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  2. no need to apologize web, I am saddened for your loss, but I too am glad that you are OK....I told the wife that I was giving you another week then I was calling you to make sure you were still with us....LOL...sounds funny now.... those sure are some nice looking buds on that 1st pic in the background...WOW.....is that the NLA? sorry to hear about the herms....I am sure it was a fluke thing. Take care webe, talk to ya soon...I will email ya and update ya on a few things...
  3. dropping in to say hi webe....been a while since I seen you on the boards so I thought I would check up on your profile to make sure things were ok.....I see ya posted today...good to know your back. Talk to ya soon friend

  4. sorry to hear about your friend webe. Ever since I got involved into helping sick and paralyzed people, I too have lost a few good people.....it never gets easier, in fact it gets harder each time.....I am sure if he/she was a friend of yours then they did not die alone or in pain. If I know you like I think I do I am sure you helped them along as best as any doctor or nurse could imagine. so hot air going thru the walls up to the attic? sounds like a great idea, and in the winter, might even help you a little with heating....more hot air in the attic the less cold air that will make it down to the living area. Let us know how that works out as I am sure the majority grow in basements. Take care webeblzr....looking forward to some bud shots....my morning ritual has been to wake up and check this thread..LOL check your email friend.
  5. I quit doing outdoor due to back issues....but I sure remember all the hard work that went into it. Man it was fun, but I dont miss the it.......Look forward to seeing what the great north provides us ND.....My wife and I have have had many discussions about moving up North your way.....she is a warm bodied person but loves nature....I just love nature so weather dont bother me. Hope to see an update soon pal. Take care
  6. need to get some pics up of mine....I did something wrong, the are growing but they have pods the size of a small sugar cube....smaller than the one above my post.and now they are turning brown and seem to be dying....I did hit them pretty good with some fish fertilizer so maybe I over did it. hope not....I am out of town so soon as I get back home i will try to get some pics up....
  7. OK, time to switch topics for a minute...sweet potatoes have more nutrients than regular potatoes? I did not know that.....I grow about a half acre of red and white and some golden potatoes....I just started this year with some sweet, but very few.......if I would have known this I would have planted way more sweet...but they tend to take up more room as they run....but good info to know as my family and I are freaks when it comes to growing our own and growing for vitamins and nutrients........I wonder what the yeild difference is per plant? Something for me to research for sure. sorry to get off topic.....but veggie growing is a sure love of mine....... Webe...do you use a humidifier in your veg area? or a dehumidifier in your flower area? cant seem to remember. I know you told me once about using CO2 but thought it was to much work for the reward in regards to getting refills and toting tanks down the stairs and all.....but just wondering about the humidity levels as i have both a humidifier and a dehumidifier that you are more than welcome to use if you think it would help with anything......I know in my old house, my basement stayed humid 9 out of 12 months, but I would think it would have been to much for a grow, if that is possible. any who, if you think it will help you out, they are yours my friend. I also have a ozone air purifier that I bought for G as he was going to be growing in a shed, and he thought the air was really stale....but when those plans went south, I just kept the purifier....wonder if there is any trials out there that prove a purifier is worth its price? If you want to try it out and compare results, your welcome to it as well. Quick story about G then I will let this thread get back to its intended purpose, to teach.......G was in his wheelchair and working on my 4 wheeler...guy is a genius when it comes to mechanical issues....he ate 1 to many cookies....I went in to use the restroom and when I came out, he had fell asleep in his chair and dumped a oil pan wiht about a quart of old oil all over his self and chair.....he looked up at me and said "dam those cookies". Thought you would get a kick out of that webe. Keep the updates and pics flowing webeblzr....love the perp grows
  8. I know this doesnt help answer your question but I had a plant last year that did the same thing....I chopped her mid June and I was a little late....I sooo wish I would have cloned that sweet heart but I was just learning this growing deal and knew nothing about taking clones. Great smoke too, not top shelf stuff but easily a 7 out of 10. I dont have pics anymore but I sent some to webeblzr asking for is help with it so maybe if he see's this thread he might be able to find those pics I sent him. Basically I figured I just either had a autoflower that got crossed or I had some holy grail that I let go.....I will never know. but it sure sounds pretty much like what your having. I think the seeds were from either GHS, or serious seeds.
  9. man I have been waiting so long for a grow thread of webeblzrs.....I have read thru many of his at PG but never was able to contribute to one....I am pumped for this. White pot/Brown Pot....ahhhhh yes...in my area, this strain is the holy grail of MJ......an old grouchy fart in his 70's has kept this strain around for many a years.....rumored to be a personal strain of the KC Brain lineage back before they were even a breeder. Not sure if any of that is true but that is the rumor. I do know that in the right hands like webe's its a prize.....I gave a little sample of webeblzr's final product back to the owner and he was highly impressed.....kind of have me that look of a proud father if ya know what I mean. I wish I knew more on its lineage and what its all about but I really dont want to speak of to many "ifs" and "maybe's"... Now, on to webeblzr, the man, the grower, the teacher, and better yet, the friend. This guy has took me under his wing and pretty much taught me what i needed to know....I cannot say enough about what I have learned from Webe, and I am not even talking about growing...the man has taught me tons about just being a man, and being a good person who is accountable for his beliefs. I learn more in 1 email or sit down conversation from Webeblzr, than I have from anyone else in my life. We have discussed politics, religion, fishing, hunting, kids, veggie gardening....you name it and this guy is educated in all aspects of life....he truly is a jack of all trades. I am confident at the end of this thread we all will learn EXACTLY what it takes to pull off a perpetual grow and we all will be smarter for reading and being involved with this thread. I hope my post is sort of a "cheers" to kick this thread off.....this man is truly a caregiver and a master gardener all wrapped up into one....this world is better off with ya pal....Keep doing what you do and people will stand side by side, right next to you in this fight of ours. I think we all can agree that this plant has brought "tons" of us closer together and allowed us to meet people we never would have met otherwise, and you are no stranger to helping make all that possible. Keep it up, lets make this thread a good one.
  10. dahova.....hey pal....last year I popped a GHS AI and it never truly flowered......I think I posted a thread over at IC mag complaining..I posted there cause I know GHS reads that board and frequents it often....after a few PMs, I realized I was SOL.....my AI flowered indoor at a friends house and mine for over 28 weeks....and that is flowering time...it finally just died...almost like it wasnt even a pot plant. both seeds, 1 at my house and 1 at his, did the same thing. I also put one outside and its nugs got a little tighter but still took a whole plant to make a half zip of fluff.....I let it go up til it froze outside....WORTHLESS I will never use GHS again. not even if they are given to me.
  11. i replanted some for me.....I had 4 straight mornings of heavy frost and my tomatoes and peppers took a huge hit.....so I left the ones I planted, but started a new area with more...and wouldnt you know it, soon as I got them in the ground Thursday, I now read that we are going to get frost tomorrow and monday.....I cant win. LOL.....it is fun thogh to grow a new plant. Cant wait till they start getting big.
  12. whoa, whoa, whoa......noone is going fishing without me. alpha, the heri is a great lady....I suggest starting easy with her....I left Webe's house one night and was still trying to figure out where I was 3 hours later, all from a few puffs of his heri......guys thumb is green as the sky is blue...FACT. I tried the heri outdoors last year and it did not work out for me at all.....not saying it wont work, but keep her inside and you will not be disappointed at all.
  13. got mine in the ground last week....just got home from a nice long weekend vacation and now its back to the grind.....I will update as soon as they are big enough to show progress.......and YES, very hard to spread evenly...
  14. I have not done this myself but I know a old timer who uses only compost.....100% organic....he goes to restuaraunts and ask them to save back veggie scraps, he gets TONS of it.....then makes his own compost barrels and he has enough for about 25 5 gallon buckets and all his veggie garden.......Guy has NEVER used a nutrient one...NEVER.....I have never had a complaint from his crop, but I have seen better....but its dam good and I would never complain if that was my crop. He is the husband of a soil and water lady that has a degree in that area....like I said, I have seen better, but the guy who I get most of my stash from is probably teh best grower I have ever met....so the bar was set high.... try it on the side....get you a good compost pile and treat it like a living thing, cause it is....then when you have enough for a bucket...then try just 1 bucket with nothing but water compared to others that you give organic nutes to....in this case, its the compost you are trying to dial in, not the nutes.....cant hurt to give it a try.
  15. welcome sub....if there is one thing I have learned from my time on all these grow sites....some of the best growers in the states are right here on OG....and they are very open and willing to help anyone out...you dont get that from to many boards.. looking forward to seeing some of your threads.... 100% real thai....WOW, I want that too.....good luck in your search Take care
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