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  1. I might have fumbled a bit on this grow. My order was Mad Scientist and I got the Mad Shack as a freebie. I can only grow one outdoor plant at a time so I decided to give away what I thought was the Freebee plant - the Mad Shack. So in my mind I kept the Mad Scientist. After about two months I went back to the friend I gave the "Mad Shack" to and was rather upset to find it had a much more indica look to it that what I had and my "Mad scientist" had a bit of a sativa growing pattern. I then assumed I gave him the wrong plant and called this one the Mad Shack - to my dissapointment, But after seeing your "Mad Shack" I am compelled to believe this may then be the Mad Scientist as you are probably sure you are growing the Mad Shack and your plant looks smack like the one I gave away... Anybody care to judge if my plant could be the Mad Scientist? :-) I hope so!! Thanks for good replies.
  2. Hello. South African sun + Mad Shack + Peat + Verm, Perl + GHE Flora Series + Light LST Manipluation 2 Weeks left to go then they are at 10 Weeks bloem: And some size reference on the colas... there is 7 in total
  3. hi, i managed to get hold of a better quality camera and took a nice shot of the el monstre bud
  4. Hi guys. Herewith some bud shots as requested. I think the el monstre here will be ready in 3weeks... I have a question for the seasoned outdoor growers regarding the jack hammer: Will the seasons changing in two months influence the flowering of the sativa? It is not really far in to flowering and I am worried she Does not finish in time?
  5. Hi Guys, So things are going rather well with the grow. The Monstre is about 3 weeks away from maturity and I'm really looking forward to having some of this sweet stuff. The Jack Hammer started to bud very late in to winter and I hope she finishes before the seasons turn. She looks like she is at week 3 or 4 compared to indoor growing and Im comp[aring this to Blue Hammer. I'm growing "indoors" but just because the plants are standing inside a room that receives sun the whole day - i open the curtains and they stand and bake indoors under the full South African winter sun.
  6. Hi, Thanks for all the cool comments. The reasoning behind the pots is simple - my security is of such a nature that I need to be mobile with the plants. I have not other option. I will be transplanting them to massive plastic containers I got this weekend - the are 100L mammoth pots. An Update: Flowering is slow but both have shown ample callaxys' And meet Wilber... My south African Wolf spider which I am trying to do an experiment on. I'm trying to get him stoned by feeding him crickets which only lived on a diet of cannabis. Do you think it will work?
  7. Hey rampage. Our winters are actually 100% suited for growing weed man. Even in joburg you can grow all year arounnd and you should only really look out for 2 things... Frost and hail. We are out in Rustenburg and the weather here for growing these things out side is fkn amazing. Peace
  8. Ho There, It has been a while and the first exclusive outdoor grow in years... no indoor growing for me this year so far and the scrog box is standing still. They are at 2 weeks of pre flowering and both are female. Top one is the El Monstre - one hell of a grower and bottom is the Jack hammer.
  9. That sucks dude. I am guessing you do not have a lot to worry about. They would have followed up if they wanted to. Although I am not sure, live in SA and out laws are a bit different. They will not play games with your mind, if they wanted to give you grief they would have. Besides... kind of difficult to give you grief if someone sent stuff to you. They have bigger worries to deal with that a few marijuana seeds...???
  10. Hello there. My next order of seeds nearer as my current crop has reduced my seed stock to zero. I will cross pollinate and will result in Blue Hammer x El Monstre stock. But my wish it to cross that end result with a pure Skunk. I do not see any skunk genetics for sale from Sannie. Is there a reason for this or am I being ignorant? Please help - would love to stay and support only Sannie so if there is a way we can place a special order thru sannie is search of a good Super Skunk. WORLD CUP STARTS FRIDAY - 10 KM Away from my house!!!!! Peace MK
  11. Try flushing your plants. What soil mix have you got em in and what/how much food are you giving em?
  12. 75cm? I would suggest you make it a tad higher - 75 x 75 is a nice size as horizontal floor space, but having more room above the light with extraction at the very top will make sure the heat gets chance to escape upwards. I would stick with 1,2 -1,3m in hight or higher. Besides - why restrict yourself with vert space? You are going to need it when you growing nice Sativa's.
  13. Thanks guys. I'm using GHE flora series on soil. I think I tried to spawn too many colas in there and the being overcrowded helped with the cab getting warmer and the buds not developing too snazzi.
  14. Update - 9 weeks budding. My temps are @ 20*C now the whole time. Got a 1500m3/second machine fan cooling things down . The Canopy: A Bud. They could have been tighter - i think bod is right I have suffered some heat. Oh well. mK
  15. Taking my vents to overkill. Will update after installation. tx bod.
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