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  1. Honestly not sure how high cbd needs to be effective , what I have now has had success with cancer and seizures for my patients, my plan was to add a different flavor profile and increase or maintain the medicinal levels.... Don't wanna increase the flavor on the strain just to dumb down the medicinal effects. But maybe the huck kush will breed some flavor at potency and not tamper with the cbds... Only one way to find out I suppose
  2. Thanks for info... Super weak, hope someone says something different. I have several strains that are 10-15 %+ cbd . I grabbed this hoping to improve flavor to some medicinal strains and support the cbds , but seems I wasted the bucks
  3. Description reads high cbd, was curious what that meant , above or below 10%? Does that trait breed ? Thanks for any input...
  4. Yes, cherry vanilla skunk and huckleberry skunk. What's a myb freebie? They are from dynasty to my knowledge bought from NGR they came as bonus packs if ya bought other gear, blue cofin came to me with the skunks over a year ago, and I know blue cofin has been created by dynasty so I assume the other skunks are legit, along with the recent super silver cough, but that' lineage is self explanatory .
  5. Lol , I love eating a plant that I'm about to toss... Question on the huck v3... Has anyone tested the cbd strength? Descriptions say high cbd, but what does that mean specifically? Like over 15% cbd, 10% .... Or just above the average at like 5?
  6. In three months not one person has any info on these skunk crosses ? I woulda at least Thot someone grew them by now and has any info at all ?
  7. Well, thinking about it more, it is cool to keep it real at Sannies , and if any doubt on quality of a strain via price, dynasty has such an awesome website that goes into such nice detail... Thy deserve whatever money they ask undoubtedly ...
  8. Natures green remedies has all of them, cck was only 40 bucks .when I grabbed .... Lol not whining, it's still only a hundred bucks at the end of they day, I just don't live a world of favorites, everything is equally unique, so different prices confuse me and kinda comical, forces a subliminal message to me of putting something on a pedestal over something else
  9. Geez, at the end of the day I hope money isn't the guiding light .... But it does seem sorta that way with pineapple diesel being 25 bucks and platinum huckleberry like 85 ... Very inconsistent and misleading
  10. Thanks for the ideas, definetely have the gears turnin . In michigan outdoors must have sidewalls so no one can see plants from ground height, so Maybe I'll have like ten foot walls so I can roll up the top 3 feet and still have high enough height that plants can't be seen from ground level, like windows so to speak, hope fully that's enough with fans to move that humidity and heat around and out
  11. Thanks , very thankful for the input so I don't have to sacrifice As much as I adjust to the new variables. Ya , blocking the uv made me nervous , so film is way to go to accomplish what I need , humidity and heat drastically go up? Anything drastically need more attention when adding roof ? I'll post pics in about a month when weather breaks , it's a space about 40 x 100. Nervous about mold is all... That looks so quality and nifty bagwell, thanks for the inspiration and for being conscious in recycling
  12. Compost! Any real deal strain will thrive in real soil and high quality compost, no need for additives IMO
  13. Hey all, hopin for some experienced feedback..... Here's my obstacle ... My outdoor spot this year is asking me to put a roof on it , due to paranoia ( even tho is legal) ( so much for being outdoors .....) and I was wondering what the most successful roofing options are that are being used with success.... It'll be nice to not have rain at end of season on buds, but I'm sure heat and humidity will rise ...... I saw Home Depot has corrugated green house paneling that allows 90%+ light transmission but blocks UV light... Is uv something that has to be sacrificed when roofing a plant? I tried to type in the great ultra violet light debate in search engine and it kicks back a message saying: " One or all of your search keywords were below 4 characters or you searched for words which are not allowed, such as 'html', 'img', etc, please increase the length of these search keywords or choose different keywords. "- even tho none of words were abbreviated or under 4 characters lol So.... If there is a thread to redirect to thanks, or if someone has experience to share, also thanks
  14. Thanks all for the warm welcome, much needed , it has been a month of below zero here ....
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