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  1. saxo

    Fems Galore

    pretty ladies!! you got some nicely colored ones .....i´d always prever the colored ones, tastewise
  2. stunning Ladies,as always that AHxBD is killing it!! trimming her just takes you minutes ...sehr fett!! Thanks a mio,Bruder!! i got to get some frames....excellent fotos!!! the sundown seagulls are gorgeous !!! hope,my card made it in time....Frohe Ostern !
  3. a while back i read,a canadians company want to grow medical canna in Dresden in an disused Slaughterhouse/MeatFactory. not sure,if they already started or if they just planed to do. but if somebody is growing MJ here,it´s ONLY for medical use with tons of restrictions,rules and savety checks n stuff.....that not realy sounds like fun! for legal recreational canna we got to wait 20 more yrs,i fear.
  4. petty nice @Builder that SGP is a Augenweide!!!
  5. saxo

    Fems Galore

    a nicely filled tent,Mr. these are some great looking ladies
  6. saxo


    .......here is a true Reason to say: STOP THE STEAL !!!
  7. saxo


    .......this one looks like one of my pix/plants, i grew yrs ago (from SAN´s or BeachBud´s F2, don´t remember who made the one on the pic) no matter if my pic or agreenpassion´s Pic , i realy hope nobody is buying those fakeseeds !!!! here´s the original from my Gallery:
  8. Ja, that´s fun,as it looks like...i´m to old for that kinda sports lol they do it with snowboards too,yumping and twisting.....
  9. it´s been a while ordering seeds,but i always got what i was ordering @ Sannies ,he even sent seeds the 2.time,when i didn´t get em! as i said,it´s been 3-4yrs ago
  10. .....only 1week to dry it propely? that´s why i´m asking.
  11. gonna send U some,soYou can taste and tell us
  12. is thats wet weight ? goood job!!
  13. happy and healthy new year,Opengrow!!!
  14. ja,that´s the price to pay when moving north
  15. usually it takes 10-14 days to reciev mail from the US(the last letter from OR took 9days!) ....by AirMail. 2 times i had to wait 6weeks!! to get the mail...it got a Customs-Sticker from HAMBURG PORT(what means,it came in by a Ship......or maybe Seahorses
  16. Ja,looks like it works! i´m guessing the apple comes out like this...... .....my Neighbors "Apples" did look like this ones. with this short,dull spikes....not the sharp pointed thornes,we got on our local ones.....
  17. the same toYou...and All the other Members! Frohe Weihnacht !!
  18. goood job...as always!!
  19. just read it elsewhere Rest in Piece ,Bushy
  20. ......i was running Shackzilla,SiFi and SuPunch 12/12 from start...with goood results
  21. thats a nice lookin Trumpet! the Metel a neighbor had in his Garden some yrs back,got just white flowers.that purple/white coloration is quite similar to the Stramonium,we got around here. the Leafes do look more Brugmansia than Dat.Stramonium Best of Luck dusting her!!
  22. saxo

    Fems Galore

    hmmm....the left one is for the garbage bag,but the right one could grow out of it.....maybe
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