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  1. Hiya folks, still here. The CBH and the Silverfields are all harvested and in the jars...6 gallons worth. I'm shut down for a month or so, going to do some clean up work before starting another crop. That will also allow me to get away from the house for more than two days at a time, w00t! Back later...
  2. Thanks saxo Hope you already have some beans, I see it's sold out in the shop. I'll try to remember to do a smoke report on it.
  3. Damn that's strange, I figured it was someone working at the PO grabbing the goodies. Ah well, it all worked out well enough. BTW Dude, you can stop dancing around about the origin of your LBT beans...I confess, I sent 'em. If you want to pass around a few of the extras that's cool with me, just point the recipients to my thread.
  4. Moar pics, Dude! The Sugar Puch pheno that has that chemical/superglue odor was the last one I ran, and yeah, she has a tendency to fill in late. Hold on to your hat when you smoke her, she's bomb...
  5. Cheeseberry Haze with a few weeks to go. Will yield well, outdoors it would be a tree.
  6. Hey all, back again...with a new computer that doesn't suck. Had to do a fresh install of Windows and all that, but not having that old wheezebox in my ear all the time is nice. Got some tasty pics for ya, and I sure wish I could send smells over the 'Net, because these Cheeseberry Haze plants smell awesome indeed. First off is the remaining Silverfields, identified one male and removed it, at least one is female, still unsure of the other two. They have been topped and are being bent as necessary to keep height down. The three CBH ladies, three different phenos. Pheno number one is the shortest of the three, and will finish first. Very solid heavy buds that have an unusual aroma of jasmine mixed with that well known Haze smell. Pheno number two is the Lady Cane pheno, very much like the LC I've grown in the past. She's still green all the way up, so it's time to switch to straight Ripe formula at last. She will be the last to finish, and still has about 4-5 weeks to go, I think. Pheno number three is the most interesting one. She has the size of the LC pheno while having much more solid buds with a softer, sweeter odor than the other two phenos. I'm seeing calyx towers building on pheno #1, so I'm going to taper off the nutes over the next two weeks. Pheno #3 will probably need one more week than that, and unless #2 suddenly puts on a lot of weight, she'll need a couple of weeks beyond that. The CBH has been trouble free and a joy to grow so far...as long as you're prepared for the possibility of Big Stretch. Just cracked the last jar of the Heri x Lemon Thai, this stuff definitely improves in both flavor and stone after being well aged, a lot smoother to smoke and it makes staring at the walls interesting...which is good, because I find myself doing that a lot when I indulge. Later all...
  7. feroce


    collection of shots of my past and current grows.
  8. Watch for a caramel pheno too...when it looks ready, wait one more week. You'll be glad you did.
  9. Hey Kamut Man, I'm glad to hear my methods worked for you. Makes me feel good to know I've helped someone The Cheeseberry Haze girls are finished stretching, something that two of the three did with great enthusiasm and persistence. I ended up having to break over some of the tallest branches to keep them in the light zone. Two of the three lean to the Lady Cane side, while the other stayed much shorter and will finish sooner than the others. Right now I'm feeding them a mixed diet, about 75% Grow to 25% Ripe...I'll switch the early plant to a 75/25 Ripe/Grow mix next week. Four of five Silverfields came up...well, actually all 5 came up but I killed one by 'helping' it to death. They're due for up-potting and flip Monday...tent gonna be real full real fast. I'm also thinking about starting some hot pepper seeds...well, more like Stupidly Hot Pepper seeds. Be interesting to see how they would do with my grow method... ...and even more interesting to see if I could talk some of my buddies into eating one. Later...
  10. Thanks Elwin, glad you like it. Yeah, I wish I had more room...the Silverfields won out, just put 5 beans in the damp paper towel/plastic bag a few minutes ago. Hiya Stu, welcome to the madhouse Hard to believe this thread is over 4 years old now...damn, time flies when you're having fun/stoned outta your mind.
  11. Hiya folks...managed to survive the holidays with only minimal damage and minor bleeding... Lessee, what's going on with the plants...the HLT is being smoked, it's better taken at around 9 weeks instead of later, more of the lemon taste and less of the Heri hash taste. Here's the tent as of 15 minutes ago...one LBT about to come down and 3 Cheeseberry Haze girls just starting to form buds. The LBT girl, has had her final watering last night and will come down as soon as the coco dries out. Cheeseberry Haze #1, the shortest one and is forming buds quicker than the other two. CBH #2 CBH #3, the tallest of the three, all have been topped and will get their undersides trimmed up a little soon. And of course, a little bud porn. It's about time to make the next pop, going to dig through the Magic Box and pick something out. Five minutes later and I have the Silverfields packet in one hand and Chocolate Rain in the other...decisions are SO hard. Later all.
  12. A quicky update... One of the HLT plants started throwing nanners during a recent cold spell, guess she didn't like cold feet. The other is on final approach to harvest, will come down tomorrow. I didn't take clones form the LBT, she's a little mold-sensitive so I'll try again later. Popped 5 Cheeseberry Haze beans, they are about ready for transplant and flip. As soon as they sex, it's Chocolate Rain time. Not much else to report, other than being totally stressed out about the holidays again...tearing my hair out here ugh. Be glad when it's over and things go back to semi-normal. Later...
  13. My Heri x Lemon Thai again, second time around.
  14. Thanks Roodni Well folks, been an interesting couple of weeks...adventures like the toilet overflowing at 4:00 am kinda thing. Druther not go into details, it was...unpleasant. Anyway, on to some pics, got a little trigger happy this time...random order, random observations. HLT #1. I continue to be impressed by the structure, vigor and production of the HLT. The buds are rocks, BIG rocks and it's quite strong. HLT #2, this one is the slower pheno. Both of these girls were topped and pruned and have basically loved it. Both of them...look at the size of the plants, then look at the containers...under 4 liters. I have GOT to get some of these going in 11 liter buckets and scrogged. The LB x LT plants, topped last week. Haven't shown sex yet, but should be soon. Next three pics are the individual LB x LT plants. And of course, a little bud porn... As soon as the LB x LT...ok, I'm tired of typing that, time to shorten it a bit. It's now LBT, for Lemonberry Thai. So there. Ahem...as soon as the LBT sexes and I get at least one girl, I'll pull her out of the tent and take clones, fill up some empty jars. If I strike out and it turns into a sausage fest...well, I reckon I can do something about that Later...
  15. Yer welcome Couple of pics for y'all tonight, the two HLT ladies are doing their best to fill the tent all by themselves...super vigorous plants even in small containers. So of course next time I'm planning on running them in bigger buckets They've been topped and pruned to 6 stems, and I cleared some of the popcorn bud sites too. And the magic, she is beginning. Three of five LB x LT cracked survived, one did the 'stick its tail in the air' routine, and I culled a runt tonight. The survivors were up-potted and will get another week to root in before flipping. If I'm lucky and get a girl, I'll pull clones this time around. Wish I had last time, because I just took a big bong hit of the late pheno and I'm having a hard time making my fingers go where I want... Once the LB x LT hits the tent, I'll reach into the Magic Box for something new. Or old, depending on how many times I change my mind over the next week or so. Later...
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