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  1. some pretty frosty and good looking tops you´ve got going there,Mister lotsa lecker herbs in the near future ,as it looks like
  2. right,i was watching a tv report about that. in Africa they do it the same way .....they use textiles/tissues soaked in chilli paste/chilli tea .....they just forgot to refresh the chilli-paste every week (or two) ,so the elephants simply run down the fence and eat up all the crop.
  3. ....." That works well for me, not an elephant in sight ! "....... ......what kinda dung do you use, @FoolOnTheHill
  4. ...i was thinking,peppers do produce capsaicin to repell pests? ...looks like,the lil ones dont care. perhaps only mammals feeling the "pain"
  5. we even got that smoke over here!
  6. .....stuffed paprika is pretty yummy we use to eat it stuffed with minced meat(spiced) and serve it with rice
  7. yeah,that one does look extra-dilishiss
  8. pretty good job for a Novice.....3 of 5 points Happy Weekend
  9. found this pic lately.... .......these fires are horrible! i feel with all the affected
  10. as long as the weather is nice, after work we went to the Biergarten for a glass or two...... Schönen Feierabend Euch allen Cheers!
  11. Sorry for the nanners !! the buds does look great....echt lecker with a nice blueish hue
  12. ......hey @Grobi ,how did they turn out?
  13. Bon Soir, olsqueak! looks pretty nice in Your Tent green & happy!!
  14. today i was visiting a buddy´s Garden for a Beer or two. i saw these lovely colored Chillis,that reminds me at Your´s! not sure ,if peruvian or not(his Mother bought some Chilly Pepers at a Farmers Market somewhere and he grew out the seeds),but the Coloration is quite similar! the purple ones also turn to yellow/orange/red ........ ....the peppers are realy tiny,they grow outside directly in soil.they peppers grow upright,not hanging like yours and the leaves got a blueish hues as well. they are not that hot for my taste...but i prever milder ones bevor the ultra hot stuff
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