waiting on an order but will start some KF and SF on the next round! Here's how I transplant(This 5 Gal has been through 3 runs....topdressing only!): Flower Room: There is a lot in here, but the Oh!Zone on the back left and the Huckleberry in the front stand out the most! And some with light--- Huckleberry Kush Dynasty Dr. Greenthumb Jazz(Oaxacan X Iranian) Started sending out single male flowers at 53 days and chopped at 55 days.... Some more helpers! Enjoy today!~
  11. Thanks Darth Budder! Hats off Nightmara! Thanks for dropping in; yeah I know my shit(haha) and I like rabbit or horse! Its my secret weapon in my garden. But seriously I am a total 2 year novice at the indoor, but have been dabbling in compost my whole life! Thanks on the HeadBand can't wait to try this pheno! Hey mediPuffs! Good to have you stop by and thanks for the biased info! I decided to go with the Nepalma. I'm really interested in the HeadCandy but I ultimately chose both Silverfields and KillingFields. I like the Sannies Jack &TheONE in the KF and the SilverFields has the SSH that you so deliciously described. I have the Jackberry and figure that with the KF and SF I can find a make some nice crosses. Unfortunately I ruined my SilverFieldsXBoudica Freebies.... Btw its very easy to make seeds, just be super diligent with notes and keep males that look promising. I collect pollen in a separate chamber and use a paintbrush and mark the budsite with a pipe cleaner.The hard part is testing out all of the seeds. But its worth it to have a personal seedbank! Thanks Man! Just a thought but, why are we stuck on Landrace strains? Most organic gardners go for Heirloom, open pollinated. Doesn't it seem like those old cultivars people are looking for are more approprietly considered Heirlooms as they were actually landrace strains that were cultivated to a certain area and time.ie. Colombian gold, Maui waui, etc, Stoned thoughts... Also, how long before its ok to name a cross that you make? For example, I really want to name my CaseyJones/GreemMan X Huck---DayDream--- which is short and sweet and describe the effects. And the HeadBandXHuck I got coming I want to call HeadBuckle Kush! LightOne
  12. Oldschool, wow.... did you slay a unicorn? That CCXDriz looks amazing! Let me say that I have been reading your journals and comments for a long time and I really appreciate all of your posts! The first journal I read on OpenGrow was a LaVieEnRose grow of Lady Cane...I am still drooling over this plant... What are your expectations for the Nepalma? I'm thinking of ordering that one next! I can't wait to see the finish. Cheers!
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