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  1. Tanck13

    T.13 Skunk

    Yep Yep Folks, Update flo+31 Light: 600 HPS Humidity: 50-60% Tempeture 23-27°C Volume pots: 7L Substrat: coco Not much to say, the bloom takes place well. Best vibes OGC
  2. Tanck13


    Strain: Skunk#1 (propably from Sensi seed)
  3. Tanck13

    T.13 Skunk

    Yep Yep Hupla, Thanks by coming , I will take a look. I never tested Ad Nut., all I can say is I don't like to play with several bottles. I find that in Metrop, just using 4 bottles. I'm really satisfy for the moment, I have healthy plants, with nice green color. No deficiencies with a strong stalk. The plant have a very good roots system with a nice developpement, white color and healthy too. best vibes
  4. Yep Yep OGC, No words to say how our world and laws are disgusting. I don't know WpW, just saw and red some of his psots and threads. A nice guy appreciated by many of us. Solidarity to our community, when they catch a grower, all the community is affected by. All my thoughts to him and his familly. Peace for all.
  5. Yep Yep Hiwatt, When I began with the new nutrients, I haven't got the callgreen one in my possession, that's why the deficiencies. And also a red spider strong attack. Tomorrow I will put some pics of this JAM at 11 weeks. You will see, she's very nice looking and odor too. Best vibes
  6. Yep Yep Hiwatt, Still pleasant to read here. Nice male pics, I have a friend how have this C99, male and female too. It's his preferd strain at the moment. Nice show poto . best vibes
  7. Tanck13

    T.13 Skunk

    Yep Yep Folks, Here were are almost at the half of this growth. The stretch finished totaly now. The buds have a nice size and grow up every day. Update flo+22 Light: 600 HPS Humidity: 50-13-2°C Volume pots: 7L Substrat: coco Best Vibes OGC.
  8. Yep Yep Stoniewonie, Can you tell us more about the strain and your setup please. Your babies grow too much, I don't know the word in english. After they will fall down and won't can keep themselves straight. You can do a layering, put some root's hormone on the stlak. At the end recover with substrat until the cotyledon (the 2 first leaves). FoolOnTheHill is right, the distance of your light is so far. And that causes "a kind of stetch" but it's not stretch. The plant only needs to be closer to have more light that the reason. What type and power is it? Best wishes for your growth
  9. Yep Yep Akeebud, Well done, nice pics of this Anesthésia. Nice looking too. Enjoy your work. PS: you said frenchy and bad english, I say you are not alone "mon ami" (my friend). Best vibes
  10. Tanck13

    T.13 Skunk

    Yep Yep Folks Update flo+15 Light: 600 HPS Humidity: 50-65% Tempeture: 23-26°C Volume pots: 7L Substrat: coco Best vibes OGC
  11. Yep Hiwatt, Wonderful growth report and very nice pics. Keep up the good word. I take place . Best vibes
  12. Tanck13

    T.13 Skunk

    Yep Yep Dudes, @Chiken, mon ami . Thanks for giving this great answer about Metrop. Take a place, make a spliff, smoke and enjoy. @Hiwatt25 No, I didn't do this selection, it was other guys. I knew one of them since almost 4 years. He told me the strory of his skunk. They didn't kept male. And yes it's a skunk#1 selection. Some pics at flo+11 I will cut some low branches cause it's become so dense. Best vibes OGC
  13. Yep Yep Socrates, Very nice growth, really pleasant to read and see. Thanks for sharing. Best vibes and wishes for what coming next
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