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  1. Thanx ReverendMaynard, she is almost done, I meant after I take her down should those tips be discarded or smoked since there is some resin on them this is another plant from same grow
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  3. Should burend tips like this be trimmed away?
  4. thanx, I count time since they get into flower room, so 61 days since 12/12 HPS, they are pre vegged for quite a while, under 6x28w T5 and buds started forming few days after transfer to flower room
  5. Thank you. It is G13 Haze ,sorry I put a tag but didn't mention it in text
  6. I already told about my first grow, but here are some main facts to make it easier medium coco/perlit ferts: 1. clone: root booster, brown liquid 4-12-5 with humic acid and microelectronics 2. Organic fertilizer, liquid which contains beneficial bacteria which in proces of fermentation produces auxin (indol 3 acetic acid) - this is mainly used in cloning/veg period but I add it during flower as well but in much lower dosage per water volume 3. 12-4-3 liquid + Microelements both 3 above ferts are used n veg flower: 4. crystal 20:20:20 + Micro Elements for first 3 weeks flower 5. crystal 4:10:40 + Microelements 6. crystal 4:40:10 + Mcroelements + 8% Sulfur above two are combined to gradually make PK boost starting from week 4 into flower all above 3 ferts are including Micro elements including Mg, but I notice absence of Ca (they probably rely on high Ca content in tap water) Since there is no CalMag available in mt coutry what alternative I have, will crushing some chalk (Calcium carbonate) replenish Ca deficiency ? If you think it might ne important I could post all the labels I do my best to ph 5,8 nut reality is that it varies from 5,5 to 6,2 Now this is the bud and I'm wondering how much until harvest, today is 61st day of 12/12
  7. This thread is loaded with useful information, thanx for that esco! I first found about mapito from NL grower Limbo, some 5 years back and I was in love with the system already, Im on my first grow coco/perlite/grodan mini cubes 50%/40%/10%, but I'm looking forward to get courage and try this so I have few questions. @escobar 1.Cutilene is only brand I can get in my area, it is about 38€ per 80 liters bag. Is it good? And does it comes in 80L bag or the bag has smaller volume/ vacuumed? 2. Is it possible to build flooding table from OSB board and cover it with 0.15mm black and white PVC foil and if it is possible is it better to face black or white side up? I'm guessing white is better for foil protection from light, but when it comes to algae can maybe black facing up be better? 3.Can a flood table be on the floor? Or reservoir under table is must? I'm wondering what would be best method of draining from floor level flood table. I have idea to solve this like this, get 5cm Styrofoam sheets to cover the floor and leave one 20x20cm corner spot without Styrofoam so this hole would be place exes feed could be extracted with the pump. OF course foil would go over Styrofoam Am I thinking good or is this waste of time? Having pretty much leveled floor it would be huge advantage if I could make table like this and Styrofoam will protect foil from any potential piecing @ReverendMaynard 4.I'm also interested to hear good tips on getting rid of algae as much as possible thanx
  8. Thank you all for your input, all the plants are same genetics, clone of same G13 haze mother, water is from tap 250ppm initially. I gave them all ph balanced water for now Im not too concerned, even spotty one has nice buds, but looking at the pistil color she does look a bit behind the others (not so much brown clolor on her buds) Im hope I will improve on my second grow @ReverendMaynard I gave my best to provide equal conditions to all the plants but this one being in the corner of the grow room it could be that she is getting not that good airflow as the others here are some pics 1. problematic one closeup 2.average one from the grow closeup 3.most mature one from the grow closeup
  9. One one of 8 plants I have got brown spots on leaves like this. medium is coco/perlite, last feed was 1000PPM rich in K, ph 5.8, and all other plants seems not to have this issue. My strongest feed was 1200ppm a week ago. this plant has spots on maybe one third of its leaves, others have burned tips, and buds look healthy. Any ideas?Thanks
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  11. Just to say thank you for all the knowledge I gathered here
  12. Installed a net, my back is killing me I hope it will be rewarding Here are few more bud closeups
  13. here is what garden looks as of this moment, notice the branches bend under own weight http://www.anony.ws/...8/IMG_75951.jpg
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