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  1. Oh shit just have to Fatrasta i wanna see stuff like this you see any similarities i do there all the same
  2. or to speed up the chemical change in plant 24 hrs of lights off to off set the pr and PFR to induce flowering faster even 24hrs of darkness ( transitional stage) is not day 1 of flower to me i would call day one after 12 hrs of lights were on plants
  3. Was just looking in Sannies shop and noticed His strains except for 2 strains are out of stock ?? Is this guy out of business ??? Also i would like to know if he has any original strains When i look at his Caramel cough and the strains to make it pre 98 bubba ?? x ms universe When we break it down pre 98 was made by completely another breeder then when we look at Ms universe same thing applies to create ms universe the space queen was used and that was made from another breeder ??? When we look at the another strain Des star for instance using simons kali mist in the equation How can this be i mean i realize he did work to cross them I am not just picking on his strains but most strains out there today and breeders cashing in on other peoples work for there gains Is this not some form of theft or infringement i mean if you were a original breeder of a strain and someone bred your genetics sells it for gains would you not be pissed ??? one thing is breeding other breeders work for non personal gains is one thing But when they use others breeders strains ,, Or did they got written consent then that would be great ,, But if they didn't then what ??? takes a breeder working a line 5 - 10 years to get what there looking for then someone comes around buy seeds crosses it with one of many other peoples hybrids then sells it off as his strain make a new name and Waa LAA your a breeder and cut corners to market much faster To me that is knifing thievery at its best and my stomach turns sour at just the thought of it No wonder people / breeders and companies are running to the patent office people think its bad to patent strains or what ever No maybe there doing to sue the sorry mofo's that used there strains that they spent a century on fine tuning and hard work on Anyways this goes for all breeders or so called breeders using other peoples lines x there so called other breeders elite clones and bluffing it off as there own and profiting off it Cheers
  4. Looking good can i ask what LED line you are using and power ??
  5. Everyone does things the way they choose but its really flowering times are from day 1 of 12 /12 where the gradual PR and PFR in plants change and it starts day 1 of 12 /12
  6. Fat nice seeds but was asking about showing me 1000 plants growing etc i just emailed Charles AKA Seedman i do not have his pictures he send me while back ,, Have New pc but fuck me 10,000 plant grow in search for them special males and females is a new meaning to breeding whole mountain side and valley Can only imagine growing out door some huge females producing seeds you know 12 feet wide and tall and make seeds i could only imagine the amount of seeds one would get ?? 10 20 100,000 seeds ??? of a plant that size again never done anything that extreme ,, And i do not claim my self anywhere near breeder status but i i got lots of empty rooms green house and 6 acres right in front of me let alone parents Farm if i was truly set in pounding out seeds or getting into this game i probably do it out in the farm over 600 hectares but what is funny growing up , We always found someone's grow on our property ,, just pissed my Father off and when i did grow one year on property Father found it ,, And knew it was mine ,, He said if he ever Caught me doing it again he would CALL THE COPS lol and trust me type a guy you would never want to fuck with haha,, i mean @ 50 - 55 years old and picking up a pig 270 pounders with one hand hanging it and slaughtering it brings a new meaning to one tough mofo but here is my male Blue berry although i dd not have the prefect Camera to take pictures like you did non of the less healthy green with clusters from top to bottom of sperm Dank frank as in Stank bro's knows this male very well and what its capable of as it has the same structure leaf pattern from there elite male work on the strain All good Fat i am not trying to start anything i want to learn just as much as the next person but when it comes to canibus breeding there is a reason why hordiultualists laugh at canna breeders and for good reason copy n paste thingy here lol Real plant breeders create brand new varieties that are: 1 .homogeneus 2. distinctive 3. recognizable by its characteristics 4. recognizably different from any other existing variety 5. remain unchanged through the process of propagation (offspring has the same quality of parent plants). Under the 1991 Act of the UPOV Convention, if a plant variety grouping does not meet these criteria, it should not considered to be a variety. After understanding that, the Convention also defines a breeder as: "the person who bred, or discovered and developed, a variety". As for legit cannabis strain breeders I will only include those that created brand new strains with original landrace/heirloom material or meeting the criteria above for new varieties like Sam Skunkman, DJ Short, Charlie Garcia (CBG), Tom Hill, Mario (Delicatessen) and probably a bunch of others I don't really remember or even know in the underground scene. But that's the point, they grow landraces or heirloom strains, they study them, they think which one could match with each other and be 1+1=3, they use their big experience to follow a path, fix the long term goals, cull in consequence and that's it, results can be seen after years of work. Then we have people like Nevil, Breeder Steve, Grimm Bros, Eddie Redeeker (TFD), Simon Serious or all the new school guys for example like Bodhi, Subcool, Moonshine, Karma and all those talented guys outcrossing other existing hybrids, heirlooms or elite plants bred by other people before and giving them a twist, improving or combining them in order to create slightly different hybrids based off those, sometimes with character, sometimes not. Finally we can't forget about all the oportunists and bussiness men bunch like Shantibaba, Arjan, Ben Dronkers, Dinafem,DNA, Barney's or all the US and Europe guys chucking on Chem, GG#4, GSC and all the trendy elites and cup winners nowadays. Let's get real, they are just looking for the quick buck and easy props but within a few years, no one will remember anything about them and their strains. They aren't doing anything even close to breeding but taking advantage on other's peoples works and hiring third parties to produce their seeds. You can see how each year they need to release new strains and invest a lot in marketing to prevail, guess why? Because it's the only way they have to keep attracting customers. For me there another thing I consider certainly important in cannabis breeding: the breeder's taste and signature. Most strains from a breeder should have a certain distinctive character, be it the structure, the flowering times, the smell, the effect and so on. It's the breeder's signature that makes every single strain to be part of a bigger group of recognizable strains bred under the same criteria and style. Grow strains from DJ Short and all of them have certain similarities that are totally DJ's indeed, be the type of high, the colors... that's what made him famous actually and how he developed a timeless signature in cannabis breeding! But crossing Chem with GSC or any other trendy elite from the past season... damn, how the fuck can you even call that your own breeding work if it's 100% based off other people's work and criteria? What's actually your real contribution to the work? Absolutely none, just some pollen tossing that even a kid could do. Problem is that most growers don't even take the time to educate themselves on history or botany basics and because of this, everyone wants to make money off them! Thats the thing many people see different things when breeding ?? environment, to feed to strains it all adds up to different things happening or gene expressions i seen it first hand just by temps for instance this male plant by cooling room temps the indica side of the strain started producing indica leaf patterns by raising temps i got plant to change to Sativa dominant leaves So many factors change no different is i am a white guy and i guess your in the black to brown genome expressions whats the odds that the geological area played any roles in this expression ??? not trying to be raciest just why are people in africa black and people from northern lat white and which gene is more dominant if they both had sex and off spring ?? i know of some friends that are married to dark women and the kids are Dark as well know of white women and male being black and there off spring is Black and whats the odds of the kids off spring being black ??? chromosomes work in mysterious ways
  7. Its like anything else when it comes to marijuana and luring a person into thinking that a product or nutrient is needed ,, i am super surprised that know one has made the super silver plant supplement or the super oxygenator for soil applications just a little moisture pad that magically increases 02 in soil place in middle of soil like a tampon lol , If were growing organically then we already have enough Silicon one would think as we add to organics into our soils already containing percentages of silicon , as well add out door soil contains ample amounts also When i was growing up on the farm i remember i was allowed to get into a crop dusting plane was like 6 years old and even got to fly it , my eyes just opened up let me tell you one really cool roller coaster ride anyways we crop sprayed it for one use only and that was for a insecticide and Fungicide ,, and that is what commercially farm grade silicon is used for its not used to up yields but used as a insecticide more then anything else sure it may help in CEC or P leaching in soils but again some stoner came across this and ran with it as who would not see a insect free crop or yields that did not get damaged with fungus increased Yields all across the board and god forbid add the better resin tricome production Duhhhhhh with no insect eatting plant away one would think the any strain would be able to achieve its max potency and yield right So with CEC properties does this mean ??? the soil can hold on to things more like WATER omg they say by adding silicon it helps in drought lol see where i am going ??? Now who in the bloddy hell will let there plants dry up to nothing ??? sure it may happen if your on holidays but really, or just plain stoned to remember they were growing a plant all together .. But what they do not want you to know is water treatment plants use 30 percent SI02 in there water treating process i know as i used to deliver Chemical to treatment plants mills and and even Huge liquid cooled set ups similar to Water cooling Nuclear power plants if you catch my drift Again there has been a craze for amendments etc if your in the states ?? i do not know if they ship internationally but build a soil com is pretty cool and might be a good start i am sure they have knowledgeable Staff.... that can guide you to perfect soil or soil less combinations Having a perfect balance or nutrient schedule for any grow will do you much better then thinking i need potassium silicate And on closing note IF money is the root of all EVIL then why do churches ask for it
  8. which ones would you pick personally have never ever seen seedlings first leaf set come out pale or light green or even yellow .. they come all out nice green and once they broke soil if your soil or hydro is out of wack ph or over watered then they start to fade Fatrasta would love to see a 1000 seed run got any pictures ??? And to my understanding why would you even back cross when dealing with that many seeds surely the desired goal or pheno or traits would surface with in that many Back crossing TMU is used more for breeders with less plant counts ?? and it also narrows the gene pool so i ask ok Fat i don't think bc will be the best breeding technique to preserve your special female, a mating with a brother will be a better choice. if you have F2, i will do progeny testing instead of backcrossing ie you will create several F3 lines. you cross your special female(s) ( using more than one female showing traits you want will maximize your luck to succeed) with several males creating different batch of seeds, for example if you have 3 females, you cross each with 3 males, creating 9 lines. you grow each batch (which is F3) and look for the one(s) showing the highest frequency of the traits you want Then also back crossing/ in laymans terms inbreeding it is likely that you will accidentally fix undesirable traits along with the desirable ones as well with vigor will be lost each and every time you back cross Cubing a clone is a way to create a unique seed line (a “strain”) modeled after a currently existing female individual. The goal is to create seeds from which the females replicate the phenotype of the original female. Obviously the chosen female should be an outstanding specimen. Procedure: CONTINUOUSLY KEEP A MOTHER IN THE VEGETATIVE STATE TO PROVIDE CLONES 1. Pollinate a flowering clone of the original female with the pollen of a related male, preferably her father or a brother. The resulting seeds contain 1/2 the original female's genes and 1/2 those of the male. An unrelated male won’t have the Y-chromosome of the chosen female’s family & therefore any Y-linked traits of the family will always be missing in the seedline. 2. Grow the above seeds & flower them. Collect an equal quantity of pollen from each selected male and mix it together. 3. Pollinate a flowering clone of the original female with the above pollen. These seeds contain 1/2 the original female’s genes plus 1/4 more because the male used was 1/2 her genetics too. I call this generation “.75” to capture the idea that it’s 3/4 of the original female’s genetics. 4. Grow the above seeds & flower them. Collect an equal quantity of pollen from each selected male and mix it together. 5. Pollinate a flowering clone of the original female with the above pollen. These seeds contain 7/8 the original genes (1/2+3/8), the ".88" generation. 6. Grow the above seeds & flower them. Collect an equal quantity of pollen from each selected male and mix it together. 7. Pollinate a flowering clone of the original female with the above pollen. These seeds contain 15/16 the original genes (1/2+7/16), the ".94" generation. Theoretically, this will be a stable, true-breeding seed line from which all females are replicas of the original. " A Cinderella Story... I've been seeing a lot of posts from people asking for the "Cinderella Story", so here it is: (as MrSoul proceeds to relate the story...) In 1997, I discovered a few seeds in a bud of Jack Herer I bought @ "Sensi Smile" coffeeshop in Amsterdam while there to buy seeds. I didn't expect much when I grew them, but one of those seeds from the JH bud produced a very special female that I call "Princess". Therefore Princess' mother was a Jack Herer (IF we can believe what Sensi Smile printed on the package) and her father is a totally unidentified mystery plant. I also got 2 more females (Genius & Cafe'Girl) & several males from those seeds. I used pollen from one of the males on a heavy-yielding, dense, resinous ShivaSkunk (from Sensi Seedbank) female, then grew the resulting seeds to get males to produce pollen to cross Princess with, beginning the cubing process. The first generation of seeds from Princess were called P.50 because they were 50% Princess. I used males from the P.50 generation to back-cross to Princess to get P.75 and again back-crossed with the P.75 pollen to get P.88 and again with the P.88 pollen to get P.94 which is "Cinderella 99", a cubed version of Princess. The name "Cinderella" was chosen because of the parallels between this story and the well-known fairy tale in which Cinderella becomes a Princess despite her humble beginning. MrSoul >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  9. Hey all well little update time think i am getting excited the plant is starting to show sex and its looking to be Female woo hoo anyways been planning to put her in her final resting spot going to wait few more days as weather has not been good plant is growing great ,, i let soil dry up as plans were to transplant but going to wait few more days today decided to open plant up so some minor leaf removal 6 -7 fan leafs and be able to get inside and really watch for sex she is starting to show another few more days i hope enjoy folks but looking like a female so far Starting to show And some pics of leafs removed
  10. But how are we truly to know what genes or traits were moving forward ??? unless we have the tools to GMO it and influence which ever gene to co dominate I think most breeders only Hope it does mind you although from scientific data we can expect it to show some where in them 1000's of seeds some get lucky and Find what there looking for and sometimes maybe not ,, and then maybe ??? idunno Reversing back with the strain that you wanted more in that gene pool ??? Yes reversing tends to stabilize the strain ... But does it not also takes away more genetic material from back crossing it with a parent right ?? this is just a guess ,, then breeding it forward again in hopes that the male side you wanted becomes the dominant or the female lol i have never got indepth in this and its really something i mean sure i have made seeds shit all i grew seeded bud from 1977 to 83 - 84 so wish i had means to save pictures via data then rather then kodak paper that went to photo shop to get made i had some real monsters talking 13 - 14 footers haha i mean go out there cut of a branch bag it and smoke it leave 70 percent of the plant out there seeded buds would drop and grew every year same spot lol mexican strains you know and killer shit but anyways man how time flys as you get older I personally think we don't have to worry about Monsanto now it will be Bayer taking it to the next level of genetically gene modified strains Which brings me to the next point when the hell is Sannie , Esko Dynasty ??? going to have something new Personally think they been on a long enough holiday someone close to them go kick them in the ass haha And tell them to get on it already
  11. i found this interesting Marijuana plants have 20 chromosomes 10 pairs http://www.globalhemp.com/2003/02/cannabis-genetics-101.html
  12. Would like to see some scientific data on this green leaf hypothesis cause whats to say plant is just not healthy lol i mean who knows we can guess like most breeders do when ,Matching parents .. but with so many variables,, and all the DNA being mixed in a that bag everyone tends to only think of the male and female genetics what about Hidden alleles that may not show or hide in one generation but show in the next ??? Like a father in first generations shows traits , but non of the off spring show the trait in the second generation it shows ???
  13. I am surprised thought i bring some humor to the board on a friday night thought i would of got more people cracking up cheer up folks geez lol
  14. Used to put triple 19 fertilizer like that on our out door big grows works great
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