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  2. Thank you all that stopped bye. Greets to you saxo, glad to see your still around brother. Sending good vibes your way! Calio BHO Valcano Oil Pad Report So we are trying some Cali-O BHO off the Valcano with the oil pad this morning, about a quarter of what was given to us by Clepter. Did not sleep well @ all, back was aching and our groins felt like they were being ripped apart. It smelled a lot while the bag was being filled with the concentrated vapor that was filling the bag. We we took in the whole bag with three big pulls, the taste was there, but it was more subtle taste like that of orangina and some fruity notes of hash, not so much tangerine/orange. Extremely smooth, 2 mins and zap right behind the eyes a heavy feeling of being well medicated and overwhelming feeling of laying down in fetal position has come over us. 5 mins in we now feel a slight burn behind our eyes and yes they are red, getting hungry, still able to function, we feel like we are drifting on a cloud when we pause and relax from typing. 12 mins in we spaced out looking out the window thinking about our veggie garden(nothing fancy really some tomatoes, hot peppers, cilantro, basil, and sage) being attacked by copious amounts of bugs. Really hungry now, we want some chicken, baby potatoes, and rice with some spinach. 17 mins in super extremely relaxed with no anxiety, our eyes are still burning and we are feeling some extreme couchlock effects, with some sativa head pressure around the temples and forehead, a cooling sensation, while the crown of our skull feels like a fountain spouting water from the top. This feels great, but we've never felt this effects while smoking it or vaping. 24 mins we feel the indica/sativa effects balanced and no longer feel overwhelmed by the indica side. Our hunger has subsided and we are feeling that spacey floating feeling again, a nice little roller coaster. 32 mins in our hunger is back and we need to eat, the Sativa effects are still there and we can think clearly, but our eyes are still burning, for sure we overmedicated. Great concentrate, but seriously what happened to heavy indica effects that we got when smoking it, it feels like some CBDs were lost in the extraction, not to sure of the chemistry involved. Vaping this oil feels more of a good daytime med really, an enigma @ best as we are quite confused. The effects of this oil baffle us and we wanted sleep, but instead we are wide awake, with some minor pain relief, and the effects have lasted 4+ hours since we vaped @ 7am and it's now 11:30 ish. Thank you again Clepter for this fine concentrate. Sending good vibes your way! -O PS: An idea occurred while under the influence of this great sacred plant. Does all THC, CBN, and CBD in all strain degrade @ the same rate? Maybe the effects of Cali-O are more prevalent only in the first month after it has been cured than others strains? We know there has been some talks about long cure vs short curing times. Anyways just some ideas.
  3. Cali-O (Ae77 Cut) Smoke Report So here we go it's been quite a while since our last report and today we have a great sample of Cali-O grown by Clepter along with some Bho of said strain that we will evaluate on a later date. We know people have compared the smell to oranges or Orange Julius, but we smell a more specific note like that of Clementines with an earthy cannabis twist smell to us. The flowers are cured perfectly and there are purple spots on the buds that are hard to find due to the frost as well as sterile nanners. We will be medicating with .17 of a gram off a clean bowl(spoon) with a 5/8' titanium 32 gauge screen and be line to ignite the flowers. The first hit of the bowl not much orange taste on the inhale but some tasty orange citrus aftertaste like that of the Sunkist soda and of course not as sweet and earthy undertones. Man this is no girlie weed, it just took about 2 mins and we can feel the heaviness in the back of our eyes. Two more bowl hits and 10 mins later and we are floating with a heavy indica stoniness, our lower back is not so tight anymore. Another bowl hit being 17 mins in, t's midday here in CA, we are listening to Ten Thousands Buddhas by OSHO drifting off into space in our mind, we don't see ourselves being productive if we finish the bowl and there is at least 6 hits left. We have some killer munchies and a sense of well being with no paranoia, we do lack some motor skills. 22 mins in for the sake of the smoke report we have taken 2 more bowl hits and have trouble typing. This would be bet suited for us as a night cap to ensure we fall asleep. Very heavy to us as .1 of gram would have sufficed, gonna have to try this tonight in the vape. 27 mins the last hit has been taken and we need to make pizza now, extremely hungry. We would also like to note that we recently started medicating again with Cannabis after stopping for about a month and a half. So we are extremely overly medicated, moderate pain relief for back as well. ( O Goes to the kitchen to make some pizza dough for some hot Italin sausage with garlic and spinach pizza) We are in the third hour of this sample, we have felt extreme relief of our back for two hours also no anxiety, retarded for the first hour and now we feel the need to nap. The effects of this strain are 4 hour + for sure. Thank you again Clepter. Sending good vibes your way! -O
  4. You should not have any problem with the Heri, Killing Kush, or Chemberry OD as we have grown these OD in the past. The Chemberry is some frosty potent flowers look for the 9 week phenos as they will be the gems as told to us by E$ko, we got some frosty earthy blueberry phenos that finished in 9 and a half weeks and had decent yield due to them planted late in the season. The Heri we had was a squat indica pheno that smelled of sandalwood hash, flowery undertones, and rock solid cured nugs was done in 7.5 weeks yielded well, the most stoney flowers we've ever smoked and great for sleep or pain issues. We also had Sativa growing pheno that smelled of fruity undertones with a rotten smell twist, she was done in 8.5, you could smoke her all day as she was like smoking fruity hash but with almost no body effects and she yielded fair. The killing kush was a resin factory as we got a extremely sativa leaning pheno which gave us very airy buds whcih in return gave space for the trichs to fill in, got some good kief from it, can recall the taste, but we know the smoke was potent enough for us to get some sleep without feeling the hangover that Heri can give. Pretty sure all the gear will do fine as long as it is not to humid. Best of luck and sending good vibes your way! -O
  5. Indirectly they are from Ohso. Jammaster, another kind brother, got Chemdawg D Bx3 from Ohso, he then made the Bx4 to keep beans around for future grows. Jammaster gave us the Bx4's which are the ones you have in your possession brother Pretty sure it's the same Ohso as Jammaster has these same genetics and they came from him. Ohso is a very kind giving soul, and like you mention Joker very knowledgeable. Sending good vibes your way! -O
  6. Royal Purple Azul Royale Blue Frost Stellar Blue Estrella Azul Cristal Azul Morado Azul(spanish for "purple blue")
  7. Brother AMNT, what a wonderful job you do with your ladies. It shows how much you respect plant brother. Sending good vibes your way!! -O
  8. Looking good brother! Congrats on the harvest, lovely deep purple colors, sending good vibes your way!!!!!
  9. Brother we wish you the best, have faith and stay headstrong, you will be in our prayers George. Sending lots of good vibes your way! -O
  10. Brother thank you and as they say the proof is in the pudding, this putting kicks some major tail. Thank for the compliment, but it was the strain that spoke through us and you did a superb job growing it and curing it, the LOVE shows. -O
  11. Killing Fields F2 Purple Pheno Vaped Report KF=The One F1 x Sannie's Jack .17 of a gram vaped @ 328 F. This sample of KF is absurdly covered in trichs and cured to perfection, the smell is quite complex the best we can associate the smell with would be that of a sweet tart Shiraz wine with some hazy citrus undertones. We've been wanting to try this pheno for a while, "Candy from Mars". The first pull off the vape is of some purple flavored incense with hashy hazy citrus undertones and a slight purple spicy tart flavor on the exhale. Clearly an uplifting sativa dominant strain that less than 3 mins after our first few pulls it is stirring cerebral energies and is all head for the moment. No anxiety is felt, great antidepressant so far. 12 mins in we feel energy pulsating up from our heart to our brain, we believe this strain has made us hyper-sensitive and we feel our blood flowing from our heart to our brain. Very vibrant vision that we are experiencing, we feel like a new born, seeing things for very first time. All the colors are vibrant and bold. OG brother, we wish you could have kept this pheno around as this strain is in a total league of her own with its psychoactivity, "Candy from Mars". 25 mins in as we stop drifting away into our thoughts and take a few pulls of the vape, a deep sense of satisfaction comes over us, hugs us in comfort as we close our eyes and surprisingly see a display of psychedelic geometric patterns and platonic solids with random pictures of crosses and pyramids. Euphoria sets in, this is way better than doing mushrooms any day! This strain was grown with great love for it, Outlaw God thank for this great med. Overall KF purple pheno is quite unique with its complex smell of sweet tart Shiraz wine with some hazy citrus undertones, potency is clearly there, great anti-depressant qualities with no anxiety, uplifting functional soaring sativa high. We had the pleasure of growing the green pheno last year and it was a totally different beast altogether, as the nugs were compact smelled of kushy skunk with hazy undertones, but no matter if we vaped or smoked it, we got anxiety from it until we it was cured for 4 months, by then the taste had changed to hashy earthy kush taste, with a milder sativa high that was pleasurable and a great antidepressant. Thank you dearly friend, Outlaw God this a superb med you have here, and thank you Sannie for all the hard work you put into this lady. Duration of effects about 6 hours with no crash and burn effect. Sending good vibes to all!!!!! -O
  12. Oxirous


    Cordelia Cordelia= Sour Bubble bx3 x G13/Yumboldt .15 of gram vaped @ 328F. This sample looks very pretty with all those lovely trichs, but we can't really smell much of her, really earthy smelling guess you could say, but the baggy it was in smelled of tamarind with OG or Kush undertones. The first pull of the vape is exquisite of OG berrylike taste with some grapefruit mixed in and kushy earthy undertones. This initial THC spike is clearly Sativa dominant but you can clearly see the flower structure is Indica dominant. Even though there may not be any psychoactivity in the hairs themselves it is worth noting that this is quite a hairy girl. 5 mins in it has become clear or so we think that this strain is Indica dom, in either case this what we known to be a full spectrum strain that encompasses both Indica and Sativa effects to perfect equilibrium, given you the best of both worlds. 11 mins in we are getting some decent pain relieving effects that have taken away the stiffness of our chronic lower back pain. We are also quite mellow as we listen to our favorite CD 10,000 Buddhas by OSHO 23 mins we feel a bit of disassociation but there is sativa cerebral energies @ work in our head; moreover, we feel pulsating energy that makes a 3D triangle in our head. The base of the 3D triangle stems from the back of our earlobes and the back of our throat where our pineal gland(we feel a buzzing vibrating sensation kinda like when a cell phone is on vibrate) and all three points meet in the middle of our forehead. We've had these effects happen but it took us almost an hour to attain repeating some Mantras. 27 mins in the effects now have transmuted the energies into some euphoric giggly feelings, superb med brother MoHo. Very therapeutic strain that is great for as an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, and has some medium pain relieving effects as well, great taste that made our mouth water of grapefruit berry earthy kushy goodness that reminded us of an OG. We know longer want to write as we want to enjoy the rest of these effects. Thank you very much brother MoHo for sharing this wonderful med with us. Sending good vibes to all!!!! -O
  13. Oxirous

    Pure Kush

    It could mean lots of things Clepter mainly we think that people will freak out b/c they smoked to much. What would Batman and Robin say after smoking this? Sending good vibes your way!!!! -O
  14. We believe that the reason why it last so long with such a small dose is b/c we have not been medicating properly for the last 3 months, but we do have cannabis flowers on hand, specially of this potency they go a long way. Thank you for the compliment brother glad you like our reports. Sending good vibes your way as always! -O
  15. Thank you brother! and thank for what you've done for us in the past the joker. So sorry to hear of your security issues, were glad neither you or your wife were hurt, sometimes events like these happen to help us realize that material things are not what is really important. Sending good vibes your way!!! -O
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