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  1. saxo

    Bonjour !

    Welcome aboard, Alvinn
  2. ...they´re not hand painted,right? what marerial is it? .............cool trays,indeed!!
  3. lookin pretty goood @ Smokys some nice Blüten you´ve ot there!!
  4. dense`n`sticky nuggs ...... it´s been a while,i had descent WW bud.....enjoy
  5. saxo

    out 2019 small grow

    lokin nice there,Ras
  6. happy drying a good haul!! nice to read you like the Sultana !!...any pix?
  7. awesome bushes there,Yahoo .....they definetely do look promizing !!!!!!
  8. looks goood! nicely dooble serrated leafes ...never seen this on BB bevor
  9. lookin nice there,Argo .....in and out side
  10. dilishiss nuggs ....enjoy!!!
  11. aahhh...nice to read,Summer is on at the Beachhouse......today we got the rain and cooler temps,we were waiting for weeks !! your Magoos look fantastic ....always a pleasure peepin in
  12. some nice lookin buds you´ve got there... i bet, they smell yummy
  13. oh,thats not easy ......good luck and a nice party
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