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  1. Not the most practical approach, but damn would I love to see a swimming pool full of Anesthesia! I think you'd do a lot better if you built a massive homemade smartpot, pools are great, but not designed to sustain plants. Be careful not to underestimate the climbing ability of the African Porcupine, they were getting inside the cages I built for my last guerrilla grow and causing havoc. Also, do baboons eat herb in your area? They don't in mine, probably would if it was seeded though, I find that unfortunately animals love pollinated ladies, caused me some serious distress in the past when some franklins picked all the seeds out of a trainwreck I was using for crosses
  2. I found the hexane extractions to yield a very pure, amber, shatter-ey product that tasted amazing, was very smooth, and sat me down solidly for a few hours. I can see how people would find it preferable
  3. Forgot to mention those trich's are Exdodus cheese drybud! Cheeseberryhaze looks monster Carper!
  4. Funny you should say incense, I smoked some oil from a swazi kush hybrid that really did taste like strong, spicy incense. It was almost uncanny, so good though!
  5. I love the setup! How big are the pots?
  6. Yeah, cosmic brain and killing fields would make a beautiful bouquet!
  7. Amen to that! Welcome to the site mate!
  8. I've been else where for a while, now I'm back, damn the vibe here is good, and so much knowledge to be had!
  9. Don't give up, just make 9 more posts by the end of the month and you're in the running mate!
  10. Why is he a hero? Anyone can find a gem in a bag of herb, and it's not that hard to keep a clone in circulation? Bad move to register his name for sure, but gotta feel sorry for the dude, he doesn't deserve jail ;(
  11. This picture will haunt my dreams!
  12. Baton the hatches! Goodluck dudes, hope you weather the storm safe and sound..
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