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  1. It would be very interesting if you could find your papers DesertGrown, You should sticky that information somewhere on the site. I will be starting my vege patch later this year I will be coming back for a re-read over everything you have posted. Small update this week. Week 5. I added canna pk13/14 4 days ago, no real change I have noticed just yet. Not sure if I missed the window by a day or two. The buds naturally started to swell about 2-3 days before I added the pk in. So I have no idea really. I am a little disappointed in myself, I sprayed 2 very very fine mists of eco-oil above the canopy and it has dampened the aroma now. pretty annoyed about it. Well to me the aroma is dampened, but my buddy came over and got smacked in the nose with the smell of the girls as soon as I opened the door, so my mind could be playing tricks on me about the smell. Anyway here are some pictures of the girls for you perverts The 2 twins Wax on Wax off Close up-ish And that's it for the update for this week folks. In a couple more days I phase out the PK and start the BAC F1 booster. Still waiting for my loupe and scales to arive. The veg room is filling out quickly and I am running out of space. I can't wait for these 2 big girls to finish so I have some free space again. WL
  2. Got some hairy flowers there Sativani. Nice work brother!
  3. Thank you Balzasteel, fingers crossed I don't run into that problem, but thanks for pointing that out. I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on things for a few days after installation. Thanks for dropping in again DesertGrown. I guess I will be heading down to the local candle shop to get some essential oils tomorrow then I picked up some marigold seeds on the weekend, will take a little while to get them established (if i don't kill them) Flush tonight, PK tomorrow.
  4. Very nice grow Rose. I imagine the smell makes the mouth water every time the zippers are opened. Sorry to hear of the separation, at least you get some immature trim for edibles/smoke. Half glass full man I think Jen does lines of silica for breakfast
  5. Thank you wrecks Thank you teetee, I read through your thread and I liked what I saw, 19oz is awesome. I hope to hit a number like that but we will see, the heat is killing me Funny you mention the blumats, I have the exact same set as you. I just need to stop being lazy and figure out how to do my reservoir . I don't have enough room to store 1-2 60lt drums inside my actual grow house. I need to work out how to make a nute reservoir in a garage, not look like a nute reservoir in a garage. I can plumb the blumat through my walls no problem. I will be taking more pic's in about 3-4 days for the start of week 5. I am thinking of adding canna pk13/14 into the mix possibly as early as tomorrow night.
  6. Looking great in there MostlyMe. Some serious height on some of those bean stalks What size rez are you running for your blumats if you don't mind me asking mate, cause I'm still trying to work out how I want to set mine up.
  7. Looking good Jimbo, It's getting frosty on the chemistry How does the Jackberry go? hopefully I'll get my hands on some seeds this year.
  8. Thank you Robo, I am really excited for harvest. I will finally be able to know what I am smoking Thank you Reverend, It has made a huge difference all ready Hope you didn't spill any coffee mate haha Thank you DesertGrown, what a wealth of information. I never thought of a vacuum cleaner to be honest. I will get in there tonight with a low power shop-vac and try get most of the bastards out. I'm interested in the French Marigolds also, the look amazing and planting them outside right next to my intake would probably do the trick. I can also have a single Marigold planted in a small pot which I could move from indoor to out. I was also thinking about buying or trying to catch some beneficial bugs to throw in there too. I sprayed a small test patch with some garlic spray I made at home, but it left a residue on the leaves and I didn't want to risk it. I also tried a small test spray of eco-oil last night, we will see if it did any damage tonight. It has 8.5g/l of emulsifiable botanical oils as it's active ingredient, whatever the hell that means but it's safe for edible plant's which is my biggest concern. I have peppermint growing outdoors in a herb garden, do you think a homebrew mint spray would work? I'm really trying to stay away from harsh chemical if i can avoid it all together. Thanks again for your words of wisdom.
  9. Thank you Gregster. Thank you Jimbo. I am about to pass out guys, so I'll be back in about 8 hours (fingers crossed I sleep that long lol) see ya's WL
  10. Thank Miami, I was going to go for a larger pot originally and I'm glad I didn't, I would have run out of room by now for sure. Thank you Sativani, I spend way way too much time in there, I had to try something to help speed up handwatering process I am growing out a Jedi Kush or so they say mate. It came from a friend who got it from a shop, so who knows really. smells really nice right now. Thanks for the compliment, my lady-friend thought I was insane building my 'irrigation' hahaha. Thank you for the kind words Saxo. This is my first time growing and I'm actually amazed that I'm keeping them alive. I'm only half way into flowering so I could still make a few errors.
  11. Hey fellow growers and showers. Forgive me for my absence, it has been one of those weeks. It seams that I can't strike a good work/home balance at the moment, and it is becoming fatiguing. I hope this small house of Jane I have will enable me to look at going for part-time work this year. I'd Like to show you guys a bit more of my garden, I thought I would add some more pictures in this thread instead of the introduction I did. The strain is apparently Jedi Kush and as it's a clone off a friend and being in an illegal state, i have no way to verify it's authenticity. I'm using 23L rocketpots, with Canna coco. I run the BAC mineral nutrients, my schedule in veg was (it didn't change) 2m/l of BAC grow a 2m/l of BAC grow b 2m/l of Growtek Calmax 0.8-1.0m/l of BAC Root Stim. EC 1.6 PH 6.0 I reduced the size of my pictures down to 1/5th of their original, so we'll see how this turns out This is the 2 girls in veg. 1 growlite og hood burning a solistek 600w 4k bulb week 4 I got a second loaner ballast from a generous friend and put the second hood to use with another bulb. I was changing things around and trying to find what works, those big clear tubs didn't work too well for me. week 5 I skipped week 6 pics for some reason, probably too stoned After I vegged out the girls for 6-7 weeks, I flipped the light schedule to 12/12 and kept them under the 4k bulbs for a few days. The nutes so far 2m/l of BAC flower a 2m/l of BAC flower 2m/l of Growtek Calmax 1-2m/l of BAC bloom stim Week 1 week 2 week 3 and now week 4 (Edit on the above image, a week 1 pic slipped in and i've swapped it back to a week 4 pic) And here's some stem work I've been working on I took Rev's advice and cleaned out a fair bit of loose stuff, there is still more work to be done though. JK1 - named adele, because I thought she was gonna be the bbw. JK1 JK2 - turns out the name miss piggy suits this girl, she gobbles everything. JK2 - Don't be deceived by this picture, I can no longer wrap my hand around the base of the trunk. It's huge. Here is a scale picture, unfortunately in Cm's not inches haha Last but not least is my veg room. I'm hoping to make the flower room the veg room eventually and build a new flower room with double if not triple the floor space. We have a lumigrow 325 in there at the moment from another generous friend. We also have a big bubblegum ready to go, and some more jedi clones. and under normal white light I'm wondering weather or not I should put the second lumigrow in the flower room, just to go 'all out' so to speak. Heat is becoming an issue being in summer. My flower room is roughly 32C at the moment with 72%RH and I can't really bring either of those down, without increasing my power bill with a/c (I wish) I have been learning about white fly, I've had a small infestation for a while but it is becoming a problem now and I have to work out how to eradicate them. I have been using scaridfly but tonight I bought some eco oil which is supposed to be good. So I will test spray a small patch under the canopy and see how it goes. feel free to drop some bombs or advice, I will take it all in Well I'm off to water them now, I'll check back in within a few hours. WL
  12. @desertgrown, yeah that's what I was thinking too, I want to build extenstions in the future and I think paint will be the winner. Thanks mate. Thank y'all for such a warm welcome. This place sure has a homely feel to it. I'll see ya's in the indoor grow reports forum mainly, I'll start a thread up to post some piccies in the next week or so.
  13. @ Grego, thank you mate, nice to meet you. @Mister Dirt, argh runs away, far far away haha. How do you do good sir? @ReverendMaynard, aw shucks thank you for the wise words of advice, I'll take some more pictures over the next few days. Thanks also for the defoliation tip, I have been taking a handful of leaves off every couple of days, but I admit I have been a bit conservative as you can see. Is there a general rule of thumb when it comes to trimming extra limbs and leaves? I was thinking of taking more from the bottom then thinning out the canopy. You're right also the leaves are getting droplets of condensation on them. I'm lucky I guess, as so far they have been pretty resilient. Here's a couple more pics for you guys. WL
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