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  1. Hi, good to see someone pop in , it was getting lonely. Yes organic is the way go I want to enjoy growing, not be a technical grower . My cost to grow an LB about 75 bucks and that is if i buy the seeds. Much of what feeds the plants is the food i would have wasted. Inside a plant is all the goods, and in plant flavor. And you can taste a chemical grow . But the thing that gets me is the price of seeds and the cost of big nutes, the Hippy way has been lost , greed takes. With all the seeds I have given out , I have given away 75,000 bucks.....wow, i am one amazing mother phker... I went and dropped some seeds in a pot outdoors we have been having wild warm winter , they popped and look strong but .....its to get real cold for the next 3 days, I put the pot in the mulch pile and covered them, these are seeds from the FAR north so they may make it
  2. ANTS !..there is a love hate thing going on with them for me , one, they go into the soil break it up and leave nice airways. Two they are the aphids best friend . that part i don't like . I use Cinnamon, powdered for a dusting of the soil , And drop a cinnamon stick into a sprayer bottle half and half vinegar and water to spray around . Now I have been letting them get into the pots as they can to do the soil thingy Then I run them out with the cinnamon . Next Grubs these lil monsters took half of my crop as we went into drought, I put my plants in the ground and one by one they wilted and died to pull it up was to pull up a stick all the roots gone I am going to try the nematodes on my pots as I had one potted plant go to the beasts http://www.buglogical.com/white-grubs/ 1500 Premium Fresh Live Ladybugs + 1 Praying Mantis Egg Case and Incubator cant put up the link ebay. same with the nematodes . You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.........WHAT? !
  3. You might think of taking your herb rectally......Bud that starfish!
  4. 0100100111 ! 1000110101 1001 01010101? 101 ! 101 !
  5. THE NOBLE NANNER. THE SOURCE OF ......Potassium – This is the main nutrient found in banana peels. Potassium helps with root development, encouraging a good flow of nutrients and water in your plants. It is also involved in regulating enzymes within a plant, which helps promote stronger plant stems and thicker cell walls in the fruit. https://themicrogard...e-banana-peels/ http://survivalathom...-in-the-garden/ I use them as part of my EM mix, you can buy 6 lbs of marked down browned nanners for a buck. I peel them chop up the peels, mash the fruit into paste and stir it into the EM, All sorts of things go in , soil samples from here and there , a chunk of rotting wood, whatever is left from dinner yeats,, grains , ground corn honey molasses All of last years plants chopped up , the stuff is magic. MORE SILICA INFO recommend for increased silica consumption. Food (100 g) Silica Content (mg) Oats 595.0 Millet 500.0 Barley 233.0 Potatoes 200.0 Whole wheat grain 158.0 Jersusalem artichoke 36.0 Red beets 21.0 Corn 19.0 Asparagus 18.0 Rye 17.0 Source: Silica: The Forgotten Nutrient by Klaus Kaufmann (alive Books, 1993).
  6. YOUR IN FERTILIZER,... OOPS, MY NON GOOD, URINE FERTILIZER. You my friend are a lil nute factory . Healthy human urine contains nitrogen, potassium and phosphate something we all know plants need to grow. After all, plants don't care where it comes from. They need what they need to grow. Of course, be aware, that human urine has to be diluted down to one part urine to 10-20 parts water FRESH wee is super high in N, and after it has sat for some time it evens out and at 1 to 10 or 20 its a 1=1=1 Morning pee that first one of the day is the most nute loaded And a womans pee is best. "Hey baby want to pee in this bucket"? I make rich soil use EM and me wee you see, toss in some wood ash as needed with a dash of super thrive and i am good. Simple and organic the lazy mans way, Wee wood ash http://Faustino Valdez, silica .......https://www.kisorganics.com/products/agsil-16-h-potassium-silicate?variant=16641186561
  7. HMM. since I just had this problem ....Some things I do on outdoor stealth grows, one try to find deep woods, the lazy will only wonder in so far, i know its a pain to hike a mile into the woods , BUT.better safe... Never make a trail , its so easy to do and if there is a trail people will follow, come in a diff way each time . IF you are lucky as i have been you will find a clearing,that is impenetrable from 3 sides. and then make the way to it look like a lot of pain to get thru . leaving small valuables, in easy places to spot , a lighter a cheap knife an odd looking thing, will tell you if people have been in the area. as they go missing. I recently found that people had been near my grow when an old pair of pliers were gone. Set things in the grow area that will tell you people have found it , and if they are clever they will touch take nothing AS they plan to come for the crop , I set a branch very casually in a very specific way , they will move it to get in to look around. Even if try to reset it , they will not get it right. I leave a dollar on the ground half covered in dirt as if it fell out and was not noticed . A motion game camera is what i want to use next , they may get my herb but i have their faces and payback is a mother phuker......Anyone know where i might pick up some cheap landmines?.
  8. Do you water from the top or from the bottom? I saw a man years ago dip his potted plants into a bucket , he told me it forces the gases out at the top and floats the soil up , flushing it and pulling air back in as it drained. So i have done that since it does seem to make a diff.... https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/houseplants/hpgen/bottom-watering-plants.htm http://aces.nmsu.edu/ces/yard/2005/012905.html Pop bottles the bamboo of the west you can do anything with them
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