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  1. wouldnt be the first time bud. by the actions of the coffee room egotists. how is your day going? better then my yesterday i hope. patwi, your forgiven..............hehehehe if you cant laugh at life? your dead
  2. please leave! go back where you can do this crap, take merry with you as she is utterly useless. im not doing anything wrong, but being accused of falsehoods and treated like a lepper by racist former planet ganga egotists who are working on capt. skunks behalf in his personal quest to have me forced to leave. sannie? sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. stonedcold d? you sent me a safe addy; LEO kicked the door down yet? patwi; i thought highly of you, you no longer have my respect...... but i can see yer attitude. criticism from opengrow members, caused by this last attack i can see your point! i myself, dont know what caused the mess in the first place? i asked SS if she would like a pic of her dog, WHICH SHE POSTED, as an avatar. so is naming luthur what caused all this grief? XYZ? thats french by the way, kinda rubbed off on me - says it all! its really nasty in some ways but then you have to understand the french canadians. so i never "outed" anyone and all this planetganja behavior was caused by the actions of one member; the senile paranoid capt. skunk who had the balls to tell me i could not post in that thread, of which he was not the author. im not leaving, i like opengrow, the mods, the members and i love some of sannies strains. maybe in a year or so i will move on as i did at serious seeds; of which im still a golden member. aka. greendragon of OG. p.s. wpw leave this up or i'll tell all that you have training wheels on BOTH tires. lol
  3. never checked my link? ALL pro mix has that stuff and its advertised
  4. and no one left but the ghosts....................ahahahahaha!
  5. for your additives check out this site: http://www.premierhort.com should have all your answers as its a peat based medium company
  6. no problem, growing buddy. just do as you are, one must remember that in late flowering - the last GROWING STAGE; is that the plant is near DEATH. many educated member forget this. in the last couple of weeks you may get yellow/brown leaves, the odd male pollen sac or a twisted leaf image. just give it water after a good flush and let them finish.
  7. yup, sure as people poop, i knew you would turn up. i post where and where i like just like any opengrow member! J-P is an insult to this site and somehow it figures that you would champion him. the comment was addressed to SS and im sure she may have got a kick out of it. grow thread? if a comment of non growing post is required to be removed then im sure one of opengrows mods would prune this thread quite willingly. thank you; a very sane ghost. soulsurvivor - i have an avatar of your beagle, do you want luther for an avvy?
  8. well damn, hell actually froze over in oregon! wonder whats next?
  9. and you have the nerve to put the J-F thread up after all the nasty and uncouth stuff he said about this site? japan got made a guest in chat and flipped out. dumber then dog poop. its the way the chathouse works, not any of us that are there. glad he's at mpg, maybe take the hint, eh? removing a 1/3 of the fan leaves will not hurt the plant; 10,000 commercial growers rape about a third off the bottom. so taking the odd sick leaf should not hurt at all, correct?
  10. guess what? in must be catchy, my/our 9 month old kitten/cat just had 4 wee ones. i knew she was pregnent but not that far along. guess who gets momma in their bed? its not my cat, im a dog person. but now im a kitten/cat guy too.
  11. second pic has a great big YELLOW fan leaf at the bottom. you do it your way and i'll do it mine. also ragged, chewed leaves will have the plant throwing resouces to them that could be better served going to bud production. upcan with 2 weeks left, i can see a good flush and then water only, but not upcanning at that late a time. IMHO. anyone else want to weigh in? oh and how do you fix a pure yellow leaf? hit it with N? or paint it green? lol
  12. eskobar? dead is dead and having dead or dieing matter is an invitation for trouble. any gardner knows this.
  13. clip off all those yellow leaves as the plant will throw resources at them and they are dead. you can also clip the badly yellowed ones which makes it easier to judge if the plant is getting better. check out advanced nutrients REVIVE. after a good flush
  14. thank you gamefowl, hempcat and uncle ben for making the molasses understanding better for this old dino. horses and dogs love this stuff if you want to know. thank you again for the info. oh ya, i do eat the bud and the sugar aint sugar. never used this term until i got on the forums.
  15. yup, im just a simple grower, not a botany expert that knows everything that there is to know. all i know is you add the molassese and the plant gets more sugary. like most peeps here and i read jorge cervantes book about hash production; so i guess that makes a well known author, how did you put it again, oh fountain of wisdom? mabe you should write a book; butcher bob! should be able to sell onme or two to yer dork friends. tell me, oh wise one, how do you add the molasses to the plant in hydro? or do you throw a pail of dirt into your res?
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