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  1. Nice to see you are back Sannie!! Missed your and knuts grow reports for way to long! Hope you will find the plants you are looking for to make the next gen of jackberry! Will you guys make an new Blue Kronic cross in the near future? . Keep em Green and stay High!
  2. Looks are amsjees to me. If they say it´s haze probably be amsjees... (wich isn´t even a real haze tho) Gr, Worm
  3. Worm

    Selene scrog

    Totally agree hempy! Final score 267gr 0,89 gr/w 417gr/m2 2 pica´s of the end product Worm
  4. Worm

    Selene scrog

    @bigun Thanks for the nice reply!! Much appreciated @Trimmer My photo skills are kinda poor, need to take a shit load of flicks to get a couple of nice and clear. This worm doesn´t know wat AF or DSLR means. . Camera is an Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ72 nothing really fancy tho... Don´t think this flowers look nicer then grown under HPS, they are both nice, led buds are a little bit smaller and have more resin. Nope don´t take samples what so ever. @topic Found a letter in the mailbox today.... Need everything cleaned up and stashed away cause there is some insurance/contractor guy coming to make an inspection because of construction on a nearby construction site in the near future. So i cut the ladys today... Day 55 12/12 Selene upside down Will be back with some budshots and the end result when all is dry and manicured properly. Asked a independent person to do an smoke report, also asked if he would test out the difference between HPS and led grown Selene.
  5. Worm

    Selene scrog

    @gardenartus Selene will not dispoint you, lots of nice stuff to find in a couple of beans! @barrie Bedankt man! Yep they are very nice to see, wish you could smell them bitches, the smell freaking sweet at the moment. @saxo Vielen dank mein freund! @bigun It smokes even better then she looks @astronomiki The smell is very sweet floral/flowery, also has something earthy. Some peeps who smoked her also say she has something hazy and sweet chocolate in the taste. I´m not a star in discribing the flavour and smell. @trimmer No thanks : She takes about 8 / 8,5 weeks to finish, for the smells i would point you to reaction above . @topic Lady´s are nearing the end, leafs starting to yellow, buds are making bulges and the trips are sucking on the leaf juices. The plants will get another 5 days before they will be chopped. Some pics Day 53 12/12 Worm
  6. Thanks Argo! @100%pureresin Thanks!! The max power draw i measured from the wall is 318W. Gr, Worm
  7. Worm

    Selene scrog

    Thanks for the cool reply´s guys!! Paar plaatjes day 48 12/12 Worm
  8. Dushi lady's amigu! Love korsou, visit the island once in a while and always eat a nice hamburger on the beach at pirate bay. Warda them bèrdè swa!
  9. Damn baqualin... Freaking nice colours! .
  10. Worm

    Selene scrog

    @Karma Don´t think you will fit in this little dr80 tent @astronomikl Thanks! Selene will not disappoint you. @jetdro Thanks! @trimmer Yep it´s nice to see the difference between hps and cob led. The hps buds are bigger and the pistels are also fatter then grown under cob led. The cristal production under cob led is way higher than under hps and the buds are sticky´er. We will see what the scale says in a couple of weeks tho. No it wasn´t by coincidence that the umol/s/m2 is alsmost the same as in the gavtia 750W DE set up. I wanted to see/experience all those ´hps killer setup´ story´s for myself so i calculated to get the same amount of umol/s/m2 in cob led tent as in comparance with the hps set up. The plus for cob led is you will need less watt/area to get the same amount umol/s/m2. Well think Whazzup is busy at gavita, saw he posted on RIU a while ago, we all miss that guy even on wietforum he doesn´t comes around anymore... pittyfull... The temps and humidity are round the same as in the hps tent. The plants under hps developed much bigger leaves with longer and thicker fingers, also the pistels were much bigger. Because of less radiation / ir output from the cob leds they evaporate less to stay cool so they don´t have to make big leafs. The plants ask less water under cob led, under hps 1 gave 7L tapwater on a 60L tube each other day under cobs it´s 4 L water every other day. So that´s an sign they evaporate way less. No i don´t think shorter internode development will hurt the yield, it will make the buds denser. We will see in about 3 weeks when they are chopped and trimmed. Some pics day 43 Worm
  11. Worm

    Selene scrog

    Thanks Bigun! Pic spam Day 38 12/12 Worm
  12. Worm

    Selene scrog

    @barrie Thanks man!! You should try her out sometime, Selene will not disappoint you . @Saxo Danke! Couple pics day 33 12/12 Dag 33 12/12 Worm
  13. Worm

    Selene scrog

    Some pic's.... Comparison HPS -> COB Led HPS Day 30 12/12 COB led Day 29 12/12 The size of the buds are a bit disappointing but the rich diamond product makes me smile... Day 29 12/12 Worm
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