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  1. saxo

    tiny worms in soil

    .....Sorry! there was no "glass of thinner"-emoji
  2. saxo

    tiny worms in soil

    .....better save than sorry
  3. ....you´re not looks like,i too missed the greatest TV Show ever lol
  4. saxo

    tiny worms in soil

    they are dead now! i put the beans and the surrounding soil in a glas of paint-thinner...i didn´t want to just throw it the trash can.
  5. saxo

    tiny worms in soil

    @Misterdirt ja,i was thinking about the same. would be cool to know someone in a bio-lab @Mr Goodfellow that right,seems like Rhizinus/Castor have no critters ....maybe a special north african vermin,the www don´t know about
  6. lotsa buds in the make great looking Ladies !!
  7. saxo

    tiny worms in soil

    ok,i did it! ...this is a beer cap-for size comp. The tiny worms sitting on the inside the seedshell and feed of the seed. ...looks like,they came with the beans. when moistured them,the worms came to life (?) if it´s larvas would be intresting to see...what they become? but i gonna burn them or something!! ......looks like a bowl of Klingon Racht
  8. .....in Marokko they only make Hash,theres no MJ around!!! they do not harvest for buds,they turn all into hash...only the old men in the rif-mountains smoke grounded buds or the remains of hash-makeing in their pipes. Hash brings more money and is easier to transport. they grow it in yuge fiels,trimming for buds would take mounths ,so the seeve the whole plant.....same in Lebanon. in centralEU hash is not cheap,at least in my neck o the woods. and it´s hard to get some goood Quality. the average Q-hash is 8-10€uro/gramm,but it´s not realy worth the price! in Amsterdam one got to pay 10-15€uro for good Q. ...better stuff is up to 20€. in Spain you can get it cheaper,i guess.
  9. .....hahaa. ok,you can use it for one of your crosses
  10. .....that is indeed the better deal !! free delivery?? to any spot you want??....sometimes a big crane is needed to reach over a house or the neighbors garden to put it in place........over here,thats not cheap if i had the place,i would get one too
  11. you do need a container?? no problem! ...but the shipping costs would kill it
  12. saxo

    tiny worms in soil

    ...ok,they not realy looks like pinworms i´d say. not sure if theyáre bad to the plant/beans ???..probably they are! looks like,they go inside the cracked shell to fest upon.....or they come out of it ??? .......thats kinda intresting! gonna seperate the pots witout worms from the "probagator?" and watching it......i do not think,they gonna infest Me lol
  13. saxo

    tiny worms in soil

    @Misterdirt ...i do not think,its realy pinworms,but they looked alike -in size and color. the soil is the same i used to grow pot and i always use this soil...i NEVER had worms like this in my soil!! maybe they come from the castor beans??? the beans i brought back from Marocco in 2005 not all pots got this worms,all with the same SOIL !!
  14. sounds great!!! i´m realy curious about em...fingers crossed for 3 girls,if you have the room
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