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  1. looks great in there,SPW pretty bushes !!
  2. if you don´t got Leavecutter,you should be fine
  3. you´re absolutely right,....but they just overdid it ......you know,what i mean
  4. after the first states starts their school-holidays,some of the beaches already got closed again due overcrowding........ ........most of the folks don´t wearing masks and it´s nearly impossible keeping distance. the majority acting,as there never was a virus.
  5. @sunstone ...the WOX = MOX(Mullum.Madn. -Oaxacan x NL Haze) x WhiteFire#2 ...not sure bout the oaxacan used. both are made by Bucket B. ,not Kanga....afaik @santero ...i got the MOX not the WOX
  6. lookin great,G5M ...pretty nice buds there,goood job!!!
  7. i was watching a thread on another forum... https://overgrow.com/t/freakshow-collective-seed-run-closed/28738 ......i guess,it´s like these duckfood-plants: the leaves looks sure different to MJ-leaves,so in veg periode they do look real stealthy,but if they full of buds they just look like "normal" ganja..... .......and the stealthness is gone,more or less.
  8. heya @santero ja i realy liked the LG... it´s been 4-5yrs i grew & smoked her,so the memories fadeing a bit.... .......but i remember her great taste and aroma sadly i didn´t tryed the WOX yet.....
  9. she´s a frosty bitch for sure!! great to see,she´s coming out that nicely !!
  10. yep,he is...he was a member here too in the past
  11. ....oh no,not privately...just google MM
  12. great thread,Dirt damn,i´m so would come over & help you with all the smoking,but your borders still closed,no? you´ll make it,Bro!!
  13. Moin,Smoky ! sounds nice,as always! gonna pull me an armchair to watch the show
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