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  1. The winner... But no clone survided, so i enjoy every toke as much as possible! The taste is just as delicious as my keeper pheno, but the high is even stronger. You enter the world of dreams before you actually fall asleep I also smoked the tree pheno´s together, together with the ANA drysift... I didn´t take notes, but it wasn´t on purpose @Saxo: Thanks! I enjoyed every bit of the SFxB and can`t wait to chop down the new & improved clone i took from it... Thanks for liking and till next smoking time...
  2. The Heri dominant one looks green and gold brown. She feels very greasy, but not as dense as the other pheno´s... The trichomes look smaller and are all over the place. When i open the jar the flower smells sweet like the other pheno´s, but when touched they spread a skunky wood/spice herijuana aroma. The taste is very much alike with spicy wood and pepper. It reminds me of spiced tabacco... The high is harder in the head and pretty much the same strong body stone afterwards.
  3. 11. Tree times Ana... The keeper looks so sugery with bright lighter green at the core and darker pinetree green on the outside of the buds. The flowers are dense but not filled out completely. They feel sticky and greasy when touched and give off sweet skunk aroma. When grounded up the flowers give of a sweety pine forestfloor smell and the taste is very close to that!The effect is less strong than the ANA in my previous report, still pretty damn devastating After smoking i often wondered if i also had a drink together with the smoke... The head high was rather drowsy and tipsy like. After the initial rush (a good 15 minutes) some serious body relaxation/sedation knocks you down to whatever you can hold on to! I can sleep so good after smoking this in the evening and relax completely during a day off... I´m so happy i got a living clone of this one!
  4. Looks great Barney! I was wondering which seeds to pop next and now i know it is KF time again Happy growing! Grtz, SW
  5. High OG, For this one i rolled a big fat RAW Kingsize and prinkled some drysift of the same plant on top 10. SFxB This one looks really airy and fluffy, more like outdoor sativa than anything... I don´t really know what caused this and it does not disturb me to much. You can see tiny crystals over the flower and smallest sugerleaves. The buds feel loose but also very greasy at the same time (like they are still wet, but they are not). The best thing about this weed is thazt you can smoke it right after drying and it will taste smooth and fill the room with strong sweet skunk odors After a short cure the smell is haze with hints of citrus and skunk. The taste is dry chemical citrus and some unidentified sweetness. There is not much aftertaste.accept some hints of sweets. The high is really mellow and balanced. It is not really energizing/fysically uplifting but in no way a couchlock-weed either. Just nice weed for recreational activities! The airy buds are not the prettiest nor the heaviest, but there sure were lots of them! Easy trimming also... Not a keeper at the end, but perfect summer weed, relax and happy! I will be back with the different ANA pheno´s later! Grtz, SW
  6. Thanks Hempy!!! I got one SFxB clone and one keeper ANA in full flower now. De ANA is smaller (a also took some cuttings of her, so she is also less branchy...) than the SFxB. But both did not grow as tall as there original seedplants. They both had some feeding problems, but the new leaves look quite nice green again. They both at the maximum dose of 4ml/l Bloom and Topmax. Im worries about the ANA getting brown pistels pretty fast, but the SFxB looks nicer and more compact than the original mother! SFxB: ANA: The more of the (better cured) ANA i smoke, the more happy i am that i got a vegging clone and a flowering plant ready in about 4 or 5 weeks! She is not the best producer, but this is serious medicine and the best bedtime herb i grew thus far Grtz SW
  7. Thanks Islayhearts! Im going to keep this lady! The 1 clone that rooted... The Ana doesn´t root easy, next time i will make sure i get cloning gel. The SFxB and Ana flowering... They both got some nute problems, any idea what they are missing? I gave the Ana some extra Epsom and Biobizz Grow should be full of Cal/Mag? The SFxB is also very hungry. I gave both some extra topping with wormcasting and pre-mix...
  8. Thank u for the nice comment Papa This are the clones when they were vegging in their 14l container:
  9. Thanks Saxo, MD and 100% for the nice comment! I am coming with a smoke report of 3 Ana´s soon. I also smoked 2 SFxBoudica´s before i harvested the Ana´s... 2 different pheno´s: 1 smelled citrusy during flowering but ended up tasting like fruity cheese and 2 with a wonderful pineapple smell and taste (fù$k no clone of this one...) and a relax daytime/daytrip high! Both plants did not cure long but tasted really sweet and burned great. Till next time!
  10. Hi OG, I had some health problems this summer, so i didn´t had time/energy to post online... Better now and time to update this growreport! Beginning of july things looked like this: SFxB ANA The first Ana (i had the best of luck, she has the sweetest taste and biggest harvest ) and SFxB got cloned and 2 topped plants (one of each) are 3-4 weeks in flower now. I also got a clone of the Ana number 1 still i veg... I will be back with an actual update, pics and smoke reports Thanks for the likes already and it feels nice to pick this up again. SW69
  11. Than i will just thank u ALL (and Wazzup to for the Ana im enjoying while writing) This is the lemony hazy... And the strange fruit... Indeed more compact in flowers and faster then the other... I wish everybody a happy grow and peacefull smoke! Bye
  12. Thank u Provence! Up to number 9... Ana time 9. Anesthesia (the biggest of 2 random seeds, both female...) She looks sweet! Light and bright green and shades of dark green (like old pinetrees). Feels like rockhard sticky buds, exploding in volume after grindin. When opening the jar, te smell is sweet like burned sugar turning to overwhelming pineforest later on. After crumbling, this herb gives her full aroma: coffee and sugar in a see of pinetrees with musky and some dark earthy notes in the background... The taste is just so close to the smell... Just love it, been looking for this a looong time! The effect is feld real fast, real hard... All muscles get relaxed and other forms of fysical discomfort disappear... The high was sometimes overwhelming with visual effects like i was standing on a bloodhot concrete road and thoughts wondering off far far away... Together with a cup of sleeptea, this makes perfect sleepmedicine! After a good night sleep it can be a relaxing jet powerful (sun)daytime smoke... Don´t plan on performing well at complicated tasks after smoking. Plan enough time for a nap rather Can u understand why i love this one? I also made some symple dry sift from the sugerleaves (mix but mostly ana...) It is not clean (still green from the leaves ans brown from the pistels) but it is fine for me! Very strong effect and flowery smell and taste. Enjoying my last Ana and drysift smoke at the moment... I will be back over here with reports of the SFxB, soon hopefully... Grtz
  13. 8. Madberry (JBxMS freebee): Looks like green White Widow from a better commercial place...Their are small trichomes all over it! It has a neutral green weed smell, with hints of wood and spice. When broken up the grassy/woody combo gets strong and wins me over... This one explodes in the grinder, always i nice suprise! The smoke is smooth and has some fruity notes along with grass and wood, in the aftertaste you get some tabacco hints and more spicy flavors. The high is up and cozy without breaking one down. I lasted a good 2 hours, and left me relax without being tired... I will be back with the Ana soon!
  14. Looks like straight Sativa, very nice clusters of flowers... I only got (commercial) Dr. Grinspoon as a Sativa reference, but i sure whould grow one maself if it´s only taking 13 weeks and smelling like Mango/Myrcene Enjoy your Sativa´s MM!
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