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  1. nice n dence buds there....good job!!! i realy like your Bonsai-Style
  2. ....Schlaraffenland!!!!! ...half a plate of this would bring me thru the hard,long winter but hey,i´m just a rec user,so please give the meds to the ones in need
  3. despite the not-so-good conditions, your HessenMädel looks ziemlich fett
  4. frosty Goodness looks like grown by Eskimos
  5. .....there´s nothing on the Desktop ! ....i.m guessing too,it´s just for Mods!
  6. SAD S1 is great smoke!! grew em some yrs ago
  7. of course the pix in the threads will be gone as well,when deleteing these pix in the Gallery! i think,that´s why it´s that hard /or impossible to delete pix. all the threads would look shitty without pix...most notably the Budporn- thread
  8. lotsa sticky popcorn there !!!
  9. ..you too,Argo nice lookin greens in all it´s stadia
  10. what a nice cola Mohawk was great smoke!!! Good Job on them !!
  11. lovely colors
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