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  1. Moved my thread to Indoor Talk? WTF!? Like that makes any sense. Why not Grow Reports? That was my intention at least. To report my Dynasty grow(not talk about indoor growing). Mainly to spread some love for Professor P, and secondly so more people could get a look at the MHH and LC. Since there's so little info on the web regarding them. But I guess I'm not good enough for that. Or to have a Dynasty specific grow thread in the Dynasty forum. With the rest of them. Evidently that's just not acceptable anymore. Fine then. What the fuck ever. I don't really have time for this shit right now anyway. I've got way too much going wrong, and not enough going right already. And I don't have any real need to do this. I've definitely got much more important things to do at the moment. Sooooo...sorry if I rubbed any of you the wrong way. Been having a real tough time lately. Been making me a bit pissy attitude wise. Understandably(you'd likely feel the same if you were me). But hey...life's a bitch right? Not too much we can do about that now is here? I suppose I better get then...while the gettin's still good. Catch ya later folks! I'm outta here!
  2. Good god man. Please tell me you're not really an Oregonian. Or we're in bigger trouble than I thought. Please take a trip to Cali and find a new home while you're there. After all, "California is where it's at" right? Wrong! Trust me folks. This guy is not representative of the True Oregon Marijuana Spirit. We take it quite a bit more seriously than that. Not you JD. But you already know that.
  3. Just a heads up for anyone stumbling across this thread looking for info on, or considering ordering from, Nature's Green Remedies a.k.a. The Dank Team. DON'T DO IT!!! Apparently they're some asshole scam artists. I mentioned them to another member here looking for CCK. Who jumped on the idea immediately...AND GOT SCREWED...BADLY!!! Leaving him with seeds he didn't order, and me feeling like a total shithead for pointing him in that direction. NOT GOOD!!! Here's where you can read about how that all went down. https://www.opengrow...post__p__658668 So maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong. But I'm not willing to risk being wrong again regardless. I won't be suggesting to anyone to get seeds from them anymore. I just wish it would have been me who figured out why not to first. Before going and opening my mouth to someone else. Who had no idea what he was getting himself into. He trusted me, and I blew it. I had no business(pardon the pun) saying shit about a company I'd never dealt with. Especially knowing about this thread, and how others have had problems with them in the past. Now I'm fully regretting it. I'm a dumbfuck. And I should have known better. Better to be safe, than sorry. I was not thinking straight...at all. Anyway...FUCK YOU NATURE'S GREEN REMEDIES...AND FUCK YOU THE DANK TEAM!!! I don't know what you assholes problem is. But you need to learn one thing, and learn it quick. If you want to stay in business and have a good reputation in the community. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. You got that? Well you'd better get it. If you know what's good for you. Motherfuckers... Just wait until The Professor hears about this. Say goodbye to your Dynasty products!
  4. Well that doesn't make my day. Now I feel like shit. Not your fault of course. I just can't help but feel partly responsible. I did say "supposedly". But I should have explained what I meant by that. What I meant was "it looks like they have it, but I can't say for sure, and I've never done business with them yet, so I don't really know what they're up to, and it could be hit or miss". Needless to say, I'm never going to recommend them to anyone again(and I've got some clean up work to do to make sure those I told about them don't purchase from them). I'd heard differing reports about Nature's Green Remedies(supposedly who The Dank Team used to be). Ranging from good to bad. They seemed to be about 50/50. Some saying they're legit, some saying they're fucked. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. But that doesn't always work out well for me. And I've certainly learned my lesson the hard way on this one. Anyways, I owe you one. I might be able to find you some CCK beans locally. I'm not going to mention where(in case somebody wants to beat me to the punch). But if I do find them, I'll do what I can to make sure they end up in your hands. I'll let you know ASAP. I'm truly sorry about that happening to you. And I deeply regret being so careless with my advice. Especially for giving such bad advice to you(or anyone else on this forum for that matter). I fucked that up big time. Man...I really feel terrible about it. Hopefully I can make it up to you somehow. But I don't expect you to forgive me for it or accept my apology(even if I can partially fix what I've done). So so sorry. Really I am. I don't feel like I can say that enough. I'm such an idiot. I'm gonna go crawl under a rock for a little while now...and wish I was dead.
  5. Why start another thread asking such a similar question? https://www.opengrow.com/topic/50001-help-for-neuropathy/ If you need medical seeds or clones, and you want them quickly, you should really speak to someone at a medical dispensary.
  6. I've only had it happen once. I used Coban™. Worked like a charm.
  7. That's easy to answer. Yes, 99.99999% of us should be more baked 99.99999% of the time. It's the restroom situation that still confuses me. Who's going where now? And why does it matter? Shouldn't it be as simple as it's always been? Penis = access to urinals. Vagina = no access to urinals. I don't give a shit whether you've got tits, or prefer wearing dresses. But unless you've got a dick under that skirt, GTFO of the Men's room. And if you've got a dick under there, GTFO of the Lady's room. Easy enough right? What's with all this supposed "need" for gender-neutral/unisex restrooms all the sudden?
  8. For me, the CMH yielded less, and the buds were less dense. So I got smaller, looser/more airy, buds with CMH. That was with the same strain that I've grown with both HPS and 3K MH(not both together, different runs with each). I'm still undecided which is better as far as HPS or 3K MH, for density and bud size. It's a close call, and might depend on strain too. HPS is probably slightly better than 3K MH(not by much though, if any). But both are definitely better than CMH, as far as I can tell. YMMV.
  9. So fill me in here. I'm having a real hard time understanding what you're saying. Specifically: What were the older methods you used? Are you saying sending cash is more successful at arriving? If so, how? Just by luck, or did you have problems previously with another method of payment? Are you saying the 50% success rate of delivery, is less successful than the older method? If so, how? Just by luck, or was the previous method of delivery better somehow? How so? I can't imagine it being anything but bad luck. I'm totally confused. Side note: Awesome! I finally figured out how to make the quote button work.That took forever to figure out. Don't know how? Too bad! I'm not telling!. J/K. If anybody wants to know, just ask. There's a trick to it.
  10. 6+ cups of black tea daily. 1000mg vitamin C at bedtime. No tobacco. No alcohol. I have very few, if any, other healthy habits. But somehow I manage to stay in near perfect health. I almost never get sick. And I have no major ongoing health issues. Just a bit of arthritis here and there. Quite a bit, almost everywhere, truthfully. But I don't let it slow me down.
  11. Yeah, I hear ya. That first time is a real nail biter. For all of us I'm sure. Glad it's going well for you so far. And that I won't be dining on crow this evening.
  12. In a perfect world it would be as free and abundant as the air we breathe. Making it so is my mission statement. I'm what I like to call a Marijuana Liberationist. FREE THE PLANT AND THE PLANT WILL BE FREE!
  13. In my experience, CMH are junk. Worst overhyped crap I ever wasted my money on. I don't recommend them to anybody, for any reason. "2 400W CMH are better than a 1000W" they say. I say...BULLSHIT!!! Not even as good as 2 400W(HPS or MH). Effin' internet pranksters. I want my money back. You'll do much better with some 600W HPS. Or probably even 400W 3K MH. Sorry I can't answer your other questions. No experience in that realm.
  14. CCK can still be had...supposedly...if you know where to find it. http://www.thedankte...k-team/dynasty/ Oh BTW, @Misterdirt I'll take all the PF x HK seeds you'll give me. If you're looking to get rid of them(and/or have any left to give).
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