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  1. Dfuck?! If thats true I wont buy more seeds. That’s sad cause the genetics are fire. I’ve tried like 12 and all fire. Some weakness on germination, some monsters, and some hermies but lots of resin and nice flavours and colours. I’m reading he got exposed on IG and plead guilty.. fuck him
  2. Hahah what a fucking beast!!! Impressive.
  3. I’ve read about him already.. I dont know if it was in this forum. He was stealing a lot of esko’s pics. Maybe he also stole pics from the NAW guys and one of them already reported it on here (Im starting to remember something...)
  4. c99s seem to be recovering some green afer foliar and watering feedings... I’ve also dig the sand to put some more pellets of solid nutrients. cold is hittin hard. They are going a bit slower than they should. But they are fine and stinking!
  5. Hey guys! Happy holidays! quick update with no pics (sorry). they on flower now. finally berry patch developed huge balls (was hoping for those plants that develop extra branches in each node but nope, big balls) c99s got so big so fast that they are showing defs. I foliar sprayed them and will be watering with nutes since there is no bugs and there is no much time to go (50 days they say...). They getting greener so I think thats all. fems are getting bigger now (catching up or even surpassing the regs) and are green and healthy. First time with these pots and also only water cause the bugs and the top layer of sand so yeah I’m adjusting but I think is under control.
  6. Hey@santero thanks for the comment! @saxo my dude! & @bigun much love! thats a c99 male, the Berry Patch is not so clear yet. And I have plenty of seeds for a full run (which I’ll do soon). The best and loudest smelling plant in veg from this run (and probably all runs xD). I’m running out of space xD good thing is I’m moving and I’ll could use a whole room for the girls soon. No fucking tent
  7. this could be left alone xDD is going great. Hope It keeps going like this. Berry patch is showing something that looks like balls but I refuse to believe it xD I’ll keep it until flip to be really sure but sadly it looks male. (Since I got 2 freebees packs from 2 purchases I’ll grow it again nonworries) comercial fems are going slow but fine, motherlode kush is killing it and the c99s are showing some diversity and also killing it! I wanted to get them really big since I dont have bugs this run but I didnt put so much dirt in the pots... maybe I’ll flip these soon and prepare next run for monsters.
  8. Quick update: 4/5 c99s are female! The only male is the first one (top left). If the retarded one doesnt apply herself she is out, dont want the chance of hermis. the berry patch is smelling really hard (sweet leather, choco, idk but loud), but I’m getting big balls energy hahaha hope I’m wrong. the fems are going well, MK untopped thicc stems. Cheese and critical topped, very close internodal spacing. the fucking beast is the 3rd one (top right), I thought all this time she was gonna be a male, she is gorgeous and huge! I’m bending her like a B. still no bugs. But cold is coming hard here.
  9. Hey guys, hope you all are great! Time to share. I’ve been dealing with a lot of bugs lately and my grows have been fucking shit. I didnt even wanted to see the plants. Just open to water when I remember, damage control, remove dead ones, replace sticky traps, move on. I mean, I’m the kind of person that opens the tent a million times just to watchem. I’ve tried everything (neem, soap, nematodes...) I was able to get rid of them but they came back after a week to fill the tent in a few days... fucking nightmare. I was growing to smoke, not enjoying the growing part anymore. suddenly that changed, and all that took was to put a layer of freaking sand on top! I could fill 3 sticky traps in a couple days front and back and now in 2 months theres only one sad flyer... I’m so fuckin relieved, so happy to be able to enjoy the growing. My planta are so beautiful and healthy and green (compared to before). well sorry for the ranting. the grow is soil, organic with slow release nutes. Water only. genetics are: (left to right, up to down) 5x c99 kwik seeds 1x berry patch (Just one cause I was replacing a c99 that didnt make it) cheese and critical (they got mixed up I dont know which one is which) 1x motherlode kush except for the MK, the regulars are outgrowing the fems by much. Last row are all fems. One c99 I think got poisoned she seems to be recovering.
  10. seedheaven said something on ig abut this drop, they also mentioned something about you san... what are you droping? I have some berry patch growing right now. also got stored some berrydawg f3 and some raspberry truffle!
  11. that has to be some fire
  12. It is, indeed. like every esko's strain. And that reminds me that I discovered esko because cheeseberry (a lot of ppl saying prob the best blue cheese out there). Didnt have the chance of growing it or smoking it...
  13. heck yeah! I've been craving lately for hazes.
  14. Fucking Impressive
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