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  1. thx for the info! any plans to do pure Durban Poison for us landrace lovers? would be a great blast from the past hehe many thx for all the work! respect M.
  2. fantastic news! good work you do all @ USC! thx for preserving all the goodies... lookin' forward :-) respect M.
  3. as i know: Double Zamal = zamal gypsy 7 gerneration X mauritius 4 generation M.
  4. fantastic news!!! 2017 will be stellar... thx Cristalin!
  5. any chance to see this in the store again? also maybe possible to get the pure Zamal? thx M.
  6. yes good question... me too... plz restock M.
  7. fantastic new's!!! i'm so happy finally found you here... plz more landrace and maybe pure Zamal? many many thx M. :Tiphat:
  8. high @ all, many thx... well here are some harvest pic's from Malawi 1 & 2. Still have Malawi 3 & 3 Golden Tiger :-) Malawi 1 lower bud Malawi 1 on din a2 paper Malawi 1 close up Malawi 2 main bud Malawi 2 close up
  9. ACE Malawi & Golden Tiger Organic Grow with Sannies Bacto, Buffer & Symbiosis 600W 400V Lumatec
  10. Hello, well today i checked some samples... just 2 weeks dried... I'm a daily smoker and never before did a grow with 100% pure Sativa Landrace... It smokes much better than candy kush also harvested 3 week ago... little harsh because no curing... If you smoke it as the first the day you just need a sticky... amazing how powerful it is... motivating and no couch lock so far... but you need to stay on Malawi the complete day because all other weed doesn't work anymore... I have some commercial weed from a coffeeshop and candy kush and non of them worked after Malawi... totally different from what i have grown before... maybe it's the holy grail i was looking for :-) i will do a smoke report after a good cure... one Malawi smells like old oil or more rotten wood and the other two smelling sweet mango... keep staying vertical ;-) M. P.S. my next grow will be VCSOG (Vertical Circle See Of Green) with Zamaldelica, Purple Haze & Malawi, Malawi & PCK & Kali China & PCK... will post the results
  11. So long time no update and here it is... Malawi 1 & 2 chopped today... the rest need 2-3 weeks more... all i can say as you can see big big buds for organically grown... first time pure Sativa... Malawi is defenitive the queen for me and i recommend it for everyone to grow one once in a lifetime.... very easy to grow and the high is overwhelming ... trippy and long lasting... but you have to wait until first trichomes are going amber to get the trip effect! And she has very little sweat odor... here are some pic's... the overview is from begin june... Malawi 1 early Golden Tiger late thai pheno 3 of 5 GT Buds Malawi 2 Golden Tiger 2 GT 2 Malawi 3 smells like old oil Malawi 1 end june close up Malawi 1
  12. MadMac


    ACE Seeds > Panama Haze or Purple Haze & Malawi 100% Sativa...
  13. High @ all, a small update... Day 39... flower & stretch is in full progress. After some gently defoliation... the buds are exploded... One Malawi stopped stretching and was the first who start flowering... I will keep a clone... One GT is very late and has thin leaves like thai's have.... here are some pic's...
  14. Hello DreamOfGreen, any updates or pics? Hope you doing well there... Looking also to do my next Grow vert... with 6 plants and 600w... Will use a Tomato Cage - Wire to get a nice Scrog... cu
  15. Day 16 12/12 Light. Scrooge filling up nicely :-) Temp 17.5°C @ Night and 24-25°C @ Day Humidity 60% and CO2 480 - 500ppm Because of pure Sativa i'm switching now to 11.30h light and 12.30h night and @ 1 Mai to 11/13 until the end...
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