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  1. Let mine soke in water with dish soap for a few days and scrub it up with a sponge and a budder knife Maybe singing a littel song in my mind as we go
  2. Just kidding man I know lol
  3. Hope naw comes back that honey hoo hoo cann wait to look someone in the eye and be like wanna smoke honey hoo hoo
  4. Hey everyone man I miss esco though love the new shop sweet
  5. Hello Cannarie welcome to opengrow : )
  6. No problems from what i have seen poping Ouzbekistan from first drop old school dirt in a cup thank you
  7. Eveything looks beautiful I am going to share my Zambian Copper hope all goes well for them soon as it buds
  8. Anything naw brings to the tabel makes me clap my hands like a little kid with a 24/7 smile for real super happy looking forward to everything : ) I am bringing naw gear to the grave will be put in a poket over my heart < 3
  9. Old friend of mine and i would smoke out in the woods and get lost all the time We found a jet ski out there like it fell from the sky Ended up gorilla growing together as teenagers in the native soil shaved off my giant mohawk just for it to keep a down low and we hid it well never said a thing about it to anyone
  10. That is all really awsome the one right above this is like lava and its almost scarey I see some kind of a little monkey in the middle of that one lol sick Also a ferret / mink creature
  11. Thank you i hope to grab 1 pack to try really looking forward to this one <3 I fond Cheese trail to be really strong in a unique way i am suprised : ) Super soft smoke like air nice color
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