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  1. .....Hey,don´t run my beer down
  2. saxo

    go fishing

  3. saxo

    Hash and stuff

    ...... ...this is the mesh size i used .....220 is to "wide",i´d say
  4. saxo

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    great looking ladies there,Sunny ....promizing as always!!!!! .......will the aromatic blunt-wraps not spoil the real taste of your buds??
  5. saxo

    Weird night

    what about a cam or two outside to watch the yard?
  6. saxo

    Hello from Costa Rica

    welcome aboard,Ganjafarmer sounds like a great place to live and to do your hobby
  7. saxo

    My dog ate my homework!

    .....so it is a german shepherd from a checz breeding line? ......this is the dog-size i like
  8. saxo

    My dog ate my homework!

    ....the middle one looks like "Deutscher Schäferhund",...the other ones too? ...or they are mixed or belgian?
  9. saxo


  10. saxo

    Any Russian friends here?

    the vid calls: "Cartoon Serial: Steel Monsters ... ...Tanks " Sorry thats all i can read lol We got russian in school then,but it´s 30+ yrs ago,so ..... i just can read the letters/words,but i don´t know mostly what it means...russian is a difficult language this is NU POGODI ! ("Rabbit & Wolf",as we said), a great russian Cartoon,we were watchin as kids back in the 70´/80´
  11. saxo

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    i agree !! beautyful ladies
  12. saxo

    Barrie's Beauty day 41

    Hey Hey,looks great!!! is there a thread as well? i can´t find it fette Ladies there
  13. saxo

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Skunk x Lambsbread .......... Happy Weekend all