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  1. Top is Black Russian not sure the other is. Redz
  2. couple chop pics Then a couple new ladies in the bed G13 blue og the 2 clones I have no idea what they are but they are supposed to be really nice also thiught I’d show the size of the worm that was on top today it’s like the size of our lobworms in the garden ffs stay blessed Redz
  3. Shit man it’s been awhile lol, I remembered my password to Just a few shots of the garden as it is now, still the same bed I think it’s had about 15 cycles now tbh hope everyone is cool whoever may be about still, Stay blessed Redz
  4. redz


  5. I downloaded the ipm sheet at build a soil but don't or haven't really needed to use neem I add oils nown and then just for smell lol but my main reason is for the silica just makes so much difference in stem strength tbh. Redz
  6. Thank you brother great idea!!!! Blessings to you and yours Redz
  7. Oh this just all sounds like me pmsl except I no longer have a girlfriend, but like I told her if you can't handle the heat get out my garden pmsl. I'm fixated on SAR & JAR at the moment this is another place I've just become indulged in I've got some great papers on this that I'll put here. Am I allowed to post links here Mr magic ? Hempyfan, I have to thankyou again kind sir for the directions into a new world for me thank you kindly sir. Oh and good morning from here have a great weekend people Blessings and grattitude Redz
  8. Canna max I'll have to check out and I'll take it I can use the bloom pot silicate to get the same thing right? I can't get protekt either lol Redz
  9. thanks guys i have got some comfrey seeds to plant in the spring but i did cut down some borage also but there was'nt alot lol, no horse tail either, when you say pottasium siliacate mr magic do you mean the same as me. i did pick up dried comfrey leaf from planet organic so i can add this to a tea. my closest bioag is in germany i believe so aint got a clue how ill get the agsil or any of the bioag products come to that. Redz
  10. just popping in to say hello all, thanks for the great thread magic. i didnt think many people here would be buying the gravitas i was lead to believe they are owned\made buy monsanto. a quick ? if you dont mind. im allways wondring how to get more silica in my soil i have used all the nettles and rice hulls etc. but i see people using agsil 16. is this used for water teas? i cant get it for love nor money and the best silica i can get here is the yellow bottle(bloom nutrients) silica now i use this in my weekly ipm but would this be safe to add to a tea or watering ill get the ingredients as soon as i can get in the groom. blessings and grattitude Redz
  11. Thanks magic Let's try this again lol blessings and gratitude Redz
  12. magic brother im so glad the harvest went well im so excited my lemon is 100% better in the organic and the others are first timers so cant reaklly compare to be honest. as for the other site i have no idea whemn you stopped in my dairy that was the busiest my diary has been lol and they aint been back in lol nice to know i know they are taking a look at my grows nown again lol, any pics and that from your grooms bro feel free to put them hrere or lead me in the right direction oh ill get over to the organics lounge soonm also bro catch up with ya soon mukka OK SO HERE WE GO START OF WEEK 8 the cream caramel has a way to go and im not seeing any ambers on any of the main tops yet lets start this shit again sorry folks ffs
  13. heeeell yeah its organized mess my friend!!! i knew i was'nt the only one all hectic pmsl. and i am rreally enjoying using and making my own soil, i havent quite got the vegging in single containers down yet say compared to hydro but im still lesrning how to keep my micro herd thriving im introducing sugars like rapadura and like i say ewc tea every other vweek, thanks for stopping in blessings and gratitude Redz
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