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  1. ......hhhhhmmmmmm,Mum was callin for Sunday Roast
  2. ... would be intresting to see,how it turns out without topping
  3. they doing nicely ,osg
  4. these nuggs do look pretty potent would like to sample some Good job as usual
  5. saxo

    Derg Corra Collective

    Product Description 15 Seeds pr pack. A 100% Pure Landrace Sativa Strain from deepest Africa. This is the original Nigerian offered in Amsterdam Coffee shops in the 80″s. Africa always produces amazing pure-bred strains & this one is no exception. It has a very hash like taste and good high. Nigerian is a fairly fast sativa suitable for outdoors in Northern Hemisphere with good chunky bud production. Indoors plants are short statured with plenty of bud mass per plant.Cured buds have a lemon tea aroma. Flowering time is from 11-15 weeks, with a few phenotypes going up to 20 weeks. ........maybe that helps a bit
  6. it´s(v.l.n.r.) 2x BBI f2 and 1x IPA Danke,Dir auch!
  7. @lumatekfan ja, they took 12-14weeks(12/12)from start to finish,depents on the strains you´re running...but you´re saveing the veg-time,so.....
  8. i did exactly that Methode in my last runs,not knowing it´s "invented" by No Mercy Supply . works great!! when growing in a smal tent(80x80x160cm),there´s no much space for vegging. with 12/12 from start the plants are ready with 70-90cm ...a excellent size for growing in a limited tent
  9. i´d say,most of us did that lol. that´s the problem when grow regs from seed....you don´t know what you get. my tent is well filled with 9-12plants. so i put 16 plants in to get 9-12 ladies from. it mostly worked well so far
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