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  1. Turkmenistan 'bans the word "coronavirus" and threatens to arrest anyone seen wearing a face mask'
  2. saxo


    .....zartbitter.... that realy sounds köstlich !!
  3. ....SpringBreak will make it worse.....Best of Luck over there !!!
  4. .....luckily we allowed to do a walk in Parks/Woods ,but only 2 peeps together(except are families/peeps in 1 household) and with at least 1.5m-distance to others even the Mallerds do the Distance-Thing.......i guess,they´re used to it from the annual BirdFlu-Drill
  5. saxo


    delishiss lookin tops @Shoeless & @Papalag .....enjoy!!
  6. its a single celled parasite.... i brought back from Gambia........luckily just in a light form. i was realy sick for 2 weeks with serious fever and diarreah,i lost 5kg
  7. cute chickis @Toker reminds me of childhood. we got lil ducklings under red light in our kitchen back then. sometimes they escaped the carton and left their shit all over the kitchen floor have a nice Spring Weekend all
  8. how dry is it? .lookin yummy,enjoy!!!
  9. ....i was a bit confused: its a german Supermarket in the Vid,but i didn´t see a rush like this in TV lately.
  10. ...oh,don´t get me wrong!! i´m concerned as well,but i realy don´t get all these TP hording idiots what they do need these amounts for?? there are peoples on earth,they do not even know TP ....all the moslems will laugh at us !!! if you run out of tissue,just use a wet flannel
  11. the peeps around here are not that crazy(we got no confirmed case yet!)as in other parts of the Country......let´s wait a week ...... there are more shoppers bevor xmas or easter holidays..... ...but the tissue-shelf is empty too ........TP is the new Tinfoil Happy & Healthy Weekend all !!!
  12. .....better grow your own...... ...at least the kids are happy with the situation. "...yay,Holidays from Monday on !!!..."
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