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  1. Could these not be crossed with new males,?? To make new Sannie strains, not femmed, everything is going feminised these days. GreetZ Bodderas.
  2. Are there any OUTDOOR grow reports on her,?? GreetZ Bodderas. Holla SAXO Hey brother from another mother, lol hows you. nice to hear from you GreetZ Bodderas.
  3. Hi guys, sorry been v busy workin etc, Hiwatt, the Erdpurt, smoke was bad for my sinuses, and yes Erdpurt needs a v long cure compared to rest of Hybrids, maybe all Indicas need a good cure, but I like to smoke flowers as soon as dry, you are right, after 4-6 weeks drying it tasted better,??? not stronger, but like I said there are better out there. I only did an outdoor run, last year, this year I'm going auot'os, till June then regular. The ISO cost 15 pounds hear from UK, Maplin computer store, v expensive, but the Jelly hash worked wonders, . GteetZ bod.
  4. Anyone know purple storm genetics,?? pls thanks xx Ever thought about the ONE X Herijuana, or Killing fields X herijuana,???
  5. By the way them white bits on leafs is an Anti fungal spray, not powdery mildew, lol. It's been risky business, the neighbour got an attempt break in, the police came took photo's and were feet away from the plant's never saw them, because it was well in the dark at night, if it had been warm, you could smell it 4 meters away, but lucky for me it was cold, and didn't smell that much. Then I had to worry about neighbours window cleaners, etc, i managed to move them in time before they were seen. Then the erdpurt, didn't finish till late October31,st, by then the sun had moved , and the plant was not catching direct sun, what little it got, so I brought it in, left it to sugar up in the dark, a wise and cleaver move, as I've made some nice hash from it. The Royal Dane X Skunk, finished in September, roughly 2 oz, off both, v small yield for outdoors, but it was v, nice and potent. Now Ive got next year to think about, got some new seeds, some NEPALI, and Maroc, plus, the reast of the RD X SK!,s to do, CIa GreetZ Bodderas.
  6. Ok guys sorry I've not had chance to do much work on t5his thread but I have to say I pulled it OFF I yeilded just uver 4OZ of Erdpurt, which I was v disappointed with quality, but has mad me some real nice black hash. The other's were Royal DaneX Skunk1 (the pure). I didn't have much room round the back, so I had 1 Big plant, and 2 small ones, and guess what it was the 2 smalls, that were the best types of weed. GreetZ Bod http://<a href='https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/165542-1/'><img src='https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_4915/gallery_1164_4915_6549.jpg' alt='1' /></a> https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_4915/gallery_1164_4915_6549.jpg "]http://[/url] "]http://[/url] "]http://[/url] "]http://[/url] "]http://[/url]
  7. Bodderas

    Bod, GOES OUTDOOR'S 2015

    RD X The Pure. Fresian Princess. Erdputr X mau Mau
  8. Worst 2 weeds for me, first being Afghan Kush, world of seeds, was first grow, looked well good, ok hashy smell, just no kick to it, but i soon went to a pal who thought it was ok. "nd, is last years harvest of Erdpurt, which i'm now turning to ISO hash, wonderful smell, of fruity tutti, dark berries/Jam, sadly no high, just a real flat out stone with no kick to it, tastes disgusting, of rubber, so i need to try turn the lot into something a little better. Ps I hope it works pmsl. GreetS Bodderas.
  9. Well Ive bought the ISO, 99.7%, was not cheep so thats the way thanks, GreetZ bodderas. I cant find it pal a link would help thanks. GreetZ bodderas. Ok I see google pmsl
  10. hi there opengrow, last summer I've harvested some Erduprt, and I'm totally disappointed, as in the taste and high of this strai, and not to mention its hurting my sinuses, it's that bad, so i'm trying to make some hash, from it or ISO , which I've got also. the weed, smells delicious, but tastes like rubber, and there is not kick to this weed whats so ever, its defenately 100% INDICA, as Ive been chopping the weed, up and smoking horrible joints with it, ive noticed, some v nice hash, accumilating on the the scissors, now the weed is so, so damn oily, what can i do with it, Ive got at least 2 onces spare, any ideas folks. greetZ bodderas.
  11. Which Royal Dane,?? It's a killer of a strain for outdoors,?? GreetZ Bod.
  12. Humm interesting, guys I wonder if we crossed Killing Fields with Blue berry,?? could you imagine that for some purple power,??? hehe. greetZ Bodderas.
  13. And I got at least a 100+ off each to play around with when the right time comes. I miss this smoke especially because it had CHERRY RED, trichomes, real amazing high, no paranoia, v little CBD, v up party high. But to add to that I like the opposite to, cauch lock, numb heavy man lol,?? catch the drift. So I'm sure I can find a nice IBL Indica, or a 4 way like Sensi Seeds Black Domina,? ora Herijuana Stud maybe, but I want to keep the pink, tutti fruityness, as well as hash like this did, . GreetZ Bodderas. ACTUALLY THE CORRECT GENETIC LINEAGE IS. ACCIDENTAL HAZE X KILLINGFIELDS X MADONNA GreetZ Bodderas,.
  14. Totally agree on this buds being mutant and whispy like JOKER mentioned, yes you would be lucky to find a keeper from DJ short first pack of BB, wouldn't mind they are not cheep,? . I wonder if Dutch Passions are any better as there BB genetics were passed down from DJ to DP as you may already know. I like the colour and the taste as well as high, good bag appeal and the yeild isn't always the best but there must be some BB out there that fits the bill. PS This was a hack of mine, KillingF X Madonna X Accidental haze GreetZ Bodderas.
  15. Bodderas


    Hey guy's whats the smack genetic line up,??
  16. It's just like a box of chocolates, you never know what ya gunna get,??? Huhu, well kind o,!!f unless we can design the label, ?? haha. GreetZ Bodderas.
  17. Did anyone get the Duck leafs with the KillingField cross,?? GreetZ Bodderas.
  18. Here's some pic's of the jackberry, which i thought was a Blue/purple Heri, these never got finished as I had to pack up, one of the saddest day's of my life lol. "]http://[/url] "]http://[/url] "]http://[/url] "]http://[/url] "]http://[/url] "]http://[/url] "]http://[/url] "]http://[/url] "]http://[/url] "]http://[/url] "]http://[/url] You see, this came from a Indica mix, and I really , really wished I could have kept her, let alone for her to finish off, and taste correctly. I dream of one day having this again when I can set up , but when that time happens I dont know when. Maybe this is the reason Sannie doesn't bother, as certain Blue Phenotypes can be found in his JackBerry seeds, who knows. GreetZ Bodderas.
  19. Wow some nice buds Bagwell Yea I realise what happened with Esko, and it wasn't nice what certain members did, took the piss in a major way. Santero, yes DJ was the original breeder for BB, then he passed some of the work on to Dutch passion etc. Unfortunately I've not had the chance to try neither . To be honest I'd be greatfull, if i could be Purple, or Blue both are devine. Just seems a shame to not have these in Sannies shop. Ok I've had some nice purple Jackberry pheno's, were at first i thought it was Purple Herijuana, reason being they came from the Indica mix batch.
  20. Ok guy's I keep asking myself why don't we have original Blueberry in Sannie's shop, not on about BB Sativa, etc, or True BB, I'm on about the couloured, Blue, Purple, red?pink flowers, that give you that real heavy narcotic buzz with heavy eye lids, and a smile from earth to heaven, I noticed Esko, put alot of money, and some time and effort into giving seeeds, to people clones in return for the perfect BB batch of seeds. It just seems like such a waste, I think this forum has everything, except ORIGINAL BB,?? I'd like to know your thoughts dudes. GreetZ Bodderas.
  21. Luv it bro, haha did you check your PM, from me,?
  22. Pure 12/12 stuff right there v nice in weed lol. GreetZ Bodderas.
  23. Haha is this you bredda,? haha v original.
  24. Macedonia will alway's be Greek,? Or something down the line's I understand a little, panda= Always, Eleniki= Greek, hehe. Huum be nice to test that bud, but guess i'll have to keep on wishing. Looks real nice though. GreetZ Bodderas.
  25. "]http://[/url] ok DONT KNOW IF ANY BETTER lol. No I think I might have the pic settings on some kind of Auto matic CRAP ! lET'S HOPE i CAN DI IT BETTER NEXT TIME, ONLY TINY SEEDLINGS ANYWAY. GreetZ Bodderas.
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