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  1. Hey Sannie, Just waned to say thanks! Sparks
  2. Sparks


    Welcome to Open Grow!
  3. Just wanted to add some pictures of my mini Fridge. Wish I had some plant pictures to share...
  4. Sparks

    Colorado 2015

    Just a few things I picked up in Colorado! And the mini fridge I built!!!
  5. Congrats Santero! You do an awesome job keeping up with the different posts here on the forum.
  6. Sparks


    Welcome to Open grow Seneca!
  7. Sparks


    I grow Beef Steak most of time and this year I'm trying Roger Tomatoes. I like the Beef Steak tomatoes for making salsa since they are a meatier tomato. I use about half green tomatoes and half red ripe tomatoes for making salsa.
  8. That's crazy Randude. Just stick to the facts when talking to the cops. They should have more important things to do than harass you as long as your story checks out. I hope your having a better day man.
  9. Hello everyone new grower here. Just waiting on some Beans to arrive. Recently rebuilt a mini fridge for growing in. I will share some pictures in the future.
  10. Ready for change and waiting on seeds.

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