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  1. Thanks Trippin and Dasheesh!
  2. I've ordered twice at the end of April and din't get any freebies!
  3. Between LaViEnRose and Herbgrower there are some really wonderful examples of what a beautiful plant Anesthesia can be.
  4. Thanks DesertGrown, anything that tastes like Blueberry muffins and that can get me high is a winner regardless of flowring time. Cheers man!
  5. I don't have much space so I really need to pick a chose carefully. I've got 4 xKolossus and 7 x Cheeseberry vegging at the moment. I might give some Blue Chocolate a bash. Cheers mate!
  6. Dasheesh I didn't realise that they were for outdoors! I'm not going to bother with them in that case. Thanks for your reply!
  7. Hi guys, I've got Basic Beer freebies lying in my fridge from about 3 years ago, I've had a look at a couple of grow reports and they don't look great, are they worth starting? Any opinions or comments are always welcome!
  8. Lavienrose she was grown in coco with a 600w lamp in a vertical setup, I've found vertical lighting to be far more productive than horizontal lighting. Your plants are looking wonderful.
  9. Anesthesia is a beautiful plant, this one finished at about 63 days if I remember correctly, it was grown in 6.5lt of coco.
  10. Looking really nice. I 've run a AK47 cross in 6.5 hempys with coco and clay pebbles and got really good results. How long did you veg for ?
  11. kronk


    Misterdirt thanks for the headsup . Useless thanks again for your response , I want these beans more than ever. The Lemonberry sounds wonderful ! Cheers guys!
  12. kronk


    Thanks for a quick reply Useless Is 2.0 different in anyway? Thanks again!
  13. kronk


    As per the title, does anyone know when this will be back in, I really like the look of it and haven't had much citrus in my grow room since I stupidly let my mobboss mother go. Any help is appreciated. Cheers guys!
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