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  1. So, I'm doing a bit of organizing and cleaning, and lo and behold, I came across an old greeting card from 12 to 13 years ago. I open it up, and it's a card from back when Heaven's Stairway had their auction site. I got three packs of very old seeds, with some promising old school genetics. Not sure who made them, but at the time I only bought from the most reputable of breeders......I was a bit of a pot snob at the time. So, what did I find in this time capsule? 1 pack of Blackberry Kush 1 pack of ((Haze x Skunk) x Haze) X Bubba Kush 1 pack of (Haze x Skunk) X Genius (Oh yeah......this one excites me, since I always liked C99) Not quite ready to try and sprout these just yet. So guess I'll have plenty of time to research the best methods of sprouting old seeds. Any pointers or suggestions would be welcome. I've never tried spouting seeds this old.
  2. The better lesson to be learned is TELL NO ONE you are growing, not family, not your best friend, NO ONE. Even the people you trust most can get high/drunk/tired etc...and let something slip. They might not even tell your name, just letting hints slip that they have a friend that's an awesome grower, and people will put 2+2 together and figure it out. Better to TELL NO ONE. If no one knows, no one can let it slip or tell. That is the first and most important rule. Run your mouth, show off, take credit, etc.... and you get busted. The hardest thing to get over is when your friends are totally amazed and blown away by the weed you've gotten from your "Supplier/source", you can't take the credit for growing it. It's hard at first, but after a while you get used to it. Show me a grower that likes to show off his awesome growing skills to friends and family, and I'll show you a guy that will eventually get busted. Choose to ignore this advice or think it won't happen to you, and it may come back to haunt you. That's not being an ass, it's just real talk.
  3. That's what I'm talking about, Cheeseberry and Chucky's Bride....both out, and I must have them. Please restock these Esko. I hear both are classics. And of course I want Sannie's Sugar Punch too.....also out of stock. Guess you always want, what you can't have, lol.
  4. Awesome, thats much better than I thought. I just knew if I only got one seed it was gonna be a male.. Thanks for the info!
  5. I've read good things about Chemistry. I've not placed an order from Sannie's yet, so excuse my ignorance but when you pick out a freebie, do you only get a single seed? Is that correct? So, then you'd only get a 50/50 chance of getting a female. I can guess with my luck that I'd get a male. Life treats me that way, lol.
  6. Awesome, ask and you shall receive. Thanks so much Raze. I kept searching for reports, but I admit after a bit I keep getting distracted and next thing you know I've got 20 tabs open and I'm reading about other strains, other growing methods, etc...etc...etc.... You know how it can be, you start out looking for a Lady Cane smoke report, then next thing you know you are reading about someones side by side comparison of one nutrient line over another, or someone's new defoliation technique for higher yields, etc.. Hard to stay focused when there is so much info that I want to absorb, it gets me sidetracked. Thanks again!
  7. Arrrrgggg, I'm searching all over the site for some quality smoke reports on Lady Cane. All I seem to find is some awesome cola pics and talk about how much she yields, but very little talk at all on the quality of the smoke. How does Lady Cane compare to say, Sugar Punch and Sannie's Jack, buzz wise? I covet those huge Lady Cane colas for sure, but I want to know just how potent they are. There is no argument they look spectacular and are huge....but please someone give me some kind of report on the buzz and compare it to other popular strains. And the reason I like to get some comparisons is to be able to judge your frame of reference. If all you've ever smoked is mexican brick weed, then practically anything you grow yourself will be superior. I will continue to search, but so far, I'm finding very little as far as a true in depth smoke report. If anyone can give me one, or point me to one, I would really appreciate it. Until then, I continue to search. I'm really interested in Esko's Candy Kush, Lady Cane and Holy Princess, but finding good smoke reports is hit or miss. I've seen several good reports on Holy Princess but very few on Candy Kush, and even less on Lady Cane. Can anyone help me out?
  8. Wow. Pollen stored in a wallet for 3 years and it is still viable? That is just amazing to me. Great info.
  9. It's Chucky's Bride that I'm wanting. I've seen countless people rave and rave about how special and great the CB is and I've missed out on it. All Esko's work seems to be great, but nothing seems to get the rave reviews like Chucky's Bride. She seems like a really special cross.
  10. I may be wrong, but I think it was Dogless, not Dogbite. LOL....as if that adds to the discussion. Just ignore me, I have a buzz going. Great thread, enjoyed the read.
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