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  1. Sweet Cherry Haze YUM
  2. Positive Eskos F5 Ladycane will be far superior than anyone else's!
  3. If I'm not mistaken Lady Cane = SSH x G13 Haze!? Female is Mr Nice SSH Male is G13 x Haze from Soma Is this correct?
  4. Dude Lady Cane is Super Silver Haze x G13 Haze, bred by Esko!!! When Esko bred the F3, he selected from 200 plants from the F2 for a single male. More work than you have done!! Maybe you should give credit where it is due!?
  5. I've been waiting on the new LC for a few years now. I NEED this in my life! She is an absolute monster yielder of trichome covered, easy trimming greatness!! Be well, alaskagrown
  6. Waiting for years now for the new Lady Cane. Sure hope it comes back soon! Lady Cane = SSH x G13 Haze seen it mislabeled many times. Be well
  7. No matter what Sannie has ALWAYS made things right. To the point of sending out my gear even before he received funds after having a few issues with fund shipment. Best customer service in the biz!! Be well, alaskagrown
  8. I'm really need the Lady Cane back in my life!! Hopefully the F5 will be available soon Esko?
  9. Ordered Sour Kush, was one of the first months ago...But was oversold... Maybe in the future
  10. I knew that Sour Grape from BOG was going to treat you right! Wait until you try the Sour Strawberry Kush I gave ya as well.
  11. Can't wait to get more Sinister gear...
  12. Ordered 2 packs of the Sour Kush when first listed. Unfortunately had issues with shipping the funds, had to ship twice. By the time funds were received, and the order was actually processed they were all gone. When will these be in stock again? Thanks alaskagrown
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