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  1. Yes but they so short... I have to harvest something xD one of them is smelling like candy All seeds I have found yet werent fully matured... a lot of green seeds and some brownish soft seeds mazar is really good smoke... orange tangerine chemical tang smooth head creative while quite relaxing on the body
  2. The Mazar tastes like tangerine floor cleaning product lol Im just trying them a little, they arent ready to smoke yet. I’ll do a better smoke report on them. krystallica and HBH already popped and transplanted also got an order coming: blue raspberry truffle & circus peanuts I wont pop these until I improve my cloning skills hahaha Everything is so complicated indoor... or I make evrything complicated hahaha I’ve cloned outdoor without clonex or anything just putting some branches in plain water behind a window... and Im not able to clone indoor
  3. pineapple fields this run looks happier so far. although I have failed at taking clones... so, unless I am able to take some clones from the ones that havent started flowering yet, no more pineapple for me. next to come: krystallica and honey badger haze
  4. Mazar colored Tashkurgan green Tashkurgan (She could benefit from some more weeks but I had to chop her)
  5. Family pic soon it’ll be only piña colada
  6. Maybe a picture will make you talk (Not my pic!!!!) For sure it has great genetics behind maybe not the showiest from the cookie pebbles family but sure caught my eye
  7. Chopped the mazar smoked the shemale parvati still wet smells like karrots nice head high very short daytime creative
  8. Chopped the colored tashkurgan and I think soon is gonna be mazar cause is throwing too many bananas
  9. They claim this is the third generation made out of there. So I dont think Itll be the same. For sure it looks nice but looks almost ready and im not even counting I could check exactly but its around 2 months in flower Hahaha your pics and smoke report made me decide... and its not the first time. I should stop reading you
  10. circus peanuts green team genetics cocoa lemon *cerberus cut* x green team genetics cookie pebbles flower time: 10-12 weeks circus peanuts is a cross made using a freebie i made over 5 years ago – the cocoa lemon as the mother. the cocoa lemon was made using eskobars chcolate rain & ndnguys g13 hashplant. the pheno of cocoa lemon we used in the circus peanuts was selected by my buddy cerberus. a beast of a plant that aromas can be best described as a sweeter chocolope with faint ripe banana and floral citrus smells. the circus peanuts will have very similar aromas but with added creamy doughy fruit cereal which makes for a unique tasting strain that is reminscent of those orange colored banana flavored circus peanut candies. and I know that @santero has grown that cocoa lemon hahaha he is in love with the cocoa maybe he or someone else know something about this strain or the green team
  11. What do you think guys, will the seeds be worth poppin? I mean the ones Im getting from the hermies pollen.. doesnt seem like Im gettin a lot of them but Ive spotted some already... feminized seeds? XD While this run is finishing Im runnin a little pineapple fields selection It seems like these ones are happier Im gettin things stabilized. Much to learn yet. (Outdoor is so much easier xD) 3/10 are girls, 1/10 male, 4/10 still in veg room, rest havent shown sex yet. this is the shemale: rip smells really good tangerine, sweet. too bad I fucked up that one
  12. Tashkurgan Mazar Parvati
  13. I forgot to say thats a Tashkurgan. Got 2 phenos, both very indica bud structure, the other one is just leaves with resin... xD Tashkurgan have really strong tissue, just defoliating with your fingers its more difficult than usual. Smells here are rare, on the citrus side. Seeds were huuuge also got 2 Parvati and a Mazar. these have better bud-leaf ratio. Mazar has the thicker buds. Smells like lighter gas with some citrus. I got problems with bugs, ph and a light leak, resulting on 2 hermies: the Mazar and a Parvati. The Parvati was throwing so many male flowers I chopped her. Smelled like tangerine. The other parvati smells like sweet hash and mango perfume. Overall smell is like citrusy sweet hash chocolate. Had some problems uploading pics. Maybe size :s next post only pics
  14. Hi guys, I got some seeds from the real seed co and wanted to post some pics. I had a little too much problems with this run...
  15. Thanks, I’ll check them up. I really wanted to try the “green apple” pheno esko was talking about... Damnesia sounds great after esko hyping us up with those pics of his damnesia harvest xD
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