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  1. From seed you can get a shit tasting plant from time to time. My recent Dinafem wanabe OG Kush was three completely random & crappy plants. I know before trying two of them are going to taste like crap, i'll not notice so much once im high though lol. (Two plants yielding VERY low with a smell of hot grass, third smells nicely skunky with thick buds ..but almost no resin!)
  2. Try an outdoor grow this season to prove the worth of self production. Once they see how little money they are spending & how much nicer it is to avoid dealers im sure they will have a change of heart. If thats not enough .. you have weed & can save up some dosh to move house. Hope it goes how you hope, its a shitter.. Im one of the many booted from the family home because of a grow.
  3. Looks good considering when you last posted, They are prob ready (and you have prob cut them down?) Any new shots? =)
  4. I get lazier the less I smoke... Thats pretty awsome
  5. Thats weird, I thought they made mutant creatures.
  6. Peng = Very nice (food/drink/taste) / Very Sexy "Man that pizza was peng shit!" "Maaan shes peeeeng!" "Yo manz got peng cheese in" (weed obviously lol) Origin UK.
  7. Lovely stuff, Love the foxtailing and purple notes
  8. MaskedBudman

    Candy Kush

    A lovely shot of a proud farther and his chubby baby girl lol.
  9. Pollen rain, What a beautiful picture! What did you use to take that shot? That falling pollen sack Lower center of pic really is the cherry on the cake for me, Like a parachute.
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