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  1. high VBG, HC & JJJ! good to see you guys!
  2. Munchy

    leaving opg

    then i'd guess you never noticed the huge flock of followers constantly sucking up to him for free seeds and 10-point karma shots on all of his threads.
  3. indeed i do... but i can never get annoyed by her... she's just too darn cute
  4. i can never get mad at my kitty... she's just too darn cute
  5. Munchy

    personal stuff

    more misc
  6. Munchy

    leaving opg

    no... i never heard anything more from Jeast after he got out of the mj rehab i donated a lot of seeds for his auction... and i'm still quite proud of that whole mission btw speaking of which.... i miss my old bud FE404 as well. check your pepper thread yo
  7. Munchy

    leaving opg

    yeh, he retired from the biz and ducked and covered... right just after gypsy was accused of selling fake BOG seeds and just before OG went out, and gypsy advised everyone else to do the same. someone mentioned a sighting the other day though... i dunno, but it's probably some x-files shit like bigfoot... maybe someone just saw a bushy older grower out in the woods, oooeeeuuuu
  8. Munchy

    leaving opg

    that's true, he had over 10,000 points as i recall which was probably about one point for each seed he gave away for free
  9. Munchy

    leaving opg

    i'll admit that did get quite a kick out of beating gypsy
  10. Munchy


    tomatos, peppers and more
  11. where can i get one of those, and how much does it cost?
  12. sounds cool man may we assume that you'll set up the ip log the way it was on PG? but what country will the server be located in? :foil:
  13. i'm usually logged in from 1-3pm pacific time, in between waking up and going to work, but mostly just lurking, and invisible... as some others may be as well.
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