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  1. Sannies now delisted " Uberkush ". The most flavoursome & potent dank Ive ever grown, or smoked,rarely a bad pheno, Ive preffered the longer flowering ones. Some Highlands Green Thai from long ago is equally strong imo., but diff stone. Too strong for some friends, but for its smaller than most yields, makes it a bit inefficient to grow... ..wont mention its periodic hermy leanings but I am about to pluck some outdoor girls , & have no clones , only 2 seeds remain The right White Widow pheno deserves a mention too imo , as does a good ol' NL5 X Haze take care
  2. shirty


    Some awesome pics there ppl My stash box # 1 Killing Fields & Uberkush take care
  3. CK I feel for ya mate , thats a kick you dont deserve. Hope it goes as well as possible legal wise.. what a shit deal we get. Home invasion & persecution for something so un-criminal in essence. good vibes to ya from us here take care
  4. Umm, yeh, am I missing somethin here wif the new layout etc ?? Or is poll still not up ?? I get confused easily .. take care
  5. Welcome Naycha Nice to see you over here.. & yes, a very friendly & informative place this is . Look forward to your input mate take care
  6. Ola AJ & OpenGrow ppl nice to see you here AJ Ive only grown the FEM Killing Fields , and so far theyve all been awesome .. 3 seeds , 2 green pheno ,( airy buds but smelt incredible , peaky stone) 1 purp ,( in pic) grown outdoors Next I started 2 fresh seeds & got 1 blue pheno & 1 dark purp & this was repeated exactly last go round ! So a very high blue/purp ratio is likely for the KF FEM a blue, pic taken under porch , after a flush & side by side with my mother Uberkush , the KF vibrant & solid color evident .. oh yeh , she smokes a treat too good luck mate, I'd grab a few packs in FEM & I bet you get a keeper easy take care
  7. shirty


    WOW , as usual for an OpenGrow POTM Ive been totally smitten by this red/purp pheno 'El Monstre X Choc Rain' from the lovely peeps at FUSION rushed photo , but captured that newborn puppie look they have .. dryin as we speak, smells like heaven take care & gl all
  8. shirty

    Nevilles haze

    Nice pics manna thnx for sharin' take care
  9. GO hempy buckets !! HUGE fan here I started with 100% perlite.. over the last cpl years , Ive started messing with coco in the mix as well.. just to aid with some retention Ive now settled on using Coco nutes( DutchMaster Gold ), the whole way thru, with only 2" of perlite at bottom of bucket, & the rest of the mix is about 85/15 coco/perlite. Idiot proof ( & no moving parts or bubbling noises, & no leaky hoses etc ) take care
  10. Very nice saxo ! have fun working thru those jars take care
  11. Heya snoopytime, nice & neat grow you have there ! You'll love the taste of the NBD for sure , maybe go the 9 weeks tho imo. take care
  12. shirty

    shirtys' girls

    Quick update , .. gals finishing up .. not drinking much , harvested the 2 oldest heri/bigwhite.. yield looks good , minty/lemon smells Uberkush soon, as well as the other 2 heriX , but the KF need a bit.. my new 420 scope tells me so btw, the light seeding Ive got in a few buds , seems from the Uberkush , as Ive found two blown sacs on one plant, nothing on the HeriX so far.. 60X reveals 40/60 clear/cloudy with a rare amber trich .. another week for the major harvest imo take care
  13. shirty

    shirtys' girls

    Aaargh , I got some hermie pollen sprayed in the garden ! dunno' who' from yet , but I have light seeding in SOME popcorn Ive puffed from both the heri/bw , & uberkush Ima harvest soon , so Ill know the real damage then bummer , but not a total waste.., Ive started a few fresh beans of both strains , .. as my first test smokes of the Uberkush have put her in a 'must have' for me the 'kush' taste is wonderful, the stone strong too, & when its properly done & cured, I just cant wait , it also has a 10/10 bag appeal with orange hairs & heavy trich coverage All 3 of these strains have grown very little leaf imo, & I leave em bushy Uberkush Heri/BigWhite Killing Fields Im pretty sure I'll get a happy ending take care
  14. Ronnie, u fkn rock, .. thats one 'rough ride' , but I salute you ! awesome shit.. er.. sorry take care
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