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  1. i bed,it tastes delicious too! great lookin nuggs
  2. saxo

    Fems Galore

    pretty ladies!! you got some nicely colored ones .....i´d always prever the colored ones, tastewise
  3. stunning Ladies,as always that AHxBD is killing it!! trimming her just takes you minutes ...sehr fett!! Thanks a mio,Bruder!! i got to get some frames....excellent fotos!!! the sundown seagulls are gorgeous !!! hope,my card made it in time....Frohe Ostern !
  4. a while back i read,a canadians company want to grow medical canna in Dresden in an disused Slaughterhouse/MeatFactory. not sure,if they already started or if they just planed to do. but if somebody is growing MJ here,it´s ONLY for medical use with tons of restrictions,rules and savety checks n stuff.....that not realy sounds like fun! for legal recreational canna we got to wait 20 more yrs,i fear.
  5. petty nice @Builder that SGP is a Augenweide!!!
  6. saxo

    Fems Galore

    a nicely filled tent,Mr. these are some great looking ladies
  7. saxo


    .......here is a true Reason to say: STOP THE STEAL !!!
  8. saxo


    .......this one looks like one of my pix/plants, i grew yrs ago (from SAN´s or BeachBud´s F2, don´t remember who made the one on the pic) no matter if my pic or agreenpassion´s Pic , i realy hope nobody is buying those fakeseeds !!!! here´s the original from my Gallery:
  9. Ja, that´s fun,as it looks like...i´m to old for that kinda sports lol they do it with snowboards too,yumping and twisting.....
  10. it´s been a while ordering seeds,but i always got what i was ordering @ Sannies ,he even sent seeds the 2.time,when i didn´t get em! as i said,it´s been 3-4yrs ago
  11. .....only 1week to dry it propely? that´s why i´m asking.
  12. gonna send U some,soYou can taste and tell us
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