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  1. Hey bro not heard or seen u for a while hooe ya all goid

  2. hey indy glad you like the double koosh, with genetics like that it can only be winners right ? cheers jeffman
  3. good to hear you liked the mau mau.. some phenotypes are yielding heavy, just have to look for them.. cheers jeffman
  4. Jeffman


    hello gang here s me entry for this month, we have a seeded choke berry very close to harvest
  5. i don t think mota is restocking DK anywhere, he's working on some new project, i might have a pack or two laying around somewhere. peace jeffman
  6. a good ISO hash is only shaken for a few seconds, if you want it to shatter no more than 15sec to obtain the same quality as the pictures, that s why they call it QWISO, for quick wash, 3mn is way too long...keep in mind that you need some more time to close and open the lid. so 15 seconds will be the max you will look for. pics courtesy of NVthis cheers jeffman
  7. in soil i always take at least 50% off the root mass and transplant in fresh dirt, feed with only mycco, plants always revegged nicely, i wouldn t take take the soil off teh roots and drop it in a bucket of water, ya might damage the plants forever. hope she will revegg cheers jeffman
  8. nice plant mate can t wait to see some final pics , wishing you a good weather for the last weeks cheers jeffman
  9. White D is a cross of the white (clone only) and Tres Dawg. was created by top dawg, this plant is an F3 i ve made, cheers jeffman
  10. i hear ya sannie bro on smoking good stuffs all day long and not finding the time to do a report, i haven t done the report for krakatoa yet and it s been a while... cheers jeffman
  11. beautiful pics everyone here s me entry for this month White D @ 50 days
  12. Jeffman

    Killing Kush

    looking nice, good job on the golf balls real frosty buds, nice smoke for sure cheers jeffman
  13. esko bro next year i will surely take on your offer and ask for some tomatoes seeds and other veggies ya may hold. thanks for being so generous cheers jeffman
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