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  1. update from yesterday evening 6 x Shackzilla 11 days 18/6 day 5 on 12/12 pardon my words but fuck hurricane clip fans broke 2 of them in last 2 runs now number 3 is in WTF!!! today i am gonna buy another one from a diffrent brand because i know number 3 is gonna make noice with in a week or 3 back to the growlog the litlle familly is doing fine here are the litlle monsters a little closer also the sluts have received bacto for the second time until next week grow much weed and stay safe :ph34r:
  2. nice en enjoy your harvest again d kq x bh bud weird buds explaind when you see here making singleleaves above in the buds and starts to build a litlle tower it does so to cool here self down we call it foxtailing en it s causes by heatstress maybe a hotspot or like in my case aircirculation in the cannopy on this pic you see my Ms.aztec doing the same and this was because i could not raise my fan to cannopy hight deu to ressonation and was the first run in a new tent other one didnt resonate with clipfan atteched to the frame
  3. nice you love organic jetd : imo it makes the treu taste come s out since the strains are made in that way aswel
  4. update time 6 x Shackzilla day 7 on 18/6 i am thinking about my fan when i put it to the tent pipes it start s to resonate in this new tent and because of the nabors idont want that shit so maybe i just put a 12 liter container in it with rocks in it and a stick on that stick i put the clipfan maybe also trow in a extra fan just for the summer days i run in de night but still here is the litlle familly i hope the all become monsters next update is next week
  5. the update from garden number 2 Heribei Goldrush 1 goldrush 2 when i grow outdoors i always veg them outdoors aswel so the are used to the uv light and the weather for example the wind imo it s the best option even thoug the develop much slower then indoors
  6. very nice start and very healthy way to grow goodluck this year
  7. update time we have really nice weather here so all the girls are doing fine from all the seeds i germd lucky me only have 1 runt/handicapd and it s a goldrush in my garden i am gonna give here a chance thoug she may develop normal in future here is the familly medgom auto goldrush /handicapdbitch heribei 1 heribei 2 i still havent made picture s of garden num2 but 2 x goldrush and 1 x heribei are the size of the medgom auto in this update i am gonna germ de seeds for garden numb 3 tonight the go in the propagator from sanniesshop 2 x goldrush 2 x heribei also i am gonna germ 2 x dark devil auto for in my garden until the next update
  8. harvest update Jackberry x shack is dry and gave me 65.2 gram dense buds also in the meantime 6 x shackzilla say hello to you all like alway s good germ rates from sannie 100% soon picture s the are already under 250 watt lumatek duelspectrum bulb now it s all lumatek only misd the duelspectrum bulb also the are going in day 3 on 18/6 soon more
  9. little update al the grils are transplanted and doing fine except for 1 medgom she died my cat also wanted some sun so she nockd 1 medgom auto over i replaced it with a heribei 2 x goldrush 1 x heribei are in the house of garden number 2 growing behoind window picture s next week in my garden medgom auto goldrush heribei heribei when the heribei and the goldrush are bigger i transpland them into full ground medgom can keep her 6.5 literpot xd until the next one
  10. update time 1 x Jackberry x Shack day 106 on 12/12 harvest time have arrived 2 dense buds i think it s gonna give me more then Shackzilla speaking about Shackzilla she is dry and gave me 45.5 grams i put 6 x Shackzilla to germ now wait and see
  11. i am growwing medgom auto 1.0 from cbd crew outdoors the say it contains 5%thc 6 % cbd weed is not for me but i give it to a friend of myn if al goe s wel first time i try to grow cbd strain outdoors and its autoflower aswel xd i am wundering how much its cost to test sampels of buds so you can see the compleet profile and see if the breedeer lies or telling the truth since the goal is to help people i have seen some prices to test but the are insane
  12. @hidro agree but she was fluffy compared to number 4 number 4 and 1 had more indica dominant build up and where denser
  13. thougth i also make a litlle outdoor thread this year 2/3 gardens seeds are 5 x Heribei Breeder = Sannie 5 x Goldrush Breeder = spliffseeds 4 x Darkdevilauto Breeder = Sweetseeds 2 x Medgom 1.0 Breeder = CBD crew i germed the first 2 auto medgom both came up in 48 hours and i transferd them to 6.5 literpots, containing Sanniekit + lightmix now the are the first to go outside this year 1 2 the will be transferd to a second garden because i grow somthing else in my own xd 5 plants is the max outdoor here in all the garden s The plan is this in my Garden 1x Heribei in full ground containing sanniekit aswel xd 1 x goldrush same recipe 3 x Darkdevil auto in 12 liter container s containing sanniekit diffrent garden number 2 2 x Medgom auto = only weed not for me but for friend contains 5 %thc 6%cbd 2 x Goldrush in full soil same mix xd 1 x Heribei in full soil same mix garden 3 the rest of Heribei and Goldrush in 12 literpots containing Sanniekit and lightmix now thats the plan i started germing 3 x Heribei 3x Goldrush 1 look 12 hours later i will transfer them to small containers containing lightmix one of these day s so the can get a litlle bit bigger before the go in full soil
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