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  1. Zenseeds' Copenhagen Kush - White Triangle genotype, creamy/buttery lime/fruity dank. Nice anxiolytic effects, not extremely potent, but good medicine. Nearly extinct now, Zenseeds are trying to breed it back in shops after a burglary.
  2. Why not giving the old Extrema a run again, Sannie? I never had hermieissues, no light leaks, stresses and such here. When it was discontinued I stopped being a customer unfortunately. I would love to see that Chem mother get hit with something exciting, like a handful different stable true breeding males. Thank you for sharing the Madchem, that will hopefully do for now.
  3. Fake or not, real hash can be cut with fake stuff and much commercial are like this. That stuff you have there looks at least heat treated/pressed. And 100% genuine hash is often contaminated with mould, dirt, fertilizers being chucked over the flowers and mice/bug/pest feces. Bom Shiva either way
  4. To each their own, but Stardawg and Triangle Kush hybrids are really great in these regards. Some Hazes/"sativas" can alliviate anxiety as well, but also trigger it. You have to try some different varietals. But in general any GENUINE Kush will do wonders, straight up. Karma Genetics has a bunch of greats, Top Dawg bred Stardawg, and I can't recommend it enough, pay the price and you won't regret it. It's too bad some newb growers had to get Extrema discontinued from sannieshop, because that rivaled the strongest kushes and chems/dogs, it was really awesome smoke. Oh, well... The MadChem might do along with some of Dynasty lines, Cheeseberry Haze are wonderful as well against anxiety, really really great actually, the berry/glue/pine scent alone is uplifting, but still edgy at times, which some might be put off by. IMO it NEEDS to be very potent when battling anxiety, there's no room for uncertainty in potency, full spectrum effects, terpenes/thiols, don't be afraid of the strongest strong, with up to or over 30% THC, they might save your life for real. But, as you state "it's too strong for you", to each their own, we have different body chemistries. What do you grow?
  5. Nice with all the replies, guys (: great with support and all! Out of likes.... The first 3 days sure was a little tense, hehe.... Have paused a couple times the last years, those times the tenseness would drag on for weeks, and yes 3 months to clear completely was my experience as well - nice it's not the same this time! As you say, it's good to step out of the haze once in a while and be ones self, I, pure joy! Been a daily smoker for 8 years, on and off a couple months at times. No tobacco, just weed and strong hash. I have a little cheap vape, will give it a go next time, haven't used it much because it took much herb/hash to get the same effect, so hit a spirit-cooled steamroller instead, but with a break the vape should work nicely. If I had to choose between getting high/medicated and growing, I'd choose growing as well, it's great to take care of plants, they give love back - good therapy to be in the garden ;-) It truly is a wonder and a good action to plant a seed and watch grow and bloom into a flowering plant. My dreams lately have been very vivid and lucid, haven't dreamt much for years, or maybe it's harder to remember them when going to sleep high and stoned....had some friendly and special dreams, and also some bloody nightmares, but that's how it is, I guess. And yes, they can stay in the mind/body for a while, goes to show how powerful the mind and dream-dimensions can be. Great with a little convo be safe, bless
  6. So, I stopped smoking herb. Only for a week though..and still going... I thought I would miss it, and be more anxious. But I feel myself getting further and further away from it, the craving, mentally and psychically. Sure, I could use a hit now and then. But the craving, anxiety, depression, PTSD and so on comes and goes, like clouds in sky, no need to hang on to the clouds when they pass, right. It very nice on the lungs and heart, no tight chest and trouble breathing. I don't know if this will last, or if I, in wintertime will feel the need more than the want. But it's nice with clear head and so on. Not bashing anyones use of the herb, just felt like sharing. It's what this forum is all about, sharing. Peace be with you all, bless
  7. If I remember correctly, it's original Bro Grimm F1 stock. No hacks, bottlenecking and so on, real deal straight from the people who made it avaliable. You don't want to sit on your hands and keep pushing the luck with these, a very NICE addition to the selection, Apollo really has a special up-high, if I had used this in school instead of heavy afghan hash, I would properly had done better (; it's focus-herb.
  8. Mmm, pure C Gold from 70's. Epic. Lets have it! Love your piccas, so rare to see very sat dom or pure sats being grown out to full flower
  9. Good to know, it sure is pretty bud, but yeah, a nice O.G. or Blackberry ain't bad at all! And it hits the spot again and again. I can tell I made juice from all the big, non-trichy fanleafs of a Mob Boss (Chemdawg D x TangTang) and it felt real good in the ol tummy and body in general, warm fuzzy feeling in the whole body, some 30-40 mins later a high/stone came on, pretty strong as well, for a good 30 min and then leveling down for a couple of hours. And I was driving at the time, I thought they also contained some amounts of active compunds, but juiced it more for the chlorophyll and other healthy stuff, but wasn't counting on a high like that, and my tolerance is up there. A nice surprise, what can I say (-: Be vary if you make oil with heat, it makes the terpenes volatile and degrade or destroy the active compunds, if too much heat is applied
  10. Spiritual Punk from Samsara Seeds sounds good....
  11. If you can find it, Bodhi Seeds has a fine Harlequin bx and Good Medicine Rare Dankness has Blue OX http://www.puresativ...s-rare-dankness Very fine genetics as well and not overly pricy CBD Crews Yummy is great as well, Yumbolt is somewhat underrated, awesome flavor and relaxing stony high, Cannatonic; proven over and over, Sweet'n'Sour White Widow with a nice 7%, CBD Cannatonic is around 11% or more if you find a good one. Raskals White OG and White Fire contain high CBD phenos too, all his stuff do, I guess, all fairly heavy affy indys http://analytical360.com/m/flowers/224750 Gage Green's Harlequin Jo, if you can find it
  12. Had Amnesia Haze that tasted very fruity, lemony and skunky and tight buds, and Amnesia that were very incense, with big shovel-calyxes. Both very good in their own way, the big shovel one had a heavy, trippy, heady high, and the AH more or less the same, just nice all around with good ceiling.
  13. Loompas Underdog OG also goes under the name Candy Kush http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Underdog_OG/Loompa_Farms/
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