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  1. elDuderino

    NAW Test Center

    Purple Chem x HC asking for some room
  2. elDuderino

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    Man I need to grow lady cane! I bought some seeds I didnt even want just to get esko's last freebees and the package never arrived :( #saveesko'sgems
  3. elDuderino

    Esko....your kinda sucking bro....

    lol The worst part (to me) is that he left talking about current projects like some blueberry, diesel... Showing some pics... And then dissapeared... XD And its true, i would love to hear about him even if it were only just hear about himself. I mean no drops, no releases.. just how is he doing
  4. elDuderino

    Seed Restock?

    Yes but mine were more citric than chocolate..
  5. elDuderino

    Seed Restock?

    Well dont give up on Esko... I dont want to hype you all but he said Lady cane f4 was for 2017. Also in 2015 he was presenting damnesia and talking about chemota dragon, blueberry sativa and indica. There is also the guerreros... I dont know he must have some seeds to drop maybe next year or so. We just need to be patient (well I'm trying xD). The only thing I regret is missing the last freebees he droped cause the two orders I did to get them never arrived :S and everybody asking for some chocolate I think there is still some xocolope at the store
  6. elDuderino

    NAW Test Center

    Y Griega -> Amnesia Haze x Kali Mist 2046 -> Neville's Haze x Kali Mist 1024 ->Top secret (some ppl say Super Silver Haze.. some say Hawaian Snow from GH.. just rumours)
  7. hey man! Grey Area (take 'n' go), Katsu, Bluebird(good hash), Drampkring, Baba(liked the cakes)... Usually I enter any coffee I see and check what they have.. If I like something I buy, if not I don't... I go once every year to AMS and some coffees may be good one year and have nothing good to offer the next.. depends on the season and everything. For example, a lot of ppl would tell you to avoid Barneys and GreenHouse but I've smoke some Tangerine Dream and some Super Lemon Haze out of this world.. I would recomend going to the Bulldog and order the chicken in the basket to eat.. also you can smoke there even if you didnt buy weed there.. mellow yellow, voyagers, popeye... there are a lot mate.. I dont know even the crapiest looking one might surprise you. As for buying seeds I dont know. I know there is the Amsterdam Seed Center where you can buy seeds from all mayor seed companies.. never been never will.. cause I can buy those in Spain.. also really recommend the city tour.. its free and it starts in the Dam place I think.. they live on the tips.. dont be cheap buying weed cause you're gonna end up smoking shit. take care and share your experience!
  8. elDuderino

    denzel curry - Amsterdam - 2016

    I know.. a guy even told me he had amnesia haze LOL.. also something was really fucked up with their plants... they have some plants they called marroquia (indica, fast flower, short plants..) also the others they called mexiquia (sativa, long flowering period, really tall).. he told me about getting seeds from spain, he even asked me for seeds..(it came to my mind to bring him some sugar punch LOL) they really mixed things there I think but the plants they had (and it was big fields of them) looked really healthy and that.. some of them with really huge buds and higher than 2 meters. I'll post some pics but I need to do something with them cause it appears my face on them and also my friends'... I know they're probably the shittiest seeds but just for the fun.. also dont say no to free stuff xDD the hash I smoke this summer wasnt the best either... but the fields this summer were bigger and properly watered.. I'll make a thread and post some pics.
  9. elDuderino

    denzel curry - Amsterdam - 2016

    hey karma, dont mind madmaster he just put your name but I think he meant @foolonthehill... the seeds, I went to visit a friend of mine in the mountains and I buy from him some hardala hash and he gave me some weed bc he knows I like it.. it was really seeded buds from the plants they make the hardala (the ones that flower the fastest) he took off the seeds and gave me the weed and the seeds separately... not bad at all that weed (considering everything). I'll upload some pics just for fun.
  10. elDuderino

    denzel curry - Amsterdam - 2016

    WTF!!! drive by shootings hahah... Gangsterdam... @madmaster man I've been so many times to Amsterdam and never tried shrooms... I'm probably scared, I dont know why... I remember this time I went with my girlfriend.. she tried them and I didnt like what I saw... also I never find the moment bc in Amsterdam I'm just highly high all the time.. joint after joint.. but I was thinking this could be the year.. If I do I'll go for the philosophers and I'll tell you when I come back. I would like to ask you guys, because finding weed I've never had problems (I've bought some trashy weed too I'm not gonna lie...) but WHERE SHOULD I GO IF I WANT TO SMOKE SOME REALLY GOOD HASH. and I dont mean dutch hash I mean some afghan, red libanese, charas or stuff like that.
  11. elDuderino

    denzel curry - Amsterdam - 2016

    thanks for the tips, man! I think I'm more of a being run over by a bike kind of guy lol yee, Amsterdam has change a lot.. my first visit was like 8 years ago..and I go every year... now it doesnt matter if you spend 50€ on weed they force you to buy a 5€ drink if you want to stay and smoke there on most coffeeshops... I like Utrecht better cause If you look for it there is top notch weed, it's cheaper and it's not so much crowded, probably because there are less tourist to ruin it (ye I now I'm a tourist there... we tourist ruin everything) although the crowds of Amsterdam have their own beauty too.. lots of ppl from all over the world, lots of artists, lots of musicians, lots of peculiar souls.. @Karma since you liked my post I dont now If you'll get to read this but I just dont feel like opening a new thread or pm you just to say this: I was this summer to chefchouen to smoke that blond hash you talked about in some threads!! hahah I also go to morocco a lot.. so near to spain.. and I have friends there.. I brought some seeds too
  12. elDuderino

    Florida Passes Medical Marijuana Amendment

    congrats to all the states that gave a step forward on the MJ issue!
  13. elDuderino

    denzel curry - Amsterdam - 2016

    well, just wanted to update this so more people could read it... Also wanted to say I'm going to the concert so i'll be in Amsterdam from 3rd - 8th of december. (It's the 6th the concert) If any of you is up for a beer or a joint while talking about Trump or something lol.. there are 3 or 4 of us (around 25yo not that it matters, boys and girls) and we'll be doing some turisty things (just the main things around Amsterdam, also a little bit of Utrecht, probably the Kasteel de Haar on the way to Utrecht, I loved it and wanna show it to my friends) xD not my first time to Amsterdam tho. not my second either lol In fact I was working in Utrecht a couple of summers ago... If someone wants to recommend some must-see (turist attractions, coffeeshop, event or whatever) just feel free
  14. sorry to go off topic but I wanted to say I've been having troubles the other way around... with the seeds getting to me.. I pay by bank so no prob there but seeds are having so much trouble getting home lately... dont know why. I've talk to sannie and he always resend but.. just wanted to express myself and see if more ppl is suffering this
  15. elDuderino

    in the woods 2016

    member berries!!! you killin it, saxo! as always.