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  1. You should try Big bud.. I'm lovin' it
  2. héhé! looks wonderfull over here..i did grow some KF and get 2 purple pheno like yours!!lovely plants but i don't really like the taste!! my friends either but i suppose it's because i am not used to it ( even if i smoked them all already^^).. so i don't think i'll grow them once again..or just because of their beauty! Anyway, your box looks to still rockin' amigo
  3. The English Bull terrier is a great idea !! Just adopt one myself few months after i've been robb..beside he's great company dog !
  4. You drunk girl ! you misunderstood otherwise i'll became a Netherland moderator/grower... wy not!!^^
  5. looks really good so far..
  6. Why not! Blueberry sativa breed by E$kobar and grown by me^^
  7. Perfect work like always FOTH.. but insect's pic start to miss a bit
  8. Was too busy to enjoy my re-birth and my last grow... just try to be discreet after all the shits happened to me last year
  9. Esko said it all' By the way i used to be a big fan of Noir Des'..all my youthness..amazing to see them in live..(Tostaky tour^^) If you need some translation from those dudes just send me the text in MP and i'll tell you what i understand from them.. cuz i'll be around more often..again.. An other run should start soon over here... Hello to ALL (oxi, Bodd, Mrgreenthumbs, hup, Whazzup, Mav, shirty ect ect...)
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