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  1. peanuts

    wf.nl down?

    What is going on? Wietforum.nl is down? Please could someone explain?
  2. Pics from last week Tomorrow i will up some pics and statts,
  3. High y'all ! Rgm back in town.. aka peanuts This time i will gro some amnesia haze 65days pheno. Got this cut from a big cuttingfarmer near me. Whe shall see wat it do! Setup is still the same lamp same rfx-1 and same 11L eb&vlood pots Plant count is 18 pieces. And this round i will be testing my s5's from seed. If you want info bout that just look in my last topic and you'll see No pictures now. i will post as soon as i get my laptop back
  4. Nope it was a killing fields mom bagwell Thanks karma! It means a lot hearing this from u. It was the biggest of the bunch.
  5. Snip&snap Glad to see them go... But know its al about who is gonna replace these fools That vd steur i bet he is an exact copy of opstelten. And as for laetitia..dont know much about here but will see. Time 4 change!
  6. peanuts

    S5 haze

    F*ckin mites! Kill m all mrt.. I would recomend using more spray Plants are looking nice Hope u get the mites under control. Happy growings bro!
  7. Pics from 9 days ago. Everything is harvested. And almost everything is drye now. As for the kf... The taste seems to be missing while the rest of my plants taste and smell great.. Wonder whats going on with the kf's
  8. Hey Sannie i was wondering if u could anwser my question. If recently grown some killingfields u can see it in indoor section And the plants look beutifull but what it stands out for in lools it misses its taste. Mine have no taste at all!. While the other plants in the room smel nice and taste grat aswel As for kf the smel nice but afyer drying almost no smell nor a taste. Why is this happening...the green pheno of kf tasted really good but i only had 2 of them.
  9. peanuts

    my pics

  10. peanuts

    S5 haze

    Looking good bro!
  11. Hahahah lovely comment robogro And indeed im dancing around waiting on harvest day Some budporn for all opengrow
  12. Hi there agreenpassion ! Thanks 4 the kind words. The results so far are pretty f#ckin good I love rfx, and I'll tell you why. Its super easy in use. (If u know your hydroponics) Kan be used continually so no throwing away any medium. The air ratio at the roots is much better. I use an eb and flood type of watering. Meaning pumping my 210L drum of nutrients in to a basin. Where my ladies are seated in 12l eb and flood pots. I let it sit for about 10min. And pump it back again in the drum Top it of with fresh nutrients and some ph- . And ready for the next flood. As in comparison to slabs you have to throw away Need drippers timers etc.. And the air ratio seems to mee a bit of. Dont get me wrong you can get great results with slabs I seen a few very nice grows. But you need tons of support when working with slabs. And its just a lot more work. Hope I helped a bit with my info
  13. Hey MRT! Thanks for the kind words The 23rd of december the cuttings went 12/12 12"days later first sines of bloom. So 4 weeks and 2 days
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