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  1. @Santero that sound great--go on!!
  2. @all ----thank you very much for your answers !
  3. " Try Deep Space Nine " ? hmm --pls more info´s -where? @Sunnyvale
  4. I´m looking for Romulan from Next Generation Seeds. Does anyone know where to buy them? would be nice maybe @Santero?
  5. @Santero I checked the shop - wanted to buy --Sanfune and,..... - but almost everything is sold out. will they come again? A Lemon Thai would be great !;)
  6. @Silas thx for the Info--i ordered today the Strawberry Cream Pie and the Sour Lemon Haze
  7. Thx for the info:) nice to hear that I love the fruity pheno)--> ordering!
  8. Thank you all! @Santero--thx will check the Cannabella--->"Strawberry Cream Pie" thanks @Leo.Z for the info - @DesertGrown thank you very much I will check BigDogs Genetics "Chocoberry"
  9. I´m looking for Chocolate rain regular Seeds Does anybody know?--->will they coming back in the shop?
  10. Looks like a wonderful cross San ---very nice
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