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  1. This is going to be great, thanks for posting. Ill have to go threw your older journals also and check them out. Going to be a jungle in there bro. Ill be following along if you don't mind.
  2. Im here with you for the ride bro, beautiful I'm here with you bro.... kf and laughing Buddha? ?!!??!! Yesss!!!
  3. All is good fellas i accept responsibility and i apologise for the misunderstanding.
  4. I know this thread is old but WOW Sannie. Those colas are amazing. So excited to stat running your gear.
  5. Exactly, im on the east coast and most ppl out here don't even know what strain they have lol they call it loud. So when we show up with 8 flavors ppl are amazed lol
  6. Huh??? Dude what is wrong with u guys. Get out more??? You guys are attacking someone who needed help. Wtf I come from a family where men respect men. Someone ask for help, whether or not you think its a stupid question,you don't belittle that man. Whatever, is bashing me make you guys feel big then ill be that guy for you. thanks to the few who treated me like a gentleman. Much respect to you guys
  7. Its all love misterdirt, I'm not very internet savy. I'm sure you meant good intentions and i took it wrong my apologies bro. Im gonna roll up some kali mist and enjoy some more of your guys bud pictures.can't wait for my soliloqueen i love everybody ))
  8. Yes he did answer my question, after the verble assault. Thanks sannie im getting in fine now. Maybe it was because i was using my phone idk. Love and respect to everyone here. My apologies if i came of wrong.
  9. Listen man, don't be "that guy" keep that negetive energy away from me bro. Nothing panicky about my post, its a dam question that needed answering by someone intelligent enough to respond with a positive helpful response. Foh homes
  10. I've been trying to check my order status for a while today but an error msg keeps popping up. anybody else have this problem today is their site down?
  11. Awesome, im looking forward to running kf as soon as my soliloqueen and heri are done. She is soo beautiful, thanks for the pics bro
  12. Thanks for the kind words gentleman. @ Misterdirt, thank you for clearing that up for me. Ill have to go see what the fem freebie is. Stick around, I'll have pics soon. @ Dieseldog. Im really excited to run threw his strains, also noone around my way knows about sannie so ill be the only one with them ) I tried some autoflowers out my last run and they were not for me. More for amateur smoke imo so excited to get back to the dank stuff
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