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  1. What kind of yields are you seeing from this Silverfields?
  2. Buy yourself a roll of white vinyl electrical phase tape and keep a sharpie handy. It is quick and easy to make acronyms for all your strains and labeling them is as quick and easy as writing "SF" on a piece of tape and placing it on your cup/pot/container. Plus, as you upcan your plants it is easy to remove and place on the plants new container, making keeping track of your strains easier. What up Scone! I have some of these "Silverfields" beans and am interested in what kind of yields you guys are getting with this strain.
  3. Your plants stop transpirating and stop growing above 82 def. F. you stated that your grow was 85 degrees? And you can't figure out why your plants are curling and drying up. I find that most people *love* their plants to death. It hard to not over water, over fert and over love then when you are starting out new. Your plants look nute damaged and cooked. I've used coco coir blends and haven't had the types of issues you are showing. pH isn't as big of an issue in soil. I would recommend NOT going to hydro if you can't get your stuff to grow in coco or soil. It is way more finicky and difficult to grow in. Can you find any decent soil mix to use? Also, lower your temps, you are cooking your plants.
  4. Looking better. Those AGDS buds down low are best removed. Try the middle finger removal on your fan leaves. Gets more light to the second tier. Also, when you flower, take 1/8" off the top of your plant. It tricks the plant into thinking it has been topped. Which causes the plant to send growth auxins to the top so another branch can be the top. It will give you more top colas.
  5. You can remove the middle finger of all your upper fan leaves. Strip the plant to the stem below your screen
  6. Seren


    pics of plants
  7. I haven't been able to find the poll either.
  8. Seren


    Nice picture sticky. Looks like you are *light painting* the plant though, LED's I believe.
  9. Seren


    Hey Everybody That Purple Rhino was a great plant, too bad she had a tendency to hermie. This is a tough contest to win, there are some very talented growers and gorgeous plant shots to compete with.
  10. Oh, what to have for breakfast.... How about a bowl of Purple Rhino Nuggio's! Purple Rhino x G13HP
  11. You need to have 25 posts.....
  12. This is my "Fighting Buddah" from Chimera. He crossed a Burmese Sativa with DJ Short's Blueberry...
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