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  1. cool i havnt had problems so far . prolly just overkill i guess we will see at harvest time compared to just jungle juice and molasses actually i have found myself giving 1 ml of sensi grow a/b too because of N deficiency now that i think of it. It week 3 and really early for n deficiency... Any one using sensi ever have this problem?
  2. Really early im off to work but to respond to the guy that said it would be to high of ppm. i mix as the bottle says and my plants seem fine.in earth anyway still vegging my others.If you think about it its not that much. i seperate my feedings into a 4 time cycle. first feeding gets rhino skin(1ml/L) nirvana and sensi bloom A/B (4ml/L) second get pure water third gets bud cady (2ml/L), carboload (2 ml/L) and (b-52 after 3rd week flower) Fourth gets a heavy watering. havnt had any problems so far. As stated ive grown many times successfully, but never in rockwool or hydro. during veg they only get sensi grow A/B
  3. i thought sexing was when you pollinated them . My question was did you sex it for seeds.
  4. So what everything i bought is no good now XD it seems to change on every forum and what i got most for hydro and rockwool slabs was advanced nutrients :\ anyways i am finishing my soil plants right now then converting to rockwool slabs .(-- the reason i bought all these additives. Sorry i didnt mention that before
  5. Im growing soil but my new seeds will be grown in rockwool slabs (any tips?) Damn i was told all these suppliments were needed when growing in rockwool slabs or in hydro on other forums. so what all i need is the sensi grow and sensi bloom?
  6. nirvana has earthworm castings, humus, sea weed extract (laminariasaccharina), alfalfa meal (medicago) Cant find the label to this years its the one with the red label also sensi A/B grow and bloom are 4 bottles so four labels and i dont wanna post that many more pics
  7. bud candy B-52 heres b-52 label heres rhino skin
  8. Yeah sure lemme take some pics . I thought nirvana was molasses so i didnt buy another lil amount left in it and i use molasses anyways.
  9. hi so i did some ebay shopping for nutrients and got sensi a/b ph perfect formula grow and bloom b-52 bud candy nirvana carbo load rhino skin juicey roots and jungle juice grow and bloom from my last grow Is there any of these i should nt use together and what do you guys think of the bud candy and carbo load
  10. right! So if i buy dynasty seeds and get a male and female and sexytime them. I take the seeds out and regrow them They are no longer dynasty genetics ? I kno professorP is dynasty seeds thats why i was asking haha the number of supliers sites is insane just do a search. alot carry dynasty too. hence the question how do you know they dint buy them from someone legally because i been growing dynasty seeds plants and idk what to call them anymore. they are definatly kush tho i know that If i post a pic can you tell me if they are actually your genetics?
  11. nice man how long would you say is left on these suckas?
  12. hell yeah!! using an old bong thats all crooked cause i left it next to the stove
  13. I dont know i ordered from em and they gave me a bunch of dynasty seeds as freebies. seems like they were dumping stock Just a question tho how do you know they dint legally buy the seeds from a supplier or something? I mean its a big world cant they legally just buy your seeds rebreed them and sell them? im not tuned into the whole seed biz i just buy em and grow em HOOOO YEAH
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