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  1. This was my first grow so I'm sure it's not that great but here it is. The strain is blueberry and it was grown in a closet led with a bunch of fans and a nearby open window. Not the best airflow but good lighting and nutrition. The only thing I'm uncertain of is the cure and if I possibly harvested at the wrong time. While growing it smelled sweet now it stinks like wet grass and chlorophyll. I dried it after harvest hanging in a dark room with airflow for 3 days. The stems were snapping so I started curing it in a jar by keeping the jar sealed and opening it for 15 mins every 3 hours throughout the day then keeping it shut all night (this is how you cure right?). The humidity was about 45%. Anyway..... 3 weeks later it smells like stale stinky grass and tastes harsher than hash. It has a rushing confused headhigh that only lasts for about 10 minutes then is followed by a weak traditional weed high filled with munchies and couchlockism. What the hell did I do wrong? Maybe it needs more time to dry? Or just terribly grown light airy buds? Feel free to let me know. I get great bud weekly and have been for a while which is how I know this is crap. Thanks
  2. My night temperature is 83F and my daytime is 78F at 2 weeks flowering. I don't have a/c so everything is managed by nature and airflow. Most days I am perfect at 76 day and 72 night. But about once a week I get something like this, 76 day and 82 night. If you are wondering how this happens it's because I flower at night and if the sun is out strong during the day (my night) then the outside temp is atleast 80F so my tent being supplied by outdoor fresh air is 80F. At night (lights on for my plants) I get cool and consistent temps. So there is not much I can do except invest in cooling for those hot days. Other than this my question is, how much damage will it do to have my lights out temp 6F above my lights on temp once a week? would it be better to increase my lights on temp to 2F above lights out when it's warm? example: if its 82F for my lights out should I keep it at 84F with lights on? 2 weeks into flowering
  3. Lol they have about 6 pistils at each bud site nothing too amazing but I'm just excited to see it starting. These were fully mature with preflowers anyway
  4. 5 days into flowering they're growing pistils like crazy and really filled up the tent I feel like they need some nutrition what could someone suggest for a really basic 4/4/4 organic nutrition? I just want to keep is simple and keep them going with what they need.
  5. gonna flower this set starting 420. started a simple 6/4/4 organic nutrition at about week 6. should I try adding flowering specific nutes or stick to a basic organic 6/4/4? these topped plants in the middle got way out of control and bushed out the entire tent. they didnt bother making their way up much at all the little power plants look big enough to get something out of... probably shouldnt have bothered with them any advice? thanks!
  6. really really nice looking!! I like what you said about no boosters... I agree. What does sugar cane mollasses do? Thanks for the info!
  7. Hmm interesting ok. I'll be sure to pay close attention during the finish because 11-14 weeks is reeeeaally long. That's good it has a fuel smell the description kinda reminded me of sour d. Yi hope I have good results too I've read really mixed reviews on this one. This of her guy finished up his and said the high wasn't what he was looking for. I love the way the plant is growing and looks so I'm hoping for some good buds!
  8. wow. so theres no way this can really be landrace oaxaca because so far it looks nothing like it and grows not too much like it. It's from Nirvana and is called Eldorado so maybe this is their version which is mixed with some indica to get it growing better indoors. Though they claim it is the true landrace they also said it's about 95% sativa. Either way it's a really nice plant and it looks like recently in the last few years they've changed it to make it more favorable. Look at grows of Eldorado recently it looks fat and dense and bubbly whereas the old posts show some loose airy bud. The leaves are so jagged they cut eachother when growing so I had to be really careful about how the fan blows on them. I filled in the extra space in my tent with some power plant hybrids because the 2 eldorados didn't look like they were going to fill it up all the way. I went LED because it's spring and the crazy heat lamps were going crazy and I couldn't do anything so it was either AC or LED and I am ready to go all LEd because I'm just learning anyway and it seems way easier and better. Gonna flower in about 2 weeks. 9 reg power plants 4 in front 1 in back, 1 ice fem in front topped (hated the topping), and 2 eldorados topped and tied down (they loved the topping)
  9. got this hole today. never seen something like this before. what could it be?
  10. CleanBudDude


  11. https://www.nirvanashop.com/en/feminized-marijuana-seeds/811-eldorado-feminized-seeds.html these are the seeds
  12. Thanks for refering me to the search function this is stupid but I didn't know lol. Ok I'll use it from now on before posting
  13. Misterdirt - from Nirvana Bagwell - that sounds like a much more serious tent than mine, mines 3x3. The challenege with the tent has been keeping temperatures down on hot/sunny days
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