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  1. Aaaand thats the pic that made me buy PF hahahah glorious job there mate This is mine, you think they could relate? Well hello guys lets do and update. I fucked up so much (lol that should be written on my grave) I left for a couple of days and the biggest plant is drinking so much she almost dried dead. She just turned up her leaves slowly over the night (were totally dead omg It was sad to see). The buds turned all brown.. I hope she recovers well and still add some more weight tho Here the one I think is an A (same size and time than D but slower) now the bigger one I thought it was an A but Im reconsidering cause its finishing before the one above (even when she entered flower later) And the big last one. Fat nugs but too stretchy
  2. Hey hey hey, how you doin? Getting smelly over here, better close the windows lol I have been playing some pheno figuring without you, mr dirt xDD this is my guess: D, A, A, C and last one Idk wanna try and guess which is which? I suck at taking pics hahaha I dont know how you do it I tell you my guess: I think from the shorter two they are A and D in that order (left to right) since D is almost done and the other one I dont think it’s B or C (they have same flower time) the one next to them a bit taller entered flower later and looks like A so... from the bigger ones who entered flower way later I think the one with the smaller buds (seems like is gonna go longer in flower) could be C (ms universe leaning) Leaving this probably wrong guess aside, so far so good. Happier with this run as they seem happier too. Smelling yummy getting real fat some plants doesnt stop growing new buds
  3. Uh I forgot I froze some little buds and the waste from manicure Not bad for the shameful amount of green I used...
  4. forgot to say the advanced light green has crazy wrinkled lettuce fan leaves the last two have the thinner leaves being the one with the closest nodes the thinner
  5. i think the salmon has some blue magoo. bought them for the coffee cocoa berry... letsssee The smell is really really really something hahahah but a bit subtle on my grow... started without nutes, now bought some and they starting to resin up and smell louder well lets see: Got 3 on advance flower stage: 2 lookig very similar dense nugs and getting denser. One is the darkest (of three) in color and smell (if that makes any sense) getting the nutes like a fat bitch the other one lighter in color, fresher smell and already burnt from nutes the other is more airy and the color is between the other two. the smell is diferent less pineapple maybe sorry its soon for smells yet more hashy maybe the last two, just entered flower one is crazy stretching (but gives me the feeling its gonna put some weight) dark green the last has good internode spacing and light green color (took some cuttings following your comment xD) I'll put some some pics at the end so we can all play a bit of who's who xDDD
  6. no worries appreciate the kind words those blue raspberry truffle from the comment you liked are coming. sprouted already berry excited to see the outcome I'll post soon about them btw love your avatar xDDDD
  7. Yellowww guys! I wanted to grow dynasty since I came across soliloqueen on sannies shop went out of stock just when I decided to make an order xD (know that feeling?!) So I bought some pineapple fields and salmon river og (received some HBH) got the PFs and runnin, HBH just sprouted and SRO waiting on queue xD my room smelling like and yes I have plants at different stages of flower xDDD
  8. Aaaaaaaaaand its all gone hahaha little harvest and easy good tasting smoke goes away fast... except for the colored tashkurgan... put me to bed every time and the funny thing is that the smoke was more sativa on the head kind... it made me colapse lol not my type but kind of nice from left to right: - colored tashkurgan Heavy sativa starting very nice but fast you easily overdo and colapse xD sweet green carrot citrus - green tashkurgan pretty much like colored but lighter - parvati (non hermie) citrus mango hash chocolate hash perfume nice smooth daytime smoke harvested sooner than it should - mazar (prob the queen of the ball) Fresh sweet tangerine hash nice uplifting creative smoke I’ll come back with reruns on these (from leftover seeds) and also with some mango thai!!! I left the mango cause I knew I wasnt ready for growing a sativa xD I’ll open a new thread for the pineapples... going really good have a great weekend!
  9. Yes but they so short... I have to harvest something xD one of them is smelling like candy All seeds I have found yet werent fully matured... a lot of green seeds and some brownish soft seeds mazar is really good smoke... orange tangerine chemical tang smooth head creative while quite relaxing on the body
  10. The Mazar tastes like tangerine floor cleaning product lol Im just trying them a little, they arent ready to smoke yet. I’ll do a better smoke report on them. krystallica and HBH already popped and transplanted also got an order coming: blue raspberry truffle & circus peanuts I wont pop these until I improve my cloning skills hahaha Everything is so complicated indoor... or I make evrything complicated hahaha I’ve cloned outdoor without clonex or anything just putting some branches in plain water behind a window... and Im not able to clone indoor
  11. pineapple fields this run looks happier so far. although I have failed at taking clones... so, unless I am able to take some clones from the ones that havent started flowering yet, no more pineapple for me. next to come: krystallica and honey badger haze
  12. Mazar colored Tashkurgan green Tashkurgan (She could benefit from some more weeks but I had to chop her)
  13. Family pic soon it’ll be only piña colada
  14. Maybe a picture will make you talk (Not my pic!!!!) For sure it has great genetics behind maybe not the showiest from the cookie pebbles family but sure caught my eye
  15. Chopped the mazar smoked the shemale parvati still wet smells like karrots nice head high very short daytime creative
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