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  1. saxo

    My little grow.

    ......in case we´ll have legal weed here too (in 20yrs),it will be a similar scenario: we´re allowed to buy it ,but it´s not allowed to grow your own..at least not without many,many rules and restrictions
  2. saxo

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    excellent looking Topjes you´ve got there going !! pretty good job, my friend !!
  3. saxo

    Back in The Saddle (outdoors)

    happy greens there beautyful specimens !!
  4. saxo

    Trapper's corner

    ja, KaliKush x GM ....i´m intrested in too took me a chair
  5. saxo

    3 day darkness at finish?

    just one of these myths...imho you would see the same frost without 3 days darkening ...the only advantage is saveing power for 3 days lol
  6. you do not get help from your lock-in mask ?
  7. we´re about sampling our 1. own Nectarines.....at 51N ...delishiss as yummy as the imported ones
  8. saxo

    Beach's Backroom

    killer ladies for sure !!! the Ms.U ´s look promizing as well....nicely shaped great job again,Beach !!
  9. saxo

    Beach's Backroom

    ....ah winterpix.....can´t wait until the temps drop ...pfffffff
  10. saxo

    Beach's Backroom

    pretty cute siam kittin magnus´ear hairs killin me those buds look great as well !!
  11. saxo

    Ghetto grow 2018

    .......great to see other Bee-huggers LOL saving bees is Goood !!!
  12. saxo

    Ghetto grow 2018

    it´s Phacelia (Scorpion weed) ,they get the purple pollen from...and perhaps other plants too ...bee-collected purple pollen from Phacelia (Wiki)......... ........we use it as Catch Crop/Greening and Bees love it
  13. saxo

    Ghetto grow 2018

    ...at least there is purple honey outthere.... https://honeybeesuite.com/purple-honey-the-real-thing/
  14. saxo

    Ghetto grow 2018

    this is a wild bee on the pic,so maybe the wild ones have all kinds of honey colors ...we just use to know/eat the domestic bee´s honey LOL no,i guess they just mix all the pollen they gather and the honey just got darker and lighter honey-color (?) perhaps honey made from only purple pollen will have a purplish color ?
  15. saxo

    Ghetto grow 2018

    .....this one got purple pollen,,,why they do not make purple honey lol